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How do I get my dress deposit back?


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Hi all,

I'm in a right predicament! I put a deposit on a dress in November (£450) and have now found out the dress that I actually wanted but couldn't afford had the wrong price ticket on it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get my deposit back for the dress that was my 2nd choice?



Is the preferred dress in the same shop? if so could you ask them to transfer your deposit to the preferred dress?

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This might not be very helpful but I don't suppose this is all at the same shop? If it is, have you tried just asking (on basis that their information was all wrong in the first place)? Suppose it all depends if they have ordered you the first dress already or already adjusted it for you - if so they might not be too happy to do anything. Hope you can work it out.


Thanks for the replies, no they are in 2 different shops! I do know that the lady has ordered my dress now, but it hasn't arrived yet.


hi, dont think this will help much but here goes, are you sure that they have def ordered your dress after you have only paid the deposit, i believe it is standard procedure that they only order our dresses after we have paid for them in full. work a try, and if they havent you may be able to transfere the money you have paid for the dress and get your b/m dresses from there or the mens suits. hope that helps xx


Did you sign any paperwork in the shop? I would have thought you had commited to buy once the deposit is paid and the dress ordered, you can always ask the shop is the order can be stopped you may lose your deposit but it depends on how much you want the other dress xx how did it end up with the wrong ticket on?xx


You probably will have a receipt which explains your obligations under the contract. They are usually pretty watertight. You can lose your deposit, or buy the whole dress and sell it. But you are looking at half the price for selling on sites like Pre-loved, even with tags on.

Fashions change and tastes change so the shop have no guarantee of being able to sell that dress you dont want.

You could ask if you can swop for another dress in the shop and depending on factors like size and their likelyhood of reselling they may agree with no further cost, but it is unlikely.

check your receipt. Mine was pretty watertight!

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