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New bride

Any Mauritius brides this year or the next?? I'm looking at 2019 and I'm just getting started! Maybe too early?!! Anyone else out there?? 

New bride

I'm planning on Mauritius for 2019 too! :) I don't think it's too early at all, Mauritius is a costly destination so guests need a lot more notice than for a UK wedding! Have you got any favourite venues?

New bride

Planning ahead is always a good idea. I got married in 2010 at lux grand gaube. The Westin turtle bay is a great resort and paradise cove

As I bride you can always get free things on your package do not miss out.


Research your hotel and ensure they cater for all your needs as well as the guest.


There's some good deals out there I would say on average your looking at spending 2100 for 10 nights all incluive 5 star. You need to shop around


Hope this helps


New bride

Hi guys! I am also planning on getting married in Mauritius in 2019! 


Has as anyone has any luck booking venues etc already? all the companies I've spoken to have said it's still too early to book! Which is so annoying as I thought the earlier I book then the better for my guests! even if it's just the venue!

any suggestions? 

New bride

Hi Andrelena, when in 2019 were you thinking? I'm wanting to get married in October time. It seems like most places don't take bookings until 18 months before :) 

New bride

Hi my wedding is in two weeks at sugar beach resort. We decided on Mauritius 2 years ago and had to wait until 9/10 months ago to book our hotel and flights. But it did mean we could save for it. Ive organised our wedding through the hotel directly and they have been great so far. You have the options of booking with a travel company here and the wedding it gets sorted for you. Do the holiday and wedding separate with the hotel like I have (I contacted the hotel about 20 months out to save the date so invites could go out) or you can book your hotel/flights 9 months before but have your wedding away from the hotel. If you do this you can contact different wedding companies in Mauritius and they can help and save your date for you. 

New bride

Hi All,

Myself and my partner are looking to marry in Mauritus in May 2019. Has anyone looked at many hotels as yet and make any recommendations? One of the attendees have two kids which means we have to cater for them as well. Any help would be appreciated :)



Wedding addict

We had our honeymoon in Zilwa Attitude in September and there was a wedding almost everyday. It was stunning and everyone always had nice stuff to say about the wedding team if that is any help Natasha?


New bride

Hi guys 

I'm glad I'm not the only one planning ahead. I wanted to make sure I gave everyone enough time to save and everyone has been nagging for a date.

We're planning on getting married October 2019. We've been in contact with the hotel direct and have managed to save a date and will be paying a deposit this week. Although we know the price will increase slighty as 2019 prices aren' out yet.

We've decided on the zilwa hotel and we've had so many questions and they've been super helpful so far :) so glad to hear the weddings looks lovely there! 


New bride

Thanks both of you - Zilwa was one of the hotels I had been looking at.


did you find it easier to book the wedding direct with the hotels rather than via the travel agents? Travel agents at the moment just seem so unhelpful which is annoying.



New bride

Hi Tash

Yea I found travel agents couldn't help as it's so far in advance, which is annoying as I wanted a date to give to everyone, so they can save if they want to come..

We're also not sure if we want to stay at that hotel the whole time or maybe go off to a villa for a few nights after we get married, so we couldn't do this if we booked with a travel agent either.

Let me know how you get on :)


New bride

Hi All,

We are currently looking at getting married in the Zilwa Attitude in August 2019. We are waiting for travel agents to come back to us with prices, we were wondering if anyone has already booked there wedding at this hotel and if you have any tips when planning this?

Thank you :) 

New bride

Hi everyone, we are getting married at the Awali on 6th September this year, is anyone else marrying in September? We have found an amazing photographer (non-local) and currently she is coming to the island just for our big day, but if someone else is interested in uses her services please PM me for details and then we can both get a discount 

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