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New bride

So i get married to my best friend on the 1st June 2018! I'm so excited, but I'm struggling to motivate myself to shift the lbs 😞 so thought I would start a thread and give a daily update on how my day has been, with the added (fingers crossed) weight loss each week and truthful weight gain if any. Tomorrow (today) will be my first scale day and then every Thursday from then on.

Is anyone starting a whole new journey today? I'll update in the morning my weight, it's not going to be pretty but we all have to start from somewhere, right? 

Good luck brides to be!! 


I'll join!

I'm 5ft 2 and 9st7. I want to lose 7 pounds and I need to stop eating crisps!

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Me too,having a buddy always helps :-) I get married August 2018 and want to lose 3 stone! Joined slimming world this week. Massive amount to lose, but i'm setting mini goals in between. 


My first goal is 1 stone before xmas. I will get weighed every Monday. 

New bride

Well I weighed in today and was 12st 1.5lb, with being 5ft 4 I would love to shift 1.5st anymore would be a bonus. 

Hi rach371, I did laugh a little at the 'need to stop eating crisp' sorry, but I thought straight away mine has to be chocolate. When do you get married?

Hi Winslet86, so how has slimming world been so far? I'm not doing any diet as such I'm just going to start off with cutting down/out certain things and go from there really lol. Look forward to hearing the news on Monday for the first weigh in!

I'll be back later with a run day of my day, good luck everyone for today 

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Well I was  13st 8.5lb when I weighed in on Monday when I started. I weighed myself this morning on my bathroom scales and was 13st 3lb. Which is exciting after just a few days, but it will mainly be water weight and I had no clothes on compared to Monday haha. If I can lose 4 or 5 lbs in my first week then average 1.5lbs from then on I'll be happy!


It is a really good diet, i've done it before and lost over 2 stone. Easy to follow and doesn't leave you starving. Also room for treats. Pretty basic premise of having 3 balanced meals a day with "snacks" which are called syns. You're allowed 15 syns a day, and a chocolate bar would be 10 syns for example. I just like going to the groups as it motivates you to stick to the diet as you have to have your weight loss/gain read out in front of everyone (not in a nasty way!).


What sort of things are you cutting out?


I'm in. 

I joined slimming world in June and have lost a stone up to now. Well actually i lost a stone by the beginning of August and have just hovered there or thereabouts since then. I need to get my mojo back! I started at 11st7 and i'm now 10st7. I'd like to lose another stone and tone my upper half. 

I found the biggest change in my diet, and the thing that made the biggest weight loss was cutting out sauces, of all kinds: ketchup, mayo, ready made pasta/curry sauces etc. There is so much salt and sugar in those things! I make my own now with herbs, spices, tinned tomatoes and the likes.

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ShitGotReal Well done on your 1 stone, that's great. It may be harder to lose the last stone as you are smaller. How have you found the slimming world diet in general? Cutting out sauces definitely makes a difference, it is crazy how much sugar is in them. 

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I am getting married June 9th, so one week and 1 day after you! I really want to keep in shape and helping keep accountable to each will soooo help me! 



Winslet86ShitGotReal wrote (see post):

ShitGotReal Well done on your 1 stone, that's great. It may be harder to lose the last stone as you are smaller. How have you found the slimming world diet in general? Cutting out sauces definitely makes a difference, it is crazy how much sugar is in them. 

Ive found it fine, but i've got to be honest and say i haven't followed it religiously. If i want a cookie, ill have a cookie! What i don't do though is have a cheat day 'just because' Lots of people tend to have a naughty tea after being weighed but i dont, however if im going to a party or whatever then i'll have what i want. The odd naughty day is fine, but it doesn't have to be every week. I wouldn't have syns for the sake of having them either. 

I need to give myself a good kick up the backside though because before i know it it'll be Christmas, i'll have put that stone back on and double it come January! 


