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i did another clearblue digi this morning almost a week after the first and it still sayd 1-2, i thought seeing 2-3 would chear me up but now im even more worried and have come down with a horrible cold overnight sorry feeling crappy this mornnig!

isnt it strange how everybodys appointments are different? you would have thought the whole nhs would be the same although thats alot to ask lol


amm- she asked loads of questions about me and my partner (lifestyle/background/family history health etc) she took bloods and a urine sample. asked me if i had any questions and then that was about it! :/i had blood pouring out of my arm though - nearly fainted lol!

Im struggling to eat. well...its more that i forget to as i dont feel hungry! im finding plain stuff nice and Im actually quite into meat still. gone off crisps and chocolate though which i used to eat loads.

sorry your down mrs finch *hugs* im sure you will be fine! get to the drs if your worried!



Hi everyone - mrs finch try not to panic, loads of stuff saying how the conception indicator isn't very accurate due to differing hormone levels which are still completely normal. 

Im well & truly fed up - went to local hospital when we arrived back in uk, they still made a fuss about x raying but needed to be done, only then to say they couldn't find a fracture take my plaster off & leave me in agony unable to wall or even rest my foot on the floor! All they have said is its severe ligament & tendon damage & will need weeks of physio - they're supposed to be contacting me, but haven't yet. Grrr!!

weird how others have crisps off crisps - ready salted hula hoops is all I want to eat!!


Hey girls I actually feel like a human today! Woohoo! Still got some nausea but it's not as bad as it has been this past week so it isn't enough to bother me too much. First day I haven't needed my lovely travel sickness bands lol. I've gone off so much food, can't stand meat, chocolate, crisps, sweets, cake. All I've been eating is crackers, dry bran flakes, grapes and potatoes! Such an exciting diet at the moment haha!

Becky try not to worry about the digi I read on other forums that it happened to people and I think it's because it goes 1-2 and 2-3 so if you're in the 2 bracket it could show either week (if that makes any sense?) If you're worried though I'd go to the doctor.

With regards to the booking in appt I haven't got mine until 5th Sept when I'll be 8+6. I don't really mind though as I've got my early scan at 8+1 so will know it's all ok then

Hayley I'm sorry the doctors haven't been any help over here. You poor thing you must be in so much pain. Have they given you anything for it?

How is everyone else feeling today? xx


well if it'll give you all a laugh I will share this lovely titbit....its a bit TMI just so you know and can look away!!

Soooo as my diet is all over the place I have gotten a common pregnancy symptom...constipation. This sometimes leads to having a bad tummy later on!!!

I was sat on the train this morning. half way in between home and work with no toilets on any of the platforms either way and a 15 min walk to either work or home even after getting to the station...and my stomach started churning. I literally felt like I was either going to poo my pants or be sick or both! I was sweating like crazy! Honestly the most nerve wracking 30 mins of my life. cheers for that, baby! Managed to make it to work like, phew. This pregnancy lark is harsh!


I had serious nausea last night as we went to bed, gone by this morning though although I'm not really feeling tip top!

Off to a steak restaurant with clients this evening which I could really do without as firstly I'm shattered and secondly what the hell am I going to eat!! I've read such differing stories about eating steaks anything less than well done - I'm a rare girl so there is absolutely no way I can eat it well done but I just don't think I should take the risk of eating it undercooked. I wish the guidance was clearer on foods!!!

On the plus side I had a voicemail from my doctor this morning to say she had called the early pregnancy unit at the hospital and left them my details for my early scan so hopefully they should call me back today with a date and time - hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.


Glitter that sounds painful, damaged ligaments are soposed to be as bad as a break.

My cold has fully taken over I cant wait to finish work go home a drink hotchocolate wraped up in a blanket lol

Wedding addict

Just popping in to say hello ladies 

We got our bfp last thurs & it feels so surreal atm! 

This is my second preg as my first sadly ended with mc a few day before xmas 12 so am really, really praying that this lil lamby is super duper sticky.

