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Firstly guests need to pay their own accommodation.Also you can't pay for all the activities they are going to have during their stay on the island.Open bar is not mandatory in most venues,so you could save money there.x

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Hi, I am a destination photographer and photographed a Wedding at Gem. They booked direct and the day was perfect. All the staff are very well organised, and speak brilliant English. The venue offers amazing views, but I would recommend a trip to Pyrgos to give your photos variety.



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Hello Laura 

I will also be getting married in Santorini in June 2019 at Le Ciel. I came back from Santorini last week From doing some brief wedding planning, the weather was lovely 26-28degrees, If anyone is looking for a hairdresser and a flower option I managed to have a hair trial with a lovely lady called Marianna and I was very pleased with her work safe to say I booked her for my wedding day. Whilst I was there I also managed to  meet with another lady Eleni who Specializes in ‘paper flowers’ I think this is their first year in Santorini as they are usually based on cyprus, I wanted to see them why I was there to considered them for venue decoration, I managed to see two weddings one at Le Ciel and one at Santo winery with her flowers all set up i was not disappointed with the quality and look of the flowers which looked amazing considering they was not real and I’m not 100% sure but have been told these are a fraction of the price, and seem to be popular as she is uploaded pictures daily from weddings in Santorini. 

Hope this helps 



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Hi All,


We are also getting married in Santorini Sept 2019 at Dana Villas!  Finding it all quite daunting at the moment all the planning that needs to be done. We went over last year to view Dana and La Ceil and they were both beautiful!

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Hi ladies


We’re also getting married at Dana Villas in September 2019. Have used Nikos for legal planning but arranging hair/makeup/flowers etc myself. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on who to go to/avoid I’d be grateful!


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