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Did your hens pay for your share of abroad hen do?


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Every hen I have ever been on, we have split the cost of the hen's share between us which is fine but they have always been UK based. But my hen do is potentially going to be abroad (in Europe) so what's the score here? I obviously don't want my hen's paying loads more just to cover my share but I also don't want to put them in an awkward situation!  


Tricky one, if you've chosen to go abroad and therefore the costs will be higher, I would offer to pay what you realistically can. Then they might say no it's fine, but at least have the chat. Then again, nowadays hen dos over here in the U.K. Can cost close to what one in Europe would cost. I would just instigate the chat sooner rather than later so there's no awkward question marks about it, and it's addressed straight away. 

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I would always start with the assumption that you pay for everything, then if bms offer to contribute that's a nice bonus but not expected!


I've just arranged my best friend's, which wasn't abroad, but was quite an expensive spa weekend, £250 each.

We managed to find a company where if 9 people booked, the 10th went free, so luckily we didn't have to pay for the bride. If we didn't have 9 people come we were going to split her cost between us though. Most of the ladies were older with good jobs and no kids though so money wasn't as much of an issue as it could be for some.

I'm having a 'not my hen party it's a holiday*' abroad next year, but there are only 3 or 4 of us going and I will pay for myself. My hens will pay for my 'official' hen do but that will be a fairly simple affair.

* I want a hen do abroad but I only want to go with my 2 closest friends and possibly my SIL, I don't want my mum, sister, MIL etc there - to prevent friction/upset we are just calling it a girl's holiday. Then I will have a meal/night out type hen do with everyone invited.

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Yes my hens are paying my share. It’s my group of very 5 best friends (all bridesmaids). I’ve tried to insist on covering my share of hotel and flights but they won’t accept it so I’ll make a point of paying a big dinner/ drinks bill when we are there To say thanks.




My sister specifically asked for Dublin for her hen do, we covered it all for her between us but that was agreed between us beforehand, my sister did not expect it, she just needed spending money. My hen is a weekend one but here in England and mine is also being paid for by the others

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SW - 10st 12lb

CW - 10st 4lb

GW - 8st 5lb       


Yes, it was my best man /man of honours idea. I felt a bit uncomfortable about it tbh, but it was cheap when split between the whole group. 

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