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Hello there lovelies!
Loving all of the planning threads so here is my own! I love getting feedback about my ideas and getting "outsider perspective" on things! 
I'll also be using this as a way of managing my obsessive and erratic tendancies so I apologize in advance if I get a little "mental" as FI likes to call me 😂
Our Story

Me and D first met when my best friend F told me there was a job going at the lab he worked at. As I sat there nervously waiting for my interview, in walks this totally gorgeous guy! It was like in the movies! Tall, dark and handsome... slow motion walking towards me... hair flick... flash of a charming smile... "Hello! You must be here for the interview! I'm the lab manager!"....  WHAT!? Oh my... As if interviews weren't awkward enough!! 
As it goes though I got the job, and working together, we became good friends. Of course I'd have DIED if he knew how much of a MASSIVE crush I had on him - I was like a little school girl! Giggling at his jokes and blushing when he looked at me, and I found myself constantly thinking "..... was he flirting with me just there??.... nah! Couldn't have been!". Eventually I left my job to go work at another lab.
The day I started my new job, he asked me out - apparently our feelings had been mutual the whole time, including doubting the other would have any interest at all! But, being my manager, thought it inappropriate to do anything about it while I worked there (I thought he seemed a little too happy when I said I was leaving!)
Our relationship then seemed to take off at lightening speed! I guess after wasting so much time with our previous relationships (both long term and toxic) we didn't want to waste any more time being unhappy! We moved in together around 2 weeks into the relationship, figuring if we weren't going to work out, this was the way to find out sooner rather than later - But we were completely compatible in every way! Later we adopted two fur babies, and after two years of being together, and lots of not-so-subtle hints (and tantrums) from myself, he proposed! 

Our fur babies - Long Socks and Rusty Rocket! :)

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The Proposal

We knew we wanted to get married very early in the relationship, and had he not been worried about my parents not approving due to the short time we'd been together, he would have proposed much sooner!

Two years was a nice amount of time, though the last few month I'd been going crazy wondering when, how, who, what!? And on several occasions leading up the the proposal I had mini freak outs with him about how worried I was about his plans! I was terrified that he might do the typical restaurant proposal in front of loads of people, or some similar heavily populated area! He always reassured me though that it would be fine, I'd love it, and I needed to stop worrying (Story of my life!)

Christmas day 2017, we'd opened each others presents, there was wrapping paper and other rubbish spread all over the room, the cats were going mental running around causing mischief, and I heard him shout from the other room where we'd both kept the presents prior to the day, "Awwwwwhhh crap! I forgot about this... there's another present here for you, but, like, I haven't even wrapped it or anything... awwh man... umm... you'll just have to close your eyes or something!"

That's so him, I thought, completely forgetting about a present! (how slow am I?) So I closed my eyes, heard him walk in, opened my eyes, and there he was, on one knee, surrounded in mess and 2 chaotic cats. I burst into tears on the spot, and just about managed to sniffle a tiny little yes. It was so sweet, simple, and us, and I love him for not making a massive, embarrassing thing of it all!


Aww yay another planning thread :)  What a lovely proposal! I know how you feel about the privacy of the proposal as my partner and I felt exactly the same about grand public proposals too. Yours sounds perfect.

Love the name of your cats! Look forward to reading more about your plans x

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Silly work getting in the way of my posts! 


The Ring

He knew that I'd want to pick out my own ring, but wanted something to propose with, so he bought this cute token ring (I now call it my promise ring!) so that I had one to wear while I found my engagement ring! Look at those lil' ears!!


So I was now on the hunt for my dream ring! I wanted something unusual, with intricate metalwork, and I fell in love with this one instantly! It reminds me of the type of jewellery elves wear in the fantasy films and games that we both love! 

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Your promise ring is so cute and so thoughtful and your actually ring is amazing

Wedding addict

MissGx - Yeh I know a lot of people would prefer something a bit more "grand" but it was just perfect for us! Our favourite place to be is home!

