Will you throw your bouquet?


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Bims09 wrote (see post):

Probably not, I don't know about anyone else but I always find it a bit awkward when all the unmarried ladies are called up on the dance floor! Plus I'd like to keep my bouquet

I went to wedding earlier this year where the bride was South African - one of their traditions (apparently) is to throw the bride's garter for the single men to catch... that was interesting!

I think they do the garter thing in America as well- and the groom has to go under the brides skirt in front of everyone to retrieve it before he throws it!


Sammykate, yeah he did that!! In the middle of the Salvation Army hall where the reception was being held. So. Awkward!


I didn't throw mine but I wish I'd had a cheap bouquet made up to throw as it would have made great photos.


Wouldn't throw mine, not when they cost so much!

This thread has just made me realise though that if we go on honeymoon soon after the wedding I won't be able to enjoy my bouquet for very long :( Last time I was a bridesmaid I kept my bouquet in a vase afterwards and it lasted quite a while. I guess I could give them to my mum; it does seem a shame though! That's why I'm not going too overboard on flowers in general, it just seems a bit of a waste.

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