Succulent wedding favours


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Is anyone thinking of using succulents as wedding favours? Or seen anyone else using them? I think they're really cute!

What do you think?


They look lovely


look expensive lol!
If you can afford them they look brill x


They sell them in garden centres, with the cactuses (cacti??!) etc. I'm not sure how much, H2B thinks maybe £2 each, then we could decorate pots ourselves, but not entirely sure - they might be more expensive!


Found them on the internet for £1 each!
This doesn't include a pot though, but how much is a plain plastic plant pot wrapped in brown paper, like the first picture above? Hmm. I quite like this idea!


I don't think they would be expensive at all! About 2-3 for the plant and them some plain brown paper and string. The would look fab. If you used them as place setting like the example you'd have a little more budget for them maybe?

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This place is selling Sempervivum as wedding favours for 4.99 each, which includes the plant in a little coloured bucket. Really sweet!

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