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ShitGotReal  the hardest thing I find is social events and alcohol, and eating out! But like you say, you have to live your life as well, and make the right choices when it is in your control. I am sure you will be able to find the motivation for the last stone. I felt the same, that if I didn't do it before xmas I would be in a terrible position come January and really miserable.

I worked out when I joined on Monday that it was 10 weeks before xmas day, and that even averaging 1lb a week is 10lbs, and that is 10lb better off than if I started after! Even if I do put on a few pounds over xmas. 

New bride

So my first day is over and done with and to be fair hasn't been a bad one. I sort of whimped out of going for a walk this morning after the school run as the weather was shocking, so I decided to pull my lounge apart and scrub from top to bottom tomorrow's plan is the hallway and downstairs toilet 👍 My eating plan for today was 

Breakfast - porridge

Snack - banana

Lunch - scrambled egg, ham and spinach 

Snack - blueberries

Tea - butternut squash risotto with spinach plus an apple

havent felt to bad today but need to cut down on the cups of tea. My first cut out is chocolate and crisp and replace them with fruit and it worked today next week will be bread and switch white potatoes with sweet potatoes. I also have a jug of water in the fridge with cucumber and lemon so I don't reach for the Diet Coke 😬

How has everyone's day been? Can't believe we have a little group started 😊 Anyone want to chuck out a little thing to change/do up until we weigh in? Make it a bit more fun, I love a challenge when there's more then just me lol. I will read into peoples replies tomorrow, but I've just got back from college and I'm so tired! 

good luck for tomorrow guys! 

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Sounds like a really good day for you! Definitely healthy. How did you do your risotto?  Cutting out the chocolate sounds like a plan, however do you have some healthy sweet alternatives as snacks when you are craving?


My day was as follows:

Breakfast - weetabix, skimmed milk and blueberries 

Lunch - mugshot (healthy soup), salad

Snacks - Muller light and melon and grapes, 1 x light  babybel, 8 x crabsticks

Dinner - vegetable tagine with quorn chicken (i eat fish but not meat)

Snack - Muller light

I get weighed Monday in my group so my challenge before then is to not drink this weekend. I have no big nights out as i am actually working this weekend (only work once every 6 months at a weekend), So no excuse to reach for the wine! Wish me luck!

The other thing I want to incorporate next week is more exercise. Not done any this week other than my usual walking to work!


Chantelle I get married next July which is quite a while away but at the same time feels really close. 

So yesterday I had good intentions until someone in the office brought in biscuits...

I'm trying really hard to cut out caffeine but as it gets colder and more autumnal I crave it more .

How is everyone feeling about Christmas coming up? I have a huge family so my weekends in November and December are normally spent visiting them and eating lots! I need to.be more controlled this year!

Wedding addict

Rach371 It is really hard to resist stuff in the office, yesterday someone bought in cakes. But I said no, and I felt SO good today for resisting, believe me it was hard haha, but now I've said no once, I think it will be easier.

Christmas will be really hard, also it is the weeks leading up to xmas where there are so many work parties. I just decided that if I left it till after xmas I would be even more miserable and even more far behind.


I've decided to give up beer (I drink a lot of it like a man lol), and to try and have gin and slimline tonics on night's out. Also, research restaurant menus beforehand to try and pick the healthier option.

However, over xmas eve, day and boxing day I am going to eat and drink what I want. Life is too short to diet over xmas, and I think 3 days won't be too damaging, and I have the slimming world groups to go back to, to get me back on track.


New bride

Hi everyone, how's everyone's day been? My day hasn't been to bad today apart from the 4 biscuits

Breakfast - porridge

Snack - papaya

Lunch - 2 vegetable burgers with without buns and snap peas (didn't eat the peas)

Snack - 4 biscuits and then a banana

Tea - rice and chicken and then a apple

I'm just about to do the daily tidy up from storm child, he's been off school due to being sick last night but you wouldn't think it by the amount of cars he's dragged out. when I've got him sorted I'm going to give the spell you name out exercise, but its got me a little nervous giving that the E=1 min wall sit and the L=2 min wall sit, that's a total of 6 MIN WALL SIT! but its fine its something to work on lol.  

