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HELP! Solicitor or Notary? Stat declaration Italy wedding


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New bride

Hi everyone,

I’m getting conflicting information from different solicitors so hoping anyone who is getting married or got married in Italy can help!

Can a solicitor witness and stamp our statutory declaration or does it have to be a notary?

Our wedding planner (and the UK Gov website) says solicitor or notary but I’ve been told by a couple of firms it must be a notary (which takes cost up from £5 to £100!).

Any advice much appreciated


Jess xxx


The confusion is probably because many solicitors are also notaries.

We needed some documents certified for our mortgage and used a notary at a local solicitor's firm - took 5 minutes and think he charged us about £20.

Just google "notary *your town name*" to find one.

My planning thread:

New bride

Thank you. I’ve done that and shopped around and the fee ranges from £100+ so don’t want to go to a notary if a solicitor can just witness it for £5.

If anyone is going through the process of an Italian wedding, please help! X


Is it this stat dec?

If so I’ve sworn them as a solicitor. Notary publics are a different thing, but yes some notary are also soliciors. All solicitors are commissioners of oaths (Confused yet) and the maximum we can charge is £5 per declaration plus £2 for any exhibit. 

Usually if a notary is needed it will say it on the jurat at the bottom (before me...., Notary Public). 


We get married in Italy too and I was under the impression it was a notary needed as they require an Apostille.


We got married in Lake Como and ours was done by a solicitor for a fee of £10 don’t go paying over the odds!! Ours was absolutely fine and we are now legally married!! 😃

New bride

Thanks so much for your responses everyone!! So helpful! Going to see our solicitor today.

New bride

I just wanted to post a response in case any one else finds themselves in the situation I was in! I took advice from this thread and didn't use a notary, we went to our local solicitor and paid £10 (£5 each). 

We're now married and had no problems with our documents 

Wedding addict

Ours was done by a solicitor who didn’t charge! The stamp will be put on when you send it off.  Also, when you get married in Italy, ask if they can provide you with a translated copy of your marriage certificate, may save you doing it here.  x 

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