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A wedding in a library - September 2017


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Hello everyone! I've finally started a planning thread; better late than never eh.

I'll be getting married on 9th September this year, and as the title suggests, the ceremony is in a library! But more on that later...


How we met

We actually met on Facebook. It was back in 2008 and in those days you could find people in your area with similar interests. My fiancé and I are both rock music fans and he came across me when looking to see if anyone nearby liked a band called Nightwish. He sent me a message just asking if I'd been to the Nightwish concert that weekend. I replied and we chatted online more and more, mostly about our eclectic music tastes! We started to become really good friends.

We went to the same university so I suggested he should come along to the university rock music society for a night out at a rock club with me and my friends. He came along and we met in person. We continued to be good friends for a while. Eventually he asked me out and I said no, as I didn't see him in that way, but after a few weeks I changed my mind and asked him out this time! The rest, as they say, is history.


The proposal

My fiancé and I had been together for 8 years so after such a long wait he knew I was hoping for something really special. Over the years he has done a lot of amazing romantic things to surprise me (took me to a beautiful country house hotel in Scotland for our first Valentine's Day, took me on a lovely holiday around France for my 21st) so basically by being so lovely for all those years he set the expectations for the proposal quite high!

So around a year ago my fiancé suggested we could go to Niagara Falls on holiday. Immediately I was excited and began thinking this could be it! Over the coming months he started acting slightly odd (seemed excited about something for no apparent reason) so I became more and more sure that he was planning something.

The holiday arrived and off we went, but after a few days no proposal. I began to doubt myself. I'd built myself up so much that I would have been upset if it didn't happen.

I wanted to go to this restaurant where it's up a huge tower overlooking the falls and the restaurant revolves so you get a 360 degree view. There'd been no sign of him planning anything at this point so I thought, I'll just book the restaurant myself. We went up and had a lovely meal overlooking the falls but still no proposal.

After the meal, we went for a wander and I suggested walking over to where the Canadian horseshoe falls are. I decided to go and sit up in this little quiet spot we found where you get a great view of the falls but no one else is around. I was wearing a nice new dress so I gave my fiancé my camera and said "Can you take a picture of me in my new dress?" He said "I've got the perfect thing to complete your outfit" and bent down on one knee with the ring! Then he said "Lucy, my best friend, will you marry me?" and of course I said yes.

The rest of the trip was really romantic and felt a bit like being on honeymoon! We enjoyed keeping our news to ourselves for a little bit before telling family and friends when we got back home. 

Here's one of our photos from the trip - we saw an amazing rainbow!


The ring

My fiancé chose the ring and I love the fact that it's a bit different. The twisty design makes me think it looks a bit celtic, which is quite apt as my family and I are very into folk music.

It was rather huge as I have tiny fingers, so we had to order it specially in my size. It took about 11 weeks to arrive, which felt like forever, and I didn't get to show it off for ages!

I also bought him an engagement present which was a smart pair of Doc Martens shoes :) 


Ha, Nightwish! That takes me back! Beautiful ring. Look forward to hearing more.


Gorgeous proposal story and gorgeous engagement ring. 

Planning Thread:


The ceremony venue

Obviously the title of this thread is a bit of a clue: our wedding ceremony will be in a library! I actually had the venue in mind before we even got engaged. It was the only place I could think of that felt just right. We aren't church goers, and I wanted something personal to us as a couple.

This was a venue we had been to several times before for cultural events. We both love books, and I studied English. To me, having a library is kind of like a church but instead of religion it's about celebrating words, learning and culture.

This particular library is part of an institute for mining and mechanical engineering, which was a great way to represent my fiancé's family as a lot of them were miners. His grandparents and other family who were miners sadly died long ago. Having the wedding in the mining institute is our nod to them, which makes it even more meaningful.

So without further ado, I present our beautiful library:


Oo, I'm a September bride too! 


Oh wow! Amazing venue!

Planning Thread:


The reception venue

With our hearts set on the ceremony venue, we next set out to find a reception venue. We wanted somewhere we could put our own stamp on, and we also wanted to be able to invite as many of our friends and family as possible without it costing an absolute fortune! It also had to be a large venue as I was hoping for a ceilidh, with me and my family being very into traditional music. We basically wanted somewhere where we could create our own music festival!

I looked into various options and I had my heart set on this brewery by a lake.

It really is a lovely venue, but unfortunately had a bit of a high price tag for us, so we had to keep looking...


The reception venue (continued)

I continued to research venues but it just seemed like every venue had so many extra costs, and nothing was grabbing me.

Finally, I found a blank canvas wedding venue with a similar industrial feel to the brewery, but with a much lower price tag. We could have as many guests as we liked, we could choose our own caterers and suppliers, and it was HUGE so loads of space to ceilidh dance! 

We went to see it and we knew it was just what we were looking for.

So we booked both venues and now we needed to find the decorations, caterers etc to actually bring the venue to life!


I'm the 23 and so is Moggle! When are you?


Hails wrote (see post):

I'm the 23 and so is Moggle! When are you?

The 9th :) We liked the idea of the date being 0909.

Although I may live to regret it as the wedding is in central Newcastle and we've chosen the day before the great north run which will be super busy. I've had worries about that, but it was the date that worked best for us and hopefully in reality it will be fine. 


09/09 is easy to remember which is good for guests. It's nice to see a planning thread from you!


I love your Library and reception venue. Love love love this thread.


Lucykins wrote (see post):

Thank you Mrsseebe2be :)

You're welcome! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your planning thread - you're getting married the week before me. 😀


The photographer

One of the next things we got sorted was the photographer. Initially I wanted to keep the wedding budget reasonably low (oh, how the budget has expanded since then!) so I wasn't expecting to pay a huge amount for a photographer. We have a couple of pals who are into photography so thought we might be able to ask someone to help.

But then I started researching. And in particular, I looked at the photographer who took the picture of the library that I've posted above. The more I saw of his work, the more I loved it. He doesn't just do weddings; he also does commercial work and artistic work, and his pictures really stood out for me. He was free on 9th September, so we met him and snapped him up! So that was probably the first thing that totally blew the budget haha! 

His name is Sean Elliott, and he mainly works in the documentary kind of style. Hopefully we should get some lovely creative shots, and plus I know that he will be able to get some beautiful shots that make the most of the venue.

Here is his sample gallery: