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Hi Brides to Be, hope everyone's plans are going well!

It's 12 weeks today until my big day, scary times with lots still left to do!


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for affordable veils please. The one I tried on with my dress is £280 and it's just one of the things I can't bear to shell out that much for! I'll be ordering online so if anyone knows anywhere that does quality veils for less than £150 (or even less than £100!!!!) that would be great...

Thanks in advance!!!


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I bought one of eBay for £12 and it looks exactly the same as one I tried on for 100! 

New bride

Blossom and Bluebird - I can't recommend Sian enough!


Amazon has veils with hundreds of 5 star reviews for as little as £7 - I'll probably buy one from there.

What sort of veil are you after?

My planning thread:

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I know quite a few people whose "something borrowed" was a veil from a friend - is this a possibility for you?

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Thanks very much for all the advice ladies - certainly going to look into all of these options!


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i would second ebay, I got mine for around a tenner

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I'm planning on getting mine from Etsy, found the seller and the veil just waiting for the wedding to get a bit closer as I don't want it to be stuck in a box for ages and the wrinkles be hard to get out

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