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Tie/suit and more importantly tie combo for groom


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New bride

hi there,  getting wed in October and in a fortunate position where I am having a bespoke suit made for me.

suit is in navy blue,  and for something a bit different I’m going with a dark red floral pattern as lining and waistcoat back.  However this is causing some concern with my future wife,  as she feels a red tie won’t match with the dress!  And would prefer a pink tie but she feels that it won’t match with the red lining.

my argument Is the lining diesnt matter as no one will see it anyway.  I want the red as it’s a bit of ’me’ I don’t want just plain old boring.

any ideas? 




Is she having an ivory dress with pink bridesmaids or an actual pink dress? If the first then maybe an ivory tie then It will go with both the suit and her dress

I will say that people will see the waistcoat back as ive never seen a groom not take off his jacket at some point during the day! 

New bride

I know they will see the back,  but how important is it to match the lining with the tie?

i have no idea she won’t tell me !   


I think very important, hence the mention that maybe an ivory tie would work with the navy, red and her dress. 


Think about everything else in the wedding, EVERYTHING will match or coordinate. I think that you having red is fine as long as her dress isn’t pink and the ivory tie will be a compromise that still fits in. 


another compromise would be maybe have the waistcoat back navy to match the suit but the jacket lining still in the red floral, then you will still get the red you want without clashinng with anyone else when the jacket comes off xx


If her dress is white/ivory then a red the will be fine.

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Sadieee wrote (see post):

If her dress is white/ivory then a red the will be fine.

Yeh it will be fine when they stand together alone but wondering if the theme is pink he might clash with everything else (bridesmaid dresses and decor) 

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