Edd is 25th i think, eek! & i don't think we'll be finding out the sex but my Mr thinks its a girl, gut feeling! MIL thinks its a girl as well as i feel sooooooo sick most of the time which she had with her two girls but not with her two boys lol! We've told close family & friends so that we've got support there if we need it & i don't have to make excuses for everything lol.

Hope you are feeling ok xxx


im having a mssive melt down, i have comlpletely fallen apart. mr f isnt home for a few hours, im not soposed to be but i litterally had no choice i couldnt stay any longer. after taking the clearblue this morning it has weighed on my mind all day that my hormones arent rising just like last time, i cant get it out of my head ive been sobbing for about an hour now and cant pull myself back together. it was a  midwife at lgi epu that told me about using the clear blue indicators and i wish she hadnt. my doc and local epu are just crap they wont even see me untill im 7 weeks i have my private scan next week but that seems so far away. i know there is no magic cure and a scan wont show anything this early but cant keep my mind on anything else. i tryed to tell myself im so overley emotional due to the hormones increasing but that isnt working. im sorry everyone i just really needed to get this out. its not like me to be this emotional i just want my little bean to be ok


oh mrs finch, sweetheart *hugs* i hate seeing anyone like this. if you want to PM me, or email or even call i dont mind giving you my info, just want you to be able to have someone to talk to! hope you feel better for writing it all down. can you speak to Mr F at least? or a friend or family member who knows what your going through? I have every confidence everythings ok for you but I understand how horrible it can be. waiting two weeks for my scan was agony. dont take too much fair on the clearblues, your hormones wont be at fully established levels yet, i bet. *hugs again* xxx


thanks for replying hollie, i dont think i got myself this worked up when i was actually in a&e last time, i dont know whats up with me. mr f runs a very small firm with his dad they only have two other lads that work for them and they dont drive so i know if i ring him and hes driving they will hear on the handsfree. (he fits security and at this time of day is probably leaving site). i spoke to my mother earlier we dont always got on but managing ok at the moment (shes hard work) and she told me about a story in one of the magazines she reads about a lady that had 3 ep before managing to have a succesful pregnancy - surly its not just me that thinks that less than helpful! my two closest friends are in relationships and still live with their parents so i dont think they quite understand as being pregnant would be their worst nightmare. all this upset better be because of hormones rising from a happy bean.

thanks for being so nice, i know everyone worries in early pregnancy, im sorry if im being a little pathetic


It'll just be fear and a&e things were probably a blur and you just go through the motions. I was really calm in hopsital then cried my heart at home after she said there was a change it might not go further.

My mums also hard work but mine was there for me when I was bleeding, your her child and she will still look after you. not a very helpful story but I think she meant well and meant that no matter what, the chances of you having a sucessful pregnancy long term are high.

not being pathetic at all! emotions run high and at the end of the day this is your child (whether classified as one by medical terms or not- it is to us!!!) and its such a hard time. our bodies are goign through so much, its great to have this place to sound off in. I also assume everyone thought my funny story was gross, so sorry everyone!!! hahaha


thanks, mr f will probably think ive gone and properly lost it. im normally the last person to let things get ontop of me. im sick to death of being told to stay positive by mother (ive never called her mum always mother) and hubby. if it was that easy i would have done it instead of being sat here like a bloody idiot. i know what you mean it was a baby to me from the second i got that bfp, last time a doc in A&E said its a fetus not a baby yet and i could have lamped the b*tch!  i had 20mins the bath but didnt help so just jumped out again.

i must admit i found your story pretty gross and funny at the same time.


MrsFinch please try not to worry too much - I know that it's hard but there really isn't anything you can do at this stage (sounds really irritating when I read that back to myself but it's the only thing that's keeping me sane at the moment - I hate it that we just can't do anything to help our babies along).

