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Great thread! So glad I have finally found an up to date blog on Skiathos weddings :)

We have booked our wedding through Ionian Weddings for August 2016. We are getting married at the Bourtzi (outside) at 6pm, then having our reception at the Atrium hotel. We had hoped to have a boat transfer from the ceremony to the reception but we have just found out that from the beach where the boat will drop us it's a fifteen minute walk uphill to the hotel! We're a bit gutted because we really like the idea of a boat but think the uphill walk in the heat will be a bit much for some of our guests. Just wondered if anyone else has done a boat transfer from the Bourtzi to The Atrium and if they had any tips or ways around it??

Also, we'd really like a band or some form of entertainment in the evening, I quite like the idea of some traditional greek plate smashing :) but Ionian Weddings have quoted a price for 3 hours for a greek band and we're not sure we'd want it for that long. Again, any tips would be appreciated. I will have a look at the Groom Therapy band that has been mentioned here.

Ionian Weddings have been fab so far for anyone who is thinking of booking with them. We have sent loads of emails asking questions and they always reply very promptly. They are sorting all the legal paper work too at a very reasonable price (I'm not quite brave enough to do it myself, although it can be done).

Any advice from brides past, present or future would be much appreciated :) We have 52 guests.


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I'm getting married in Skiathos in August and I've also booked through Ionian weddings too! We are also getting married at the Bourtzi but our reception is at Maniatis Gardens so I'm sorry but I can't help with the boat aspect. 

We have booked direct with Groom Therapy band and we received a quote directly through them and what they provide. I think our deal was something along the lines of 'ceremony music then 1hr 45 min acoustic duo and then a disco for an hour'. 

Ionian weddings are incredible and always willing to help, I'd definitely recommend them! 

Hope that helps a little,


Tara x

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My name is Eleni

I am from Skiathos and the last years I do nails and make up to the brides how get married to my beautiful island!!!

My nail salon is opposite of national bank(papadiamanti str).

For any question and any help please don't hesitate to contact with me.

My Facebook page is:"Skiathos make up by Eleni"and my profile "Beauty- code Nail club"

Thank you

Ps:sorry for my English😙


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Hi Guys,

My wife and I married in Skiathos in September last year! Skiathos is a place which is close to our hearts and we also consider it to be our second home! It's such a special place and I'm sure you'll have a great day to remember!

In preparation for our wedding last year, my good friend Mike (also our best man!) helped to create unique Skiathos wedding invitations! We were really impressed with how they turned out. So much so that I thought I'd post photos of the invitations so that other lucky couples may get the chance to use them!

Please take a look at the photo's of our wedding invitations below.

The wedding invitations include a wrap-around Skiathos Island map, a town centre map, an island guide, wedding invitations and RSVP's. The invitations can also be tailored to your exact needs!

If you like the design, please get in touch, and email Mike at

We hope you have an amazing wedding in Skiathos!

Craig & Patrycja XxX

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Hi everyone,

So glad I've found this! We get married this september and booked directly through the hotel who have been super helpful! We're also in touch with Anastasia too who is great.

We've booked a photographer - Nick Karvounis who seems reasonably price and has good reviews! Has anyone used him for passed weddings? I'm struggling to find a videographer and live musician/band, other than groom therapy. I really want a chilled vibe, nothing too cheesy 🤔

I think I'm going to do my makeup myself but if anyone has any recommendations for hairstylists that would be fab! 

Also, the legal stuff - is it quite straight forward when you get there? I think we need to go to the town hall the day, or a couple of days before the wedding (which is on the beach) to get everything legalised. Any info anyone has on this would be appreciated


thanks everyone! Hope your planning is going well 👰🏼


Katy x


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Finally an up-to-date Skiathos post! 

I am currently finalizing details with Elektra at The Atrium to have our wedding there in June 2018 (I've fallen in love with it online!) and am currently researching and booking everything myself rather than spending it on a wedding planner. Elektra has advised that Anastasia is their coordinator anyway so at least the legal paperwork and town hall costs will be sorted for us (I haven't a clue with that side of things!)

Anyway, Im such an organizer and although our wedding isn't for another 2 years (can you tell I'm over organized lol!) I'd like to get an idea of who we want to use and the costs...

What we need is:

- A small wedding cake

- Photographer

- Hair & makeup

- Entertainment (was going to have pre-recorded music but I'm swaying to hiring someone now)

Does anyone have any recommendations and if so, can I be cheeky and ask how much you paid? I need to persuade h2b to spend the money on these haha!!

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Hi everyone!

Im getting married next year on the beautiful island of Skiathos!!! I am so excited!

It's been comforting to see it was not just me who has been struggling to find a good hair and makeup artist. However, I came across a makeup artist on Trip Advisor who I have emailed with a lot and she seems to be a gem - I wanted to share her info with you all. I am definitely using her and have booked her already! (I know, I know, it's a year in advance but I like to have things organized!)

