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Wedding addict

So true, it's so hard when you're feeling so tired and my hubs works shifts so is often not able to help in mornings etc.

I can't believe it either, exciting though, although I feel slightly sad to think that this will be the last time I am pregnant (hubby says 2 is all haha!!) and can't wait to be getting proper kicks & movements. 

I really don't know, I go from thinking definitely boy to then thinking girl but both my pregnancies have been quite similar. I did see 4 magpies in my garden last week though haha. 2 weeks tomorrow till we find out (if baby is behaving, s/he wasn't for the NT measurement!) I feel exactly the same about not knowing how to look after a boy though! X


I'm hoping for a baby number 3 although not for a few years!

My placenta is at the front this time so I haven't felt anything yet which is a bit sad but hopefully I'll start felling things soon.

Good luck with the scan and please do come back on the thread and let me know what you're having!

Wedding addict

I'm having little girlie take 2 Lizzie! Exciting times. 

I have an anterior placenta too, I did last time as well and didn't really feel proper movements till a bit later x


Aww that's fab news congrats!!! How lovely to have 2 little girls - they'll be thick as thieves!!

i have finally started feeling a lot more the last week or so which is nice - I forgot what a lovely feeling it was

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