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Hey ladies

So I have been wanting to get my teeth whitened for a while now (black coffee grr), not just because of the wedding though that is what has given me a kick in the bum to get going with it! I spoke to my dentist who said £500 and something for laser "in-chair" treatment, or £295 for moulded trays and the "liquid" that goes in them, to wear every night for 2 weeks. The trays are then reusable and the "liquid" can be purchased for later use.

I have been on groupon and there are loads on there that sound a bit dodgy, but there are 2 or 3 clinics in London which describe the exact same at home process as my dentist has described. These are £90-150.

Has anyone done this? Do you think the groupon offers are essentially the same thing as what my dentist is offering? Obviously there are some that are £20-30 which I expect are a waste of money, but as these are exactly as my dentist described and are still a decent amount of money to pay, my impression is that they are probably legit. They have good reviews averaging 4*.

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Hey, I went and got my teeth bleached through my dentist with the nightly mouth guards and bleach and they have turned out great.  Personally I would avoid Groupon, I've heard terrible stories about them damaging your teeth and making them extremely sensitive

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Hi Jenni8

I was toying with the idea of getting my teeth whitened before my wedding also but couldn't really fit it into my budget. I instead just tried to find a whitening toothpaste/ mouthwash however I left it really late but I ended up finding this the day before and honestly it was amazing! I ended up only using it the night before and morning of and the difference was amazing. Might be worth a try :) 



I would love to get my teeth whitened professionally, but fortunately or not so my dentist has advised against it . Over 30 years ago I had my front tooth kicked out by my pony and have had a crown since, which has been replaced once. The dentist has said bright white teeth would make my crown look yellow and he advises about replacing it as over all this time he could do more damage and I am likely to lose the tooth.

The reason that it may be a good thing, for me is a dear friend of mine got married last year and she looked soooo beautiful on the day, but her teeth are scarily white in all of the photos especially against the spray tan. 

I say if you want to do it then suck up the cost and use the dentist, these cheap kits don't actually do anything and you read horror stories of people who went to 'clinics' then end up with burnt gums etc. 

I might try that iWhite mouthwash and I am currently using Colgate Pro Expert £5.99 a tube but definitely whiter. 


I did one via groupon and it wasn't rubbish - couldn't really see any difference. I do have fairly white teeth anyway - might work better with stained teeth. I was toying with paying a fortune for professional whitening but fortunately my American sister in law showed me what she uses - these teeth whitening strips she gets from the US (they're mega popular there). The trouble is, UK law prohibits a certain % of a whitening chemical (sorry can't remember what) being used - the US allows a higher %. I used eBay my sis recommended and the results were AMAZING! As far I am aware my teeth were not damaged at all (my dentist would have noticed if they were I would imagine). They're cheap and easy to use. If you're interested I'll dig them out when I get home and let you what exacrly what they're theyre called - you can buy them over the Internet from Amazon!


Hi Jenni, 

I've had my teeth whitened a few times.  I've never had it done through my dentist nor on Groupon.  I'm not sure if the place I went to was a bit 'dodgy' but I came across them on instagram as I follow a few of the TOWIE people and they were always banging on about it.  I live in Essex - only moved away from Brentwood and the Sugarhut 3 years ago lol! cringe! so this may not be helpful to you.  The place I went to is called Essex Smiles.

They put a gel on my teeth then a UV light for an hour, it cost £45 a time I think.  I had it done 2 times and my teeth were brilliant! they looked amazing, they weren't overly fake like some but if I carried on going they would have got to that stage!

My teeth weren't sensitive after - in fact I didn't notice anything different with my teeth at all!? however, it doesn't last! I think it faded and my teeth went back to normal after 3 months .



I used Crest whitening strips and I did notice a difference. They weren't massively in your face white like Ross from Friends but they were brighter and shinier. I've got another set of strips for the week before the wedding to give them a boost. I've had no issues with them and would recommend them. My sister used a teeth whitening company and honestly I couldn't see any difference. They recommend 2-3 sessions before you see a difference though.



There is so much choice!

MrsG - there is an Essex smiles nearish to me in Sutton so I might give that a go! They do home whitening kits too - have you done that?

Nikki - where do you get your crest from? I look on amazon and there are loads I cant tell what is fake and what is the real deal?

I'll try the mouthwash too, thanks!

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My mum has done the dentist tray and gel option and she has her front teeth crowned. It made a massive difference to her teeth that were subjected to red wine and lots of coffee, they have stayed white (alas she has nearly cut out the red wine) for nearly two years now. She is about to get a new lot of the gel to get it topped up for my wedding in June. I would recommend only using a legitimate product, the groupon offers sound to good to be true, which usually means it is! 


