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Wedding addict

Hi everyone 

We're going to look at the only venue we like in our budget on Saturday. We are hoping to book but want to make sure we've found out everything we need to.

Took my friend to a wedding fair yesterday and she asked way more questions than I'd thought of.

So what questions would you ask a venue before booking?

New bride

Does it offer a package or is it for the venue only? Check what's included in the price and what's extra.

If its exclusive - some places that are open to the public will admit people to the venue/at least some areas of the venue if that would be an issue for you.

Guest number restrictions.

If there are any restrictions on having particular suppliers.

Arrangements for taking away decorations and presents etc. Some venues insist on you doing this after the wedding is finished or charge for them to do this.

What time you can stay at the venue til.



Maybe you should ask your friend to come? Ha!

Ok. I am going to send you my list of questions. But it's pretty long. So feel to remove anything that doesn't apply to you.. Ok. Are you ready?


Is the venue available on one of our preferred wedding dates? 

How many guests can you accommodate in the day and the evening? 

Will our wedding be the only wedding at the venue that day? 

Is the venue available for exclusive use? 

If so, is there a minimum amount of guests that have to book accommodation for exclusivity? 

How flexible are your packages? 

Are there any changes planned to the building before the wedding (renovations, painting etc)? 

Do you have public liability insurance? 

Do we have to use your recommended suppliers? 



Who will actually be there on the day? Is there an in-house wedding coordinator? If there is a coordinator, will they be there for the duration of the reception? 

Who from the wedding venue will be present on the day? 

Will the venue clear everything away after the wedding or will we need to organise this? 

How will the staff be dressed? How many will be available for our wedding? 

Can we meet the manager beforehand to go over the details? 



Are there areas for both of us to get ready in the morning? 

Can the bridal party get ready at the venue? 

Is the venue child friendly? What facilities are available for entertaining children? 

Is there a lift/facilities/access for the elderly and disabled? 

Is there a heated outdoor space for smoking or where my guests can mingle? 

How many toilets  are there? (You should have at least 10 toilets per 100 people.) 



Do you provide a complimentary suite to the bride/groom for their wedding night? 

Are there discounts available for the bridal party if they book rooms at the venue before the wedding? 

Are there B&Bs and other hotels in the area for guests? Can you provide a list? 

Are there reliable taxi companies in the area? 

When is the check out time? 

Is there a safe place for guests to store coats and personal belongings? 

Is there a safe place for gifts? 



Is there enough parking for all our guests? 

Will there be a car parking attendant or do our ushers need to help with this? 

Can guests leave their cars over night? 



What is the earliest time we can hold the wedding ceremony? 

Which rooms are licensed for wedding ceremonies? 

Is the ceremony to take place in the same room as the reception? 



Do you have in-house catering or must we hire our own? 

Is a complimentary menu tasting provided within the fee? 

Will there be food provided for both the reception and the evening reception? 

Are you flexible with their menu choices? Can we make suggestions? 

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements, i.e. allergies or gluten-free etc? 

Does the venue provide catering for children? 

How many menu options can we offer to our guests? 

How much wine/champagne/tea & coffee is included per person? 

Wine choices – what are the wine choices and what are the upgrade costs? 

Can we use external caterers? 

If we are bringing a caterer in, will they have access to a kitchen, power, running water, etc? 

Do we need to pay extra to hire the cake stand & knife? 

Do you provide microphones for the speeches? Does the venue have a public address system available for speeches? 

What time is the meal served? 

Is there an option for dinner the night before or a BBQ the day after? 




What evening food options do you offer? 

Do you have a license to consume alcohol? Can we supply our own alcohol? Is there a corkage fee? 

Do you have a free bar or paid bar – can they accommodate both? 

How late will the bar be open? 

What are your bar prices? 

Will guests be able to pay using card or is it cash only? 

Will we need to vacate the main reception room for set up? 

If we do need to vacate the main reception room – what options do we have? 

Where is the dancefloor/how big is it/does anything have to be moved to create the dancefloor? 

Where does the band set up?  

Will the band be able to set up beforehand or does it have to be during changeover? 

Will the bandhave to go through the reception to set up or is there separate access? 

Could we plug an ipod into your sound system? 

What time will our evening reception need to finish? 



Is entertainment permitted?  

Is there an extra charge for bringing your own suppliers? 

Are there any requirements for suppliers (ie the DJ has to have public liability & PAT testing of his equipment)? 

What time can the band/DJ arrive to set up? 

Is there a sufficient power supply for any entertainment/sound systems you may require? 

Is there a sound limiter that the band/DJ need to be aware of? 

Are there noise level restrictions that must be adhered to? 



Will the venue decorate to our theme or allow us to decorate? 

If we are having outside staff or decorators in, what is the earliest they can have access? 

Is crockery and linen included in the price? Will we have to hire tables, chairs, linens, plates, glassware, etc? 

What type of tables do you have (shape, size, top table)? Are there different options? 

What chairs will you use? 
What table options are there for the head table? 

Is any décor/stationery provided (menus, centrepieces, red carpet, flowers, cake stand)? Are there alternatives available? 

Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is? 

Are there any restrictions on where the flowers and decorations will be placed? 

Are there any restrictions on types of decorations (for example, do you allow candles etc?) 

What kind of confetti does the venue allow, and will you charge us for the cleanup of it afterwards? 



How far in advance are bookings required? 

How much is the deposit to secure the date and when is it due? 

What is the cancellation/postponement policy? 

When do we need to make our final payment? 

Is VAT included in the prices given to us? 

Are there any extra charges for staff/cleaning/room hire that aren’t included in the price given to us? 

Is VAT included in the final price? 

Can they confirm any arrangements in writing? 



Do you allow fireworks or lanterns? 


Wedding addict

Brilliant!!! Thank you so much. 

If I could bring my friend along I would she's gone away today, so inconsiderate!!! 😂😂

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