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Wedding addict

I am a long time reader of this forum, so thought I would bite the bullet and create my own planning thread at last! 

How we met

Me and my H2b have actually known each other for over 10 years and were introduced when I was around 16. He was in my best friends brothers set of friends. We actually met in of all places .. Tiger Tiger .... don't judge me  

Nothing happened between us for years. It was one of those were it was just never the right time for one of us. Fast forward to 2014, all of my friends were away in Las Vegas and I was bored at home on a Saturday. He said he was in a local bar and I should come and join him.... so I did and the rest is history :) 

The Proposal 

We had been discussing being married for a while so I knew a proposal was coming... it was just a matter of when.

Now my darling H2B is not usually the romantic type (his mums a florist and I think I have recieved 2 bunches of flowers in near 4 years) so one random Monday night in July when I came home to a massive bunch of red roses I should have been a little suspicious! but I was completely unaware of what was happening. After he gave me the flowers I popped on GOT as you do... he told me to pause it for a second as he had something to show me.

As I love GOT I was slightly annoyed but I paused none the less. He then passed me a photo album  at this point I am thinking What the hell is going on. I looked through and all the photos were of me and him at our fave places and from our past holidays which were really lovely! 

the last photo however was a photo of us together at his cousins wedding which was the year prior. I flicked over the page and the next page he has written a note which said ..... Our Wedding??? 

He then pulled out the big black box and I certainly knew what was happening now.

The Ring

I am totally in love with my ring!!! He defiantly listened to my not so little hints about wanting a pear shape. He went with my mum to Hatton Garden and had it made by a guy that my mum has know for years which makes it even more special.

The ring is a pear shaped 1.5 carat diamond with a diamond halo set in platinum. 





Wedding addict

The next few months included a lot of celebrating with food and lots of Booze!! 

We decided to throw an engagement party so I started planning immediately of course  

we wanted something fairly casual and as it was Summer here we thought we would make use of the sun (if we had some) and throw a garden party. 

It turned out to be a fantastic day although I was running around throughout the night making sure everyone else was ok. At one point I realised I hadnt even taken a moment to just stop and enjoy  with my H2b.

As I had been up at the crack of dawn sorting the garden, the house, the flower wall, the flowers etc.I ended up in bed at about 10pm with guests still in the house Lol! Some pics below 

Wedding addict

On to the wedding planning  

For us there was nowhere else we would want to have our wedding other than in Barbados. 

Half of my family are Bajan and H2B is English but H2B absoultly loves Barbados as do I and although there would be certain people we knew would not be able to make it i.e. His grandma and Nan and some of my elderly aunts. We just knew it was the place for us

So.... where do you begin planning a wedding in a country you don't live in. Thankfully my cousin in Barbados plans weddings  so she was on it as soon as I mentioned the word engagement.

There are so many options when getting married in Barbados. One thing we knew for certain is that we didn't want a hotel package wedding. This is no disrespect to anyone who has a h package wedding in the Caribbean, but as I had family there who would plan things for me there really was no need to have a package. 

At first we thought we would do a garden wedding (I'm not A beach wedding kinda girl, I need to be wearing heels) to keep costs down, but the more I looked into it i realised I did not want our guests flying 9 hours to Barbados to attend a wedding in a Garden. 

So we decided to look into waterfront restaurants ....

Wedding addict

After a few months of getting numerous ridiculous quotes for restaurant buy outs... I'm talking 24k not including drinks  we came across The Fairmont Royal Pavilion hotels restaurant.

It had everything we were looking for in pictures and the prices were bang on our budget.

luckily for us we took our annual trip to Barbados this December just past and as soon as we stepped inside the Fairmont we knew we had to book it.

our mums were out on holiday with us at the same time (don't ask) and they LOVED it too! So we put down the deposit and secured our wedding reception venue for 26th April 2019 which will be our 5 year anniversary 

This is the Restaurant looking out over the sea.

This is the driveway to the hotel entrance 

This is the hotel entrance


We will be holding the Ceremony in St James Parish church 


Wedding addict

Onto the invites and save the dates

We knew we needed to get on with the save the dates as Barbados is expensive and we needed to give our guests enough notice to save.

We wanted to incorporate Barbados into our invites so I started looking for watercolour invites. Surprisingly there are not many companies out there that do bespoke watercolour invites which I found weird. After searching high and low I came across a company called Pingle Pie. Kim the owner has her own collection of watercolour invites as well as doing bespoke ones.

I sent her across our idea and she just totally got it spot on.

Front of the save the date with gold foil letters

Back of save the date with all the information and our very own wedding crest which I thought was a great touch

Wedding addict


I got so carried away with my previous posts I forgot to mention about my bridesmaids and man. 

I knew I wanted my 4 best friends to be part of my bridal party as well as my little cousin as soon as we got engaged.

I did a little bridesmaid proposal on the night of the engagement party and gave them all some little gifts which they loved. 

 I got this card for my Bridesman which was hilarious as he actually looks like the picture on the card... not sure how I even found it! 

Wedding addict


Flowers and centrepieces 

As the wedding is in Barbados we wanted to incorporate a tropical kind of theme into the reception but still keep it romantic.

in terms of colours I am thinking to keep it very simple with just greens and creams.

I also want lots of candles on the tables and fairy lights around all the plants in the room.

this was my inspiration 

Wedding addict

Dress dilemma 

Since being engaged I started looking and dreaming about my perfect dress. I have quite a strong idea about what I am/was looking for. 

In my head my perfect dress was a strapless sweetheart neckline mermaid style dress with lots of embroidery and embellishment AND a detachable Tulle skirt.

The problem is the designs I like are from designers in Australia that generally don't stock in the UK  

I started my search before Xmas just to see what was out there. I firstly went to JS couture in Marylebone.... lovely shop but the dresses were not for me. 

I then visited The Wedding Club in South Kensington, this store was lovely with great service. I tried on some of the stunning Muse by Berta dresses which were striking. I left without a dress but with more of an idea of what I liked.

I left the dress shopping over Xmas and have started looking again recently.

I recently visited a store in Islington called Mirror Mirror and left less than impressed with the experience.

Later that day I visited the Lovely Suzanne Neville store. I was not sure prior to my visit as I know typically her dresses are very classic and more simple.... which are not words I would describe my dress sense with! 

But to my surprise the first dress I picked out I have fallen in love with  it's a stunning dress which they would add a tulle detachable skirt to. 

The problem now is that I dont know if I should buy it .... or if I should enquire about getting a dress made by one of the designers I love in Australia.... still unsure of what I should do. 

Heres some pics of me in the Suzanne Neville 


Holy mackerel, your venue is STUNNING! And don't get me started on your dress, you've got a fab figure!

Look forward to reading all about the rest of your plans!


Wedding addict

MrsBAMF wrote (see post):

Holy mackerel, your venue is STUNNING! And don't get me started on your dress, you've got a fab figure!

Look forward to reading all about the rest of your plans!


Thank you so much that's very kind to say. I keep looking at pictures of the venue and trying to imagine it when it's all decorated eeekkkk xx

Wedding addict



As Barbados is fairly small, there are only a handful of photographers to choose from that are based on the Island. 

I have whittled them down to 2 photographers that I love. 


Gina Francesca is my front runner at the moment. I look the sleek and polished look that she creates.

Here's some of her work and the style I would want to go for 


Then we have the other Fabulous photographer

Her work is more Candid and off the cuff which I also love 


Both are very similar prices so I am struggling to choose!