Winslet - I have to say I cheated on my risotto and that was only because Thursday is a super busy day for the whole household, so I picked up the waitrose healthy range one. On the plus side husband to be tried it and loved it and said we have to make it for the whole family, so its now on the shopping list for next week. Ha I'm loving the drinking challenge and i'm sure you will smash that with working this weekend, that challenge would be easy for me as I love a drink but its a rare thing but this weekend I will be indulging in a bottle or 2 of wine due to the husbands birthday and ive booked us into a hotel for the night on Saturday. As for the healthy sweet when i'm craving, at the mo i'm just picking up a piece of fruit instead of the chocolate or crisp. do you have any ideas for me? Well done on yesterdays food by the looks of it you have done really, keep it up WE can do this, do it for the wedding dress lol.

Shitgotreal - A huge well-done on the 1 stone lost, did you stick to regular exercise? I want to get back into running and I might give it ago when I shift half a stone. I love how blunt you are about cheat days and maybe that's where I go wrong, i'll have a cheat day a week wake up the next and think what's the point look what I had yesterday. I'll give your way of thinking a try over the next couple of weeks and let you know on my non-cheat days lol. When do you get married?

Rebecca470 - Oh how exciting! How is the planning going? When you say you want to keep in shape, do you just want to maintain? 

Rach371 - Don't beat yourself up on a few biscuits you're only human. I'm not really worried about Christmas yet and I don't seem to ever over think it when it comes to food as I don't think I ever over eat giving I don't have a huge family.

Good luck for tomorrow  


New bride

Anyone got any ideas on metabolism boost? 

Wedding addict

So I had a great weekend of no alcohol, and staying on plan. I have stayed on plan for 7 full days and today is Weigh In day at 7.30pm.

However, I am slightly worried I won't reach my first week target of 5 lbs. Mainly because it is TOTM and I am due today/tomorrow and feel really bloated, and always put on about 2 lbs (water retention) during this time. I think it may be 3 or 4 lbs lost today on the scales. 

I know I should still be happy with that, if that is the case, but it is just that the first week you lose a lot more. I suppose if it is the case because of TOTM, I should lose more next week.

Fingers crossed!

Chantelle25 In terms of sweet cravings, fruit is definitely a good one. I think I mentioned before, but I eat frozen grapes. I don't have a majorly sweet tooth (my vice is more crisps!), however a muller light yoghurt is free on slimming world, so that over fruit is a nice sweet snack. 


Wedding addict

So my first weigh in completed and I lost 4lbs. I'm obviously happy with that! Wanted 5 for my first week but with it being totm and also had trouble going to the toilet this week (sorry TMI) it is definitely a good start.

Set myself a target of 2lbs for the next week. 

Have a slightly tricky one on Saturday as it is my SIL 40th bday dinner and we pre-ordered food ages ago. I'm going to stick to plan the rest of the time and not drink as much as normally would and do some extra exercise and hopefully won't make too much difference.

Oh and me and my friend signed up to do the Moonwalk Marathon next May this week, 26.2 miles power walking over night. Gives me good motivation to train and keep the fitness up.

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Hello Ladies

I may join you on this! I get married July next year would like to lose 1.5 stone at least when i get my dress measurements taken at the end of January. I did slimming word last year and lost 6.5 stone one of which has crept back on. Im going to follow the slimming world rules without going to a group and I'm not a gym person but have my fit bit set to 11,500 steps which i used to hit daily and have been slacking on lately so need to pick that back up. Currently weigh 14 stone - will weigh in every Wednesday as my Bridesmaid also wants to lose weight so we take it in turns cooking for each other and weigh together once a week (bit like a private SW group!)