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New bride


Im getting married in November 2019!

I've always wanted to get married in a red gown. My bridesmaids will be in black. (not very traditional but we are an odd pair)

how do I go about shopping for a red wedding dress? I only ever see white ones in shop windows. Is it possible to find one that I like and have it made in red?

Ive no idea where to start!


Depending on what you want, you'll probably have more luck if you get something made, or have a Google for alternative wedding dress shops. 

 I got married in dark green and had a lady who does theatrical and historical costumes make it. Absolutely loved the whole process! Cost depends on materials and how complicated the design is, but a good maker will help you through it all. 

New bride

Would it be a good idea to try on dresses to find a style that I like first? And how do I go about finding the right dress maker?


Don't look 4 a "wedding dress", shop 4 a ballgown/evenin dress or look at bridesmaid dresses 


Yes totally agree or a prom dress.

My cousin wore a red wedding dress and looked stunning 


Wedding addict

Ring around a few shops and ask, look at designer websites and see if they do any colour options, look at prom dress shops or try on 'regular' dresses to find the style and shape and either dye or get a newsmaker to do similar :)

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I’ve also considered a red wedding dress, so would love to hear suggestion. However I’ve also contemplated purple and blue..... anything but a shade of white really 


I wore a purple dress to my wedding so I'm all for non traditional dresses   I was toying with a black and red theme at my wedding too but it would have clashed with my husband's purple and navy tartan.

I know a lot of people are scared about buying dresses online but it would probably be one of your best bets. I've never had a bad experience buying formal dresses online. I even bought a white one on Amazon for my wedding just to see how it looked and to make sure I was sure white wasn't my thing. Only cost £60 and you'd think it cost hundreds! Either look up red prom dress or bridesmaids dress for yourself as a search on red wedding dresses probably won't return many results. Going into a bridal gown store is a good idea to try on dresses to see what shape and styles you like and will make the dress hunt overall easier for you 


Since prom season is nearly over, you may find discounted prom dresses both online and in shops. Also check charity shops! I actually got my purple wedding dress in one years before the wedding and the wedding was the first time I got to wear it since I was never out anywhere formal enough to wear it before that lol.


Agree with above - go and try on dresses (I picked the poshest shop I could find for this and tried not to feel too guilty...), see what shapes suit you,you may be surprised at what you find out! 

As to finding dress makers - mine was by word of mouth, but it might be worth trying to find similar styles on etsy, and seeing if there is a maker on there local to you. They often do custom designs anyway, and if you pick someone near you can go for fittings etc easily. Mine was in London if that's useful for you - Christina Dettmers


New bride

I like red too,you could custom your own dress on line, according to your preferences,such as fabric, color, size,etc, it doesn't cost much too.

Wedding addict

My best friend wore a bright purple dress to her wedding, and she got it from a traditional bridal shop. They offered a dye service, usually for bridesmaid dresses, but they did it for her dress. It might be worth asking at some of the local bridal shops.

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