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Berketex Bride - anyone heard of Andrew Harker?


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Hi all,
My first wedding dress shopping trip this weekend and I fell in love with a Berketex dress by a designer called Andew Harker in style Claudette.

I cannot find any trace of the designer or the dress itself ANYWHERE on the whole world wide web. Clutching at straws here but can anyone help?
Has anyone heard of Andrew Harker (or did the assistant write down the name wrong?!)

Stressed of London

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Hiya! I also fell in love with Claudette when I went for my appointment in Berketex Leicester last week, and was also told it was by Andrew Harker. At the beginning of the appointment the sales assistant explained that all their designers are unique to Berketex and exclusive so perhaps thats why you can't find it online? They do have quite a few pictures on their website but I assume you've checked that out When I bought it last week they let me take photos of me in it to show my mum once I'd put a deposit down, have you bought it yet? Hope this helps!

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Hi Jenny no you are not going mad Andrew Harker does exist as a desiger for Berketek. I am trying to find him as well. I too found a dress I liked by him - but they had the wrong price tag on and now want to charge me £1800 instead of £1100 OMG.

Good luck in finding him as I can't - if you do please let me know.

I am shopping too and generally found the whole experience with Berketek quite poor - please shop with caution good luck


Hi ladies, I know that Berketex doesn't have it's 2011 collection on the website yet as another lady posted a problem finding a picture online of the dress she chose!

this is the current collection of designers for 2010:
D'Arcy Scott
Rosetta Nicolini
Tom Flowers
Julian & Adam
Amy Hamilton
Katerina Scola
Marc Le Carr
Nicole Jackson
Sasha Perez

seeing this list it's not hard to imagine new names will be added each season x

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Same problem but with a dress called Phoebe by Andrew Harker - find it difficult to believe that even if a designer is unique to Berketex that they wouldn't have a blog or something about themselves online.

Very strange it's also 7th month of 2011 and they still don't have their latest designers uploaded/updated.

Thanks for info though

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I had the same issue with Berketex. I found a fab dress called Sandra by a 'designer' called Nicole Jackson. But like you the entire internet turned up nothing on this so called designer, who appeared to only have one dress in their 'collection'. That, combined with the fact that they wanted me to pay £1600 for a dress by a designer no one had ever heard of, set alarm bells off. That and I've read reviews about the 'service' from Berketex being really poor, made me steer well clear and to go to my small local shop to pick a beautiful dress! That's was my experience anyway!

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My dress is Dahlia by Andrew Harker. Again, I found no trace of it / him on the web, which is kind of disappointing when you want to show people what it's like but maybe that means it will be more unique..?!


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Hi guys im in the same position i have ordered and paid for dress its called brogan cant find it anywere online getting worried im going to call the shop up tmoz and see if i can take a picture , its a stunning dress but who is andrew harker ? xx

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I too have ordered my dress in the Manchester store, the designer I can find Emily Fox but the dress I can't! I have pics of my dress because the wonderful ladies in store were more than happy to let me take pics once I'd paid my deposit i was able to take some really detailed pics. I'm looking at it with the view that if I can't find it online no one else can which means much less people will have seen my dress! try not to stress too much, you could always speak to them & discuss your concerns! x

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I totallt agree, I bought a dress from Berketex Bride that is exclusively to the store. this means you cant find pictures anywhere online, guess its to stop people from copying the design. The good thing thing is that you can be rest assured that people will be suprise when they see you on ur w-day in the dress for the first time...

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I was told by Berketex that this dress was by Nicole Jackson, not Andrew Harker, but again, I can't find even a picture of it anywhere on the internet. I was hoping to not pay that much for my wedding dress, but I too have fallen in love with it.
If anyone does have a picture of it, just so I can see it again to see if I still like it as much, I would be very grateful.

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may be able to help ladies- my friend bought a dress by andrew harker called brogan...she found it Ronald Joyce Ladonna!!! For some reason they must sell off ronald joyce under a diff name!!!!!!!! why god only knows!

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Hi did you buy Andrew Harker Phoebe dress? x x x

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I got married in 2009 wearing a Berketex dress designed by 'Christina Sposa'. Christina Sposa is just the name that Berketex give to 'Marylise' dresses. The dress did have the same name though so it might be worth either just googling the dress name and being prepared to look at pictures to spot the real designer, or ask to try the dress and sneak a peak at the label as the label in mine did actually say the real name.

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