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New bride

Hello ladies

I have just tried on the Claudette wedding dress at Bertex brides in London which I loved and it was £1,549.

I was wondering if anyone else has bought this dress and how much they paid for it?  I am prepared to travel outside of London to purchase it for a better price as it would be great to get it for a bit less!

Many thanks


Wedding addict

Hi Lucy, 

I purchased my dress from a bridal shop in Scotland called bells and bows, they have a shop also in wirral, Its worth phonign round a few shops that are stockists to see what their prices would be!!

I first tried on my ronald joyce in House of Fraser who were selling it at 1,230 with a 20% discount if i purchsed on the day, but their alterations costs are £190 flat and i wasnt willing to pay that, I contacted a few dress shops and they were willing to match the 20% dicount and i got my dress in the end for £980 i think!! Therefore see if House of Fraser do your dress, they offer every customer a discount!! and then see if other dress shops will match the cost!!


Hope this makes sense and good luck!!


Serena bridal of wickford (Essex) is brilliant for cheaper prices on Ronald Joyce dresses. She probably won't have a sample in but if you call her, she'll give you a price. I found them much cheaper & their service is fantastic x

New bride

Thanks very much for your advice ladies!  I shall follow up with your recommendations! x

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