She's British which helps a lot with the communication of things, but super experienced too (she has lots of fancy clients in New York). But really attentive and always replies to all my millions of questions with such a calming manner. I just really like her and am looking forward to having her presence on the day. I am a bit nervous too! Her name is Lauren Whitworth and her email is  (her fb page is skiathosmakeup and she also has a website

i highly recommend her!


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Hiii Brides to be! 

So refreshing to know I'm not the only one who has struggled with booking a Wedding in Skiathos!! One thing I've learnt is that I've had to adopt the Greek laid back approach (not easy and I'm trying my best!)

We get married at the Skiathos Princess in two weeks. We've booked Nick Karvounis as our photographer. He's been absolutely brilliant in helping answer my questions (including non photography related). We're meeting him to discuss over things when we get to Skiathos. 

We have the Groom Therapy as our band/DJ, we've heard great things about them and Vangelis has been really helpful too. We're having a sax play during dinner, a band after dinner and then DJ set to finish the evening off. 

We're also doing our own table decorations - the hotels charge you through the roof! Its so much cheaper to book an extra case and buy your own things! 

I don't have a hairdresser, but I'm not worried too much - plenty of girls in the party that can bash something together I'm sure. We're going for a relaxed look anyway. However, I am sure Anastasia will find somebody. I've booked Eleni for Make-up. I have a trial when I arrive, and if I don't like it then I can always do my own - so no biggy (see, I'm almost a chilled out Greek)

The hotel is sorting our cake out - not too fussed what we get, likelihood of it being eaten is slim but I have sent pictures of the sorts of cakes we like :)

Anastasia will sort flowers out and all the legal stuff. The legal stuff isn't as difficult as the paperwork makes it appear (so wordy and complicated!) Quite simply you need your certificates of no impediment and full birth certificates. Send them off to be translated, they come back and you take them to island with you. 

If there's anything else you want to know, let me know and I'll try and help. I am sure regardless we will all have an absolutely magical day!


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Hello ladies, 

We have been looking at Skiathos for our wedding in August 2017 and love the look of the Skiathos Princess hotel.... I really don't know where to begin with the process and how best to start. We habe been to Thomas Cook for some advice but have seen Anastasis mentioned several times - does anyone know how I might get hold of her?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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Check out This girl seems really talented, very nice, and very reasonably priced. She also speaks English. 

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hi all I've just booked the skiathos princess hotel for our wedding august 2017 and also booked Anastasia who has been amazing so far really looking for any experience advice or hints as I'm sooo excited and not sure what to do next or where to start lol x


Any help or advice is really appreciated x

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Hello ladies! 

Does anyone have any recommendations for a beach ceremony and reception in skiathos?  Something relaxed with a bbq for around 60 guests!

Hope you can help :) x

New bride

Has anyone user/considered perfect weddings abroad?

We're booking through them for a ceremony and reception at the Skitathos Princess but as no one else has mentioned them im worried if theres a reason why :)

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hey there ,

i am getting married in skiathos 24th june 2017!
i have decided to go ahead and book everything myself so to make it more personal

now living in edinburgh doesnt make it easy with such a short notice of the wedding. 

i have provisionally booked the dj and band, photographer videographer,priest and church.But i am having problems with wedding venue and hotel.

princess hotel is so expensive , and always fully booked. 
can you advice me with costs and ideal locations for the venue, has any of you booked boat?

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My husband and I got married in Skiathos in August 2017.

We had a relaxed wedding with 85 people in the beach restaurant of Porto Paradiso. We had a pre-wedding reception in the reception bar at La Piscine Art Hotel and then family and friends met on the beach the day after the wedding for paddle boarding and cocktails at sunset.

We had Anastasia as our wedding planner. I always thought I would plan the wedding myself - how hard can it be right? ....wrong!! I genuinely don't know what I would have done without Anastasia. She's like a wedding planner and counsellor in one - any moments of panic or little problems that came up in the run up to the day, she was always available and got things sorted in moments to put our minds at ease so we could relax and enjoy time with our friends and family.

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to have a Greek-speaking contact to coordinate your day. Its all the little things that you don't think of until the last minute that Anastasia had sorted already - her input really was invaluable!

We also found that a lot of the venue owners, caterers, florists, taxi companies etc did not have the best English and, as Anastasia is Greek she was able to arrange everything directly and translate for us.

Anyone thinking of getting married in Skiathos should have Anastasia and a first contact - we cant recommend her enough.

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We are getting married in Skiathos May 2018. I am struggling to find hair stylists and make up artists. Can anyone help please?


New bride

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser?

I am getting married in skiathos in June 2019 but flying out this may with intentions of finding a hairdresser then!


Any suggestions and recommendations much appreciated!




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