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Any 2020 weddings??


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MissDizzle wrote (see post):

Hi guys!! 

Just caught up, ive found a 2020 fb group so have been spending a bit of time on fb. 

We have scrapped the France idea as it was blowing our budget and have settled on zante (for now) 

abiscott have you decided where in Zante yet? i have been emailing zante dream weddings and they are taking bookings already. One of the 2020 fb brides (there's a few zante brides on there) has booked for may already. 


Sorry for such a late reply! Have you finally decided on Zante now?  I've not done any planning at all over winter, but think it's about time I at least found a planner and nailed down a date!  I've read on a different fb group that a lot of people seem to have booked the venue (we think) that we want already... so time to get moving!


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Hi everyone!

Got engaged at Christmas after almost 5 years together... We are planning for Sept 2020 in Nerja, Spain.

We wanted to give our guests time to save and plan too! Couple of planners out there have said 2019 already getting booked up so glad to be ahead of the curve in 2020. Good luck everyone :)

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Deleted as posted in wrong section.

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