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Tie/suit and more importantly tie combo for groom


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New bride

hi there,  getting wed in October and in a fortunate position where I am having a bespoke suit made for me.

suit is in navy blue,  and for something a bit different I’m going with a dark red floral pattern as lining and waistcoat back.  However this is causing some concern with my future wife,  as she feels a red tie won’t match with the dress!  And would prefer a pink tie but she feels that it won’t match with the red lining.

my argument Is the lining diesnt matter as no one will see it anyway.  I want the red as it’s a bit of ’me’ I don’t want just plain old boring.

any ideas? 



New bride

I know they will see the back,  but how important is it to match the lining with the tie?

i have no idea she won’t tell me !   


If her dress is white/ivory then a red the will be fine.

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