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New bride

Hi all,

I am getting married in August this year and am really struggling to find a musician to play for when I walk down the aisle. I really want to get married to Canon in D by Pachabel but think it would be so much better played live. 

Has anyone else booked a musician or can recommend anyone? 

Thanks for your help :-) 



i think we are going to use Michalis Karamolegos for our ceremony music and cocktail hour

I don't know if that's the kind of thing you're after though 😊


Sorry forgot to put his website

New bride

Hey thanks for the reply :-) we had looked at him before but I am more after a violinist / piano player or just someone who can play an instrumental! Really struggling to find anything at all which is a shame. Will keep looking or hopefully someone can recommend someone :-)

thank you 


I had a feeling you were going to say that. On fb there's a page called weddings abroad guide community which is helpful so you could join there and ask too? X

Wedding addict

Hi Justin,

as Ambam said Michalis Karamolegos is great musician for a romantic style with a guitar and he is not so expensive. I worked with him many times, you can check in this video teaser from Santorini was played Michalis music on the boat during this proposal:

But if you want traditional musicians I highly recommend the owner of Aidoni Tavern. He is the most famouse mucisian on the island and he has a group with his 2 childs, he always makes the people to dance a lot, here is a photo with his childs from our wedding in Venetsanos this winter:

If you want his contact details are:

There are also some more, like harp music or some other traditional mucisians.

If you want more I can sent you and others.

Also if you still looking for a photographer or videographer it will be a great pleasure for us to capture your best day here in Santorini.

You can check some of our work in the above link:

With kind regards,

Ben from Wedding Stories Photography


New bride

Hi Justine

im after exactly the same. I'll keep you updated if I find anyone 

New bride

Thanks all for the replies. 

Ben - can you please advise the contact details for the harp player? I would also be interested in a violin player if you know one of those too please?

Bride2016 - I will keep you posted too. I have requested access to the fb page Ambam suggested so will ask the question on there too :-)

New bride

I found a video of Michalis and a violinist playing Canon in D:

New bride

100% agree with Cathy above - Louis Joun was amazing at our wedding in Santorini earlier this year!

Hope this helps :)

Ellie x

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