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When to take off my engagement ring to get married?


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This might be a really silly question but when should I take off my wedding ring before the wedding ceremony? And when should I put it back on?
Also which order should they be worn in?- wedding ring then engagement ring or the other way around?



Swap the ring to your right hand at any point during the morning, or even in the car to the church / venue. And then change it back when your in the car to the venue or whenever u want, u might forget to change it with everything going on but im sure you'll notice once your sat having the wedding breakfast. U can wear them whichever you want, i would prefer wedding ring at the bottom and engagement on top. But a girl i work with wears them the other way round, looks different, but nice


I will be either giving it to my Mum to look after or swapping it to other hand depending on fit.

I will wear my wedding ring at top, over engagement ring, more of added security for me, to make sure my engagement ring never comes off, as it cost a lot lot more than my wedding ring xx


i will be swapping my ring to my other hand sometime in the morning as i think i will be too excited and forget if i leave it till i am in the car

i will be wearing mine wedding ring 1st then engagement ring ontop but all women have different preferances

if you choose to have your wedding ring ontop then there is no need to take you engagement ring off if you did it would mean taking off your wedding ring to put on your engaement ring - i personally qouldnt want to take it off as h2b put it there

hope this helps

Wedding addict

mine came off a few weeks ago when I took it to the jewellers to be 'sparkled up'! It's taking every ounce of my will power not to wear it now until the day as I want it to be as lovely and new looking as my wedding ring. I'll either wear it on my other hand or give it to mum/sister to look after.


Some people take them off and leave at home or give to a bridesmaid to look after. I would go nuts and worry about it so I'm going to swap it over on the morning and move it back after the ceremony.


I moved mine to my right hand the night before and moved it back while we were signing the register.

I wear wedding ring first then engagement


I forgot to take mine off until I was standing at the altar!! You can see me on the wedding video trying desperately to get my (very snug) engagement ring off, and then I gave it to my Dad for safe keeping as he was standing next to me, and you can see him looking at it strangely as he thought I was giving him the tissue I'd been crying into!! I was such an elegant bride!

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