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our wedding to be in pics!


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mainly for me to see it all together!!

so I have this (my dress without the straps, an idea I'm toying with!):


this veil and clip:

these shoes:

and BMs in teal/duck egg blue mismatched something like this but some long:

hopefully h2b will wear something like these:

with his men mismatched too, something between this:

and maybe this:

hoping to do something slightly circus themed for invitations:

for the service seating:

and pergola thingy the best man is making:

our venue:

and capri marquee with banquet style tables:

this is the sort of reception look we're going for:

we're having lots of crazy entertainment including bands, silent disco and performance artists! the late evening do is a fantasy fancy dress theme hopefully like the smirnoff advert!

and we're having a hog roast which I'm hoping wont be too scary!

it actually feels like things are coming together! what do you think?


Your planning is looking great when do you get married? Im looking forward to your wedding report already!


This looks absolutely beautiful!!!

I second looking forward to your wedding report!

The invitation ideas are just fabulous x


We're having really similar weddings! You have great taste all looks gorgeous


oo thanks ladies I shouldn't have done this I lay awake last night thinking about tiny details!

we've been collecting jam jars and I've ordered some of these 'candy cane' straws

has anyone seen anything that might go with our look, I feel like Ive done about two things to decorate the reception and it will be bare


It looks lovely, and so well-considered! Can't wait to see your own photos!

We're having a marquee too and I'm struggling to think of ideas to decorate it as well - so far we've just got the flowers...I can't think how to make it more personal...arrgh!xx


Where have you seen those baloons? If you don't mind me asking.


I'm having a capri marquee for the evening reception and we're having strings of fairy lights around the arches, and real flame torches at the entrance. We were advised to get as much colour in there as possible so I'm very interested in the huge balloons you've posted - can you post again when you find them. In the meantime I'll start hunting around for them too!


bloody gorgeous love all the ideas...well done u x


Love all your ideas, its going to be wonderfull.

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Everything looks amazing! You are my wedding envy! There's only been two weddings on here that I loved, a lady with a Vera wang wedding dress and Tea Cakes(I think that's her name) is another wedding that I love.


i actually didn't like the thought of balloons but they are fab x


Balloon arches are hideous. We have similar tastes Amy.

I've just posted my wedding look in that other thread. Have a nose! Mine is quite a 'clean' wedding look. I'd love to go for a whimsical wedding but I've gone for 'glam'


Oooo love it love it love it! Looks really fun and fabulous! x