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Underwear for strapless dresses?


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Hello ladies,

I wander if you can help. My dress is strapeless and corset backed. What should I wear under it if anything? Would like h2b to have some sort of surprise at the end of the evening!

Any suggestions welcome!

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I recently ordered a basque to go under my maggie dress but when i tried the two on together at my fitting, i had a very poor shape. the lady in the shop got me to try the dress on without a bra and the fit was amazing! and i'm a 36F!

i'd get advice from your bridal shop and try them on with your dress if you can

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Thank you. It does look lovely without anything, just thought it might be nice to have something nice on for leter on if you know what I mean! My dress is a Maggie too, I love it! When's your big day?



i too am worrying about underwear! im a 38dd, ive got corsetry and a strapless dress - but its not a maggie you lucky ladies!!
my shop said i probably wouldnt need anything as the dress is boned, it did look ok, but i didnt feel right with nothing at all!!
i originally thought about a basque but thought that it would just be too many layers, and i would like to feel the dress, if you know what i mean?! plus it might look lumpy!
i think because the dress holds me up so well, im just going to look in marks & sparks and get a pretty strapless bra!
is that your dress sunny smile? it looks so pretty!
have you a picture of yours alllie c?!

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I've got a strapless corsetted dress which I tried on braless. It looked great (or I wouldn't have chosen it obviously!) but as a 32f I thought I needed something so I could do some serious grooving later on in the evening So I got a strapless Panache bra which in actual fact I wearing at the moment to wear it in

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Hello MrsB2be. I bought my dress second hand so it isn't in Maggie's collecton now. The nearest I can find for you is 'Dion' It's in diamond white and I am just so chuffed with it. I bought it from ebay last November for the bargain price of £150 with matching stole and bag! What a complete steal! Thank you for your responses,


I'm not wearing any kind of bra nder my dress, there's enough boning for it to hold me up and in! I'm taking nice undies with me to change into at night (there's no way I'm spending the whole day in suspenders - no thanks!) so h2b still gets a nice surprise. It's not very elegant trying to get out of my dress anyway, he'll be fine to wait while I slip into something (less) comfortable! x
If the other EmilyB reads this, can I have my username back please?


I really wanted a lovely strapless all in one sexy number but the bridal shop said I needed just a plain strapless moulded cup bra otherwise any lace or ridges would show through.



I am not wearing anything under my dress. I am having some sexy pants and am buying a sexy slip/basque for when we get back home/ hotel!

x x


Elle McPherson has gorgeous strapless bra/pant collections. I bought the nude one recently but i saw they had white and i know someone who bought it for their wedding.

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It was suggested by my bridal shop to try anywhere that helps with the fitting and explain what it is for so you can get a correctly shaped and fitted bra for a strapless dress. Mine too is boned and i could probably not wear one but some how i dont feel comfortable without one.

Hope it helps

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