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Looking for real ballet slippers with ribbons


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Hi everyone

I am quite tall so am looking for ballet slippers to wear on my wedding day.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good supplier? I would like satin ones with ribbons that tie around your ankle.

I have also heard that you can have a thicker sole put on them so they can be worn outside - is this correct?


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i'm sure i randomly saw some on Amazon last night whilst i was looking for bridesmaid shoes!

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You sew your own ribbons onto ballet shoes. It's pretty easy 

Have you thought about these?

Or Freed of London do a bridesmaid ballet pump which I would think would have a full sole  (but I don't think they look all that - a bit high over the front of the foot although that might just be the picture)

New bride

Dance And yes you do have to sew the ribbons on yourself, ballet shoes are quite slippy though! I'm a dancer and I'd be a bit weary of wearing them on my wedding day! I'd probably recommend some ballet pumps that you can find on the high street and add the ribbons yourself, then you have the thick sole as I don't recall anywhere making a ballet shoe sole thicker as you need the flexibility with the shoe!

Mind you, dance direct is so cheap you can yourself a pair and test them

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I've bought a plain ivory pair off ebay for the night time, cost £5 including postage, the seller actually refunded this as my size was out of stock and sent me 1/2 a size bigger as a comiseration pressie so i've got a pair of shoes that actually still fit fine for what i want them for and they were free!!

I'm considering getting some nearer the time for my 3 yr old to wear once we get to the reception since they're comfier than 'real' shoes x

New bride

This is my favorite shop with ribbon! Ashprint London ltd - enjoy :)

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I saw these in office the other day and almost bought them as they looked like ballet shoes but had proper soles, although i was a bit weary they might rub my heels and cause blisters,30/2757285002


A few years back I bought a pair of ballet shoes from here:

they were for a dancing class I was attending at the time, I sewed elastic on to them rather than ribbons


I'm wearing flats with ribbons, but mine aren't real ballet shoes, and I got mine from Asos for like £22


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