Haha they were supposed to be temp names while we thought of our own to rename but we got so used to calling them that they just stuck 😂


Continuitygirl - thank you! I actually didn't upload my favourite bit about the promise ring... The back of it...

'dem paws! 😍 So cute! 


Oh, that is so lovely! I was proposed to at home, and it was perfect for me too (I am quite a massive extrovert, but what was lovely about a home proposal is how it really is just the two of you). I love the promise ring - very creative - and the actual ring is also fab.

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The "obsession" problem

So I've been interested in weddings and wedding planning for years, well before being engaged, I consider it a hobby. D knew this and was always fine with it. Another good thing about getting engaged is that I could FINALLY do some wedding planning without it being considered weird or too early... Or so I thought!

I knew I wanted a long engagement, to give me plenty of time to plan, so we both agreed on just under 2 years... but the problem is I've already been planning for years! So I already have an idea on EVERYTHING! This is incredibly frustrating when I keep being reminded that it's ages away and I need to slow down and "chill"...

Here are my problems:

I'm obsessive - when I get an idea in my head, I obsess over it big time, I completely occupy all of my time with it and it drives people crazy

I'm organised - too organised... If I was left to my own pace of planning, I'm pretty sure this wedding would be ready within a week 0.o 

I'm a stress head - if I can stress about it, I will. I've been engaged for 1 month, the wedding is 2 years away, and I've had so many freak outs I've lost count! 

Lucky I (and FI) are well aware of my issues, and are working together to keep them under control! (Partly the reason I joined the forum! Keep my obsessions satisfied!) I really want to just relax and enjoy all this time I have to plan, as people keep telling me to! But I just want to sort everything RIGHT NOW and know that everything will be okay! So I'm hoping logging everything will help me though it! 


Love your rings! I also had a home proposal!

you sound very similar to me! We had to have a 2 year planning as couldn’t afford to do it any sooner but I could have had all done in a few months! If it’s any consolation the first year literally flew by and now we are at 10 months to go!

set yourself bits to do each month to spread it out and then you won’t feel like your doing everything at once. 

Wedding addict

Kelly224 - Thanks! :) Ohhhh I really hope ours does too! I feel awful for wishing the time away, especially as we actually have so many nice things planned for this year, but I just want it to be here! Eeek! Thanks for the advice on the monthly steps - I like it! (Plus... gives me a chance to make a plan of what I'm going to plan!!! ..... I think I have problems! haha!) x


LittleLottieJayne - Thanks for your comment on my planning thread, it made me want to pop across and read yours! Wow, your ring is amazing, I have never seen one even remotely like it! Very special! Christmas proposal and a love of cats... can’t wait to read more about your planning! 

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The Venue

Originally I wanted to DIY everything! And the only venue type I found that would let me do this were village halls. Unfortunately, all of the ones anywhere near us lacked any kind of character, pretty much just sports halls with typical business-style tiled ceilings. This meant I'd end up spending a fortune on decor just to get the place looking as I'd like - Which made choosing a cheap venue pretty pointless!

So I discussed it a little with FI (actually involving the H2B in planning... who'd have thought of it!? ) and he told me that he actually liked the idea of having it in a little local pub/inn of some sort. I'd not even considered that, but it was actually a very fitting idea! I'm wanting to keep it local, pub meals are always our first choice when we're going out, and the majority of them have a lot of character!

So we did a lot of research, as we like to find out as much as possible without actually having to meet/talk to anyone, and narrowed it down to maybe 3 or 4 places (for now at least, we'd surely be looking at a LOT more places in the months to come). Time to bite the bullet and arrange a viewing for our first venue!

We were both so nervous, but the lady that greeted us was lovely, we sat and discussed food/drinks, and I was shocked to learn that they were pretty much up for anything, and told me that whatever I wanted, they would make it happen - I was so used to seeing places offering set menus and charging a fortune if you wanted to differ from this! So that was a lovely surprise! Then she took us around the venue.

