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Well I thought I had it Sussed..

Wedding is early March and thought it may be cold so would need coverage of some sort.

Having a tea length length dress and have got a birdcage veil... I love the 50's stuff. I ordered a cream leather look jacket which I thought would look lovely.

Just mentioned it to bridesmaid and she's turned her nose up to it... Now I am having serious doubts and don't know what to do. đŸ˜ĸ🙁☹ī¸đŸ˜‘

The bridesmaids are having the pashminas and I don't want to be the same AND fiancé hates the faux fur/feather cape/shrug things.


If YOU like the jacket YOU have chosen to wear on YOUR wedding day, what the hell does it matter what anyone else thinks??

You have great taste - you'll be confident and happy in whatever you want to wear xx


I suppose because she's the only one I have told 'about it' and she doesn't like it, I am now worrying that my fiancé won't like it. ☚ī¸


I think it sounds fab! Love it! Ignore your bridesmaid. 


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Please don’t listen to your bridesmaid! The leather jacket sounds fab...I bet your pictures with it on will be amazing! 

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