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New bride


I get married in October in Cyprus. I have not gone through a wedding planner, I have organised myself. I have arranged with Peyia Town Hall. I am after advice on what documents you have to provide for the marriage license. I know I have to get affidavit from a solicitor but I am having trouble finding a form or can I make it up myself. I did ring the town hall but they were not much help. Any advice would be great.

Thank you


The forms are available for the country you are getting married in online on the .gov website we found our Italian documents here. You just then need to make an appointment with a solicitor to witness you sign. Ours cost a fiver.


Forgot to add, that they are time limited so when you find them don't get then signed to early. Ours was only valid I think for 6 months, but I am sure each country will be different.

New bride

Hi Hollie I am getting married in Cyprus in August and just got mine done today. We just found a template online and adapted it ourself. Be careful we’re you go as some solicitors tell you it needs to be nortarised which cost around £150 however this is not needed my solicitor did ours for £5 each And said he has done a lot of these before for Cyprus Oh you both needed to do a on each also. If you need any more information just message me x

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