Oh my. I was in love. The place is beautiful, very county/rustic, and a little unusual! Right up my street! The space was just the right size for my dinky guest list, and to top it all off, they were perfectly happy for us to have our individual ceremony there too! (I took a fair few pics and struggled to choose between them so there's loads haha!)

From the guide prices we'd been given it looked like a winner. For me, the over excited impulsive little devil that I am, it was the one, and I didn't want to see anything else because nothing else could compare to it, never ever! *stomps feet*. But I accepted that that was probably just me, being as I am, and that FI, being the level-headed, reasonable, responsible one of the two of us, would probably want us to look at other options. Then, in the car going back home, he looked at me and said "I don't know about you, but that? That was the one. I don't even see the point in looking at any others."

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  And breathe. We've been in touch with them a couple of times to determine exact prices for what we want (I love talking numbers!), and we're going to visit again next week to meet my go-to contact in person (Aaaagghhhh human contact...) and discuss things further.

We've decided, as a way of testing out their food and service, we'll be going there for our valentine’s meal in a couple of weeks, and if all goes well, we'll be booking when we get back from holiday in May (that's the earliest they can take bookings, as they "don't usually get requests this far in advance"  whoopsie!)

When it's the one, it's the one. I only hope the rest of the planning goes this smoothly!! x


congratulations! Your rings are gorgeous and your proposal sounds perfect! I love the idea of your venue, cant wait to read more :) 

Im a 2019 bride too, based up in Newcastle upon Tyne, much like you im so organised! We booked our wedding last March - 27 months in advance and within 2/3months id pretty much planned everything (not booked everything though) we didnt Get officially engaged until my birthday in August so I got to throw my self into planning a bit then and once we were able to say we’re gettjg married next year I’ve put my foot on the gas a bit more. 


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The Theme (Picture heavy!!!)

^^^ This is what I've decided to "name" my theme! I like to have a name/label for everything (drives people mad) and I've seen loads of different themes/colour palletes/decor types on Pinterest and what not, but none of them ever seem to quite fit with what I'm imagining... so I've just kind of mooshed a few ideas together to make my own "Home is where the heart is" theme!

Autumn is my favourite season, I love all the pretty colours and the feeling of change that comes with it (and wooly jumpers yay!), and with the smaller price-tags that come with this off-season, it was a no-brainer that that's when we were having our wedding! I also have a maaassiive soft spot for Halloween, so we thought what better date than Oct 31st for our big day? But despite this, I didn't want the season/holiday to take over the theme (no creepy skeletones thanks!), I just wanted to incorporate it in a subtle, classy way, such as below!

So naturally I wanted some variation of Orange in there, but other than that I was pretty open to the majority of colour combos. I've been back and forth with a few colours, stressing over what other people would prefer (always), until I read a bit of advice (can't remember where, oops!), to take inspiration from the colours you surround yourself with in your home, because, obviously, you like and are comfortable with these colours.

In my case, this is a mixture of different neutrals - Greys, creams, beiges and browns (with, funilly enough, an Orange bedroom!). Although I was a little worried at first that people might find these colours boring, (My Nanna mostly, as if it where her choice everything would be bright purple, silver, and ALL OF THE SPARLKES!) I reminded myself that it's our day, and if we like it, that's what matters!

As I said before, I've jumped around colours a lot already, so I might end up changing my mind again! But this idea has stuck the longest, and I really do think it will work!

The idea of taking inspiration from your home is where I also got my theme idea from. The idea of "Home" is very important to us. It is our favourite place to be, where we can be ourselves, and truly feel comfortable. So although I've not seen many other people do it, I'm actually using photos of cozy, rustic, country style homes as inspiration for my theme:

So, basically, my "Home is Where the Heart is" theme is:

- Burnt Orange & Neutrals, Rustic, Nature, Boho, Halloween, Classy, Woodland, Autumn, Homey... go figure! Haha! x