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thanks ladies i cant thank you enough, my cold has fully taken over and i feel so crappy so dont think that helps and we are so short staffed and i have to attend this court thing about an abusive tennant in the morning, i know i shouldnt test again as it will only worry me but i also know i will struggle to resist but if i cave i will make sure i leave it another 2 days minimum.

mr f came home and first words 'try to think positive' arghh!! i told him hes not aloud to say them words ever again as they are driving me mad lol. he was so sweet and even tried to cancel his workout this evening, but he is taking part in a challenge for help the heros with 4 of our friends on the 7th sept so i persuaded him that he needs to go as he has worked so hard for it and it took me ages to get him to leave he was trying to make me some dinner and kept asking if i needed anything. he also told me he is working sat (in 10 years he has never worked a saturday) so i asked him why he said its a weeks wages for one day but he wont if i dont want him to, so i told him he could if he puts some money aside for a 10 week scan (fingers crossed we get that far) i was only joking as the credit card is empty so i can always use that if needs be. his reply 'i will put all the money to one side so you can have as many scans as you want' how sweet is that! although if he asks if there is anything more we can do one more time i swear i will be on murder charges haha

thanks for making me feel better, i really appreciate it. so lovley to have people to talk to without feeling like im being judged



MrsFinch like the other ladies have if you do a digi in a few days it will say 2-3 they aren't overly accurate so try not to worry I know its hard but its not good for you.

Glitter sorry you have had a hard time with the hospital. How is your ankle now?

Welcome JinJin I hope this pregnancy is a happy and healthy one!

So much to catch up on so I'm just going to say a cover all bases- how is everyone doing?

i'm not really too bad which is nice, one min I'm off food next I want it all! Still bloated and tired but not as nauseous now as I was  


Morning Hollie your train story was hilarious! You poor thing I don't know how you held it I've been suffering with upset tummy and luckily I've always been at home so can get straight to the loo!

My nausea decreased massively yesterday and has now completely gone. I'm still off food but the not feeling sick is lovely It has made me worry how I've gone from feeling like I was dying for a straight week to feeling fine again. Has anyone else had bad nausea that then disappeared and baby is still ok? I'm such a worrier just hope everything is ok. Although last night I was on the toilet for 1.5 hours no lie I could not going going no 2 So embarrassing!! Lol

Megs glad you're feeling better now too Hope everyone else is ok xx


Morning all! I'm off for my early scan today so wish me luck!

I also finally got a response from the hospital following my registration form that I sent off last week but all it says is 12 week scan on 3 October. Surely I'm supposed to see the midwife earlier than that for the initial chat, blood tests etc??


Good luck Lizzie Hope everything goes well! 

I think it depends where you are in the country as some midwifes do booking in appt at the same time as your scan whereas other parts they do it separately xx


Thanks Lauren I was hoping to have an early booking appointment as I need to get some dental work done quite urgently so wanted my exemption form!! I guess I will ask about it today

Its weird though as the accompanying booklet that came with my appointment confirmation had a timeline in that talked about all these blood tests I should be having between now and 12 weeks but they clearly ignore the guidance in the booklet as they haven't given me an appointment!!

I will try and see if I can take a photo of my scan on my phone to share. Want to take one anyway as h2b can't come with me so he will want to see


ooo a scan! good luck and enjoy! well yday I was constipated, bloated and had trapped wind...luckily that's gone today! may have been the amount of raisins i ate last night after making the hub going to tesco after work (where we started eyeing up baby food and sterilizers which were on offer!lol)

i dreamt last night that everyone in my family (including my brother who says nothing) was saying how horrible and mean i had been lately and nobody wanted to tell me. I was totally oblivious to my moods and as i hadnt told anyone i was pregnant, it was a a not nice situation. silly dreams! lol

Hope everyone is doing ok xx


Mrs JDH- feel so sorry for you!! I was ill again last night too

MrsFinch- hope you are feeling a bit better now, your hubby seems nice and supportive. the poor blokes havent got a clue what to do or say i think half the time haha!

MrsLM- was so scared it would happen again this morning!! haha! im terrified of being sick or anything in public as people will probably think im drunk or something!

Good luck Lizzie hope all is fine what a shame he cant go! I nearly ripped my OH head off for being late to mine haha


oh and p.s. I am SICK of not having any energy...feel like my limbs are made of jelly. its really hard work growing a human!!! haha


hope your scan goes well Lizzie! Excited to see the pic! 

Hollie - just read your story and that's hilarious....sorry I haven't had that problem yet, I just can't go! 

MissJ - I had really weird dreams / nightmares last pregnancy and its starting again now! 

1.5 hours Lauren! I couldn't sit there for that long lol xx


Haha megs dont worry about it - I always tell people my painful stories for comedy value



Good luck lizzie, hope u get a good piccy of you little bean. Im so excited for you! I havent got mine for another 8 days


Hi all! Just back at work from my scan.

Just the one little bean in there not two as suspected but the little cocktail sausage is exactly where he should be and doing what he should be so all okay for now

She dated it exactly the same as I had so that's good. Too early to see the little heartbeat unfortunately but I suspected that would be the case anyway so its all okay!

Oh and I asked her about the midwife appointment and she said I had been booked in for one so they must have sent me a separate letter about that so hopefully it'll be at home today!!

Will try and upload the piccie later but I'm at work so don't want people to see what I'm doing!! You can't really see anything but it's my cute little cocktail sausage all the same!! 


Ah Lizzie, so exciting! I bet you've been on such a high today! looking forward to seeing ur little cocktail sausage scan later on x


Aw congratulations im so pleased for you!!


Definitely on a bit of a high - it's all starting to feel more real now and it's such a weight off my mind that it's not ectopic and for now at least is doing what it should be doing! I just hope it stays there!!


Megs it was awful and hubby kept calling through to see if I was ok and I kept just shouting at him haha! I was nearly crying it hurt so bad and then I had no energy so thought I'd go to bed but hubby was watching a really loud boxing movie so then I shouted at him again for being 'selfish' and 'obviously thinking pregnant people don't need to sleep especially when they've got the worlds worst sh***!' Haha poor guy I felt bad this morning but oh well I can blame the hormones haha! 

Ah Lizzie that's great it was all ok!! I can't wait for mine 9 days I keep freaking out though and thinking I've had an MMC or something finding it hard to stay calm but my disappearing symptoms have freaked me out. Can't wait to see your scan pic later xx


Glad to hear it Lizzie!

LM- I couldnt do that like! for me I sit and if nothing happens I leave haha. my bodys just weird!

How is everyone approaching the downs test at 12 weeks? We have just decided not to take it. Each to their own and its a big decision but for us we arent going to do it.

Wedding addict

unfortunately we have lost our little bean. Best of luck to you all. Xx


the testing/screening is something that the hub&I r discussing this evening...we're both unsure. part of us says yes and part of us says no....hate decision making! lol x