I did a CB digi when I thought it should have been showing 2-3 and it was still only 1-2, but the next day when I tested again it did show 2-3. I had a mini-meltdown when I didn't get 2-3 and hubby thought I had totally lost it. I sobbed for an hour. Just try and remember that our hormones are all over the place and that in a couple of days it will more than likely show that you are 2-3 weeks past conception.

It's horrible having to wait to be seen by a midwife; nobody will see me until I'm 12 weeks and I find every day agonising. Every tiny little pain I feel scares me half to death and i so badly want to just know that everything is ok with baby. I can't imagine what you must be going through having had your EP, and it is absolutely ok to get upset and have a cry. Sending you lots of big hugs xx



Yeah I hate that too. and people saying 'well if you did lose it you could try again' erm great?! I let everything get on top of me always so dont worry about it haha. Im usually sitting at home like a jittering wreck. especially at peak business times. Yeah the fetus/baby thing is so patronising. I hate it when they dont call it a miscarriage either as it it wasnt important enough to be labeled as that. grrrrr.

yeah the story was gross but you know! its not like we dont all talk about gross stuff like discharge and sperm on here so!! Apparently its not just me, my friend who has 3 kids has peed and pooped herself while pregnant haha!


Haha nothing is off limits Hollie! I thought it was funny, if a bit gross!

I do know the feeling mrs finch, I freaked out me my first digi when I thought it should say 2-3 & it only said 1-2, cried & everything... But 9 days later I got 3+ so was relieved. It must be even harder having had an ep, we can only offer you support & a shoulder to whinge on! Hope mr f is back to look after you soon.

They've been crap, offered me painkillers until I said preggers, then only paracetamol with doesnt come close to making it feel better. I also don't want to be taking paracetamol every 4 hours anyway if I can possibly avoid it. Got my physio appt through the post.. 2 weeks away! Like a whole month after I actually did it! I'll prob have forced myself to be walking on it by then haha. 


thanks ladies i love being able ot come on here and talk about absolutly anything and know no one can even accidently tell my family, friend etc. i have seen a couple fo people that this have had lower than expected on a digi and gone on to be fine but i have also seen just as many that havent, god damn google i just cant help myself! nenjen the first time i thought 12 weeks was far to long and was going to book a private scan at 8 but sadly never made it that far, i see you are over 8 weeks so you are doing well to hold out. if by some miracle i make it to my nhs 7 week scan with our little bean (i may well have actually died from stress by then) and everything is fine im going to ask hubby if we can spend the last of this months pennys on a 10 week scan and try and persuade him it would be a joint anniversary present as its our 1st wedding aniversary on 18th sept (hense my username lol) as i am just so anxious this time. im still upset a little more consolable now though, thank you.

i have heard of pregnant ladies not making it to the bathroom lol isnt it still law that if a pregnant lady needs a wee and there isnt a toilet near by a police man has to give her his hat lol i read somewhere that it is on of the old laws thats never inforced now but wasnt ever abolished.

anyone else find spell check not working, my spelling is terrible so i normally use it.


sorry glitter your post hadnt loaded on my screen before i posted, and i too was told paracetamol is the only thing you can take whilst pg, i hope your back on your feet in no time! i will probably end up doing another in a couple of days and seeing if it goes up like yours, i shouldnt torchure myself and stay clear but im betting i wont be able to help myself. i really thought at almost 5 weeks i should be over the 1-2


that sounds like a plan, It took all my self discipline to wait another 9 days to take it but it was worth it as i'd given it time to go right up & indicator came up really quickly Whereas it took a while for 1-2. So def don't panic yet! 


Lol the policeman thing really made me giggle MrsF.

I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago, which makes me feel like that quite often Hollie, it's horrible lol, I really have to watch what I eat as some things go straight through me (sorry I guess that's gross too lol). Fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again.

I'd say the same thing MrsF, it took me a week for my 2-3 to come up after my initial very faint line I had (same like you I think). So you might just need to wait a few days longer, try not to worry too much. xxx