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Engaged after 11 years together - finally planning our big day!


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Your venue looks lovely, your daughters dress looks super cute too, Enjoy your planning


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BallieBride wrote (see post):

registrar all booked!!

goodness, they like to charge you an arm and a leg, don't they?


Your venue looks very nice, and congratulations on booking your registrar! They definitely do like to charge a lot. The flower girl outfit you’ve bought your daughter is really cute!

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There's a lot to think about when planning this!

I've managed to get a good deal on flowers (at least I think I have) I've got mine and all four bridesmaids bouquets, plus five buttonholes for £105 with a free courier. I've paid the deposit and I'm back to having tulips!

Steve wants a band we saw at his dad's angling club moths ago. He can't remember the name or