Sorry if this turns into a bit of a rant but I'm a dentist and I really feel the need to inform people about tooth whitening! I've seen too many damaged teeth/burns on the gums due to dodgy whitening 

first thing I would say is that if your discolouration is due to coffee then it is likely to be extrinsic staining (stuck to the outside of the tooth), and not actual discolouration inside the tooth. Coffee staining is very easily removed by a scale and polish and with air polishing treatments by the hygienist 

If it is the actual shade of the teeth that you want whitened then only a qualified dentist or dental hygienist can do this. Anybody else such as salons, people advertising online and Facebook etc are performing tooth whitening illegally and they do not have any dental training.

more often than not these whitening deals on groupon are dodgy, what kind of dental practice are so desperate for patients that they need to give away their services for next to nothing? if I were you I would research the dental practice, find out who is doing the whitening and then search online to see if they are on the Dental register to see if they are qualified. But personally I would avoid, you're maybe saving some money but you're potentially risking the health of your teeth 

Many things such as toothpastes advertised as whitening ones do not actually whiten. They can only whiten if they contain a bleaching agent (e.g. Hydrogen peroxide), most of them are just very abrasive so wear the stains off (and sometimes enamel!). Dentists and hygienists are allowed to legally use a much higher percentage of bleaching agent compared to anyone else/whitening products so you'll get the best results there

If you go with the dentist option I would recommend the whitening trays. You won't have to sit in the surgery for an hour you can do it in the comfort of your home, and as you mentioned you can whiten again in the future by just buying the bleach again. 

If you really can't afford it I would use Crest whitening strips, these actually do work. Electric tooth brush, floss every day, try to put milk in your coffee and drink the coffee through a straw when possible to prevent it touching your teeth 

Oh and remember only natural teeth can be whitened, crowns fillings etc will remain the same :) good luck for your big day xx


I have been looking in to teeth whitening and found a toothpaste called white glo. It was on offer in Morrisons at £3 including a toothbrush (I have an electric one but can't get it on its own) 

it's the only toothpaste I've found that actually visibly makes a difference. I'm hoping it will continue to improve them in the run up to my wedding. 


Hi Libby

Apologies for turning this into a Q and A session but I have a really quick question as it's a subject I'm interested in (Sorry sorry sorry!) and my usual annual visit is months and months away. I have three implants, two of which are the teeth on either side of my front teeth. I get the colour won't change as such but is it possible they're stained from their original colour? And if so could it remove the staining but not whiten tbe implant more than the original tooth? One of the two is over 14 years old so it's probably darker than it started. 

Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Jenni!

ive tried a million and one different things over the past 3 years, toothpastes, gels, powders etc. I bit the bullet  paid for the home bleaching through my dentist. £250 which included my mould and 4 tubes of bleach with the option to buy as many more as I need down the line at a discounted price.

I suffered from bulimia from the age of 11 to my early 20s and my teeth were badly discoloured. I never smiled and even hated eating in front of people - this treatment gave me so much confidence and it only took 2 weeks! 

I wont lie, it was pretty painful at times but sensodyne helped. I've always been sceptical about other people's 'amazing' results but I was blown away! I Went from what can only be described as yellow to pearly white, without being too OTT x


I drink waaaayyyy too much tea. I got a tooth whitened thing off groupon for £79. Its the tray moulds with the liquid.

It was a proper dentist selling them in a proper surgery.

They do work really well but they can make your teeth sensitive. I dont use mine every night, but every other night which helps (for 14 nights altogether).

I got 6 syringes of bleach and can but more when I want to.

If you do get sensitive teeth you can use a sensitive toothpaste (the colgate one worked well for me) and you can also put the toothpaste in the tray and wear them overnight if you want.


Im actually going to start the 2 weeks tonight so I can do before and after pics if you want before you go ahead.


Mrs J do you know what that would be really interesting if you don't mind doing that. Happy for you to PM it to me if you'd rather it not be on the world wide web haha. How long after you do a treatment course does the sensitivity last? I.e. how long before my big day should I do it?

Libby - THANK YOU. I so appreciate your honest professional advice! I think what I will do it go for one of the groupon ones IF I find one that is a dentist rather then a clinic. I'll be careful honest  The one I think looks most legit is £129, and £20 for top-ups. The crest strips are £50 per go so it would only take 4 treatments for the trays to pay off. I do go for regular scale and polish at the hygienist and love the way my mouth feels after, but they always make me feel bad haha!



I might take you up in the PM thing, not sure I want the whole world getting a close up of my wonky stained teeth 😂

Hmm, hard to say for sure but Id say a week or so maybe more or less. I cant really remember but I do know that I was planning on finishing the course 2 weeks before the wedding. I do get sensitive teeth sometimes anyway though.

But honestly the colgate toothpaste and the every other day really worked and kept the sensitivity to a minimum. The firt time I did it every day and couldnt finish the course because my teeth were really quite sore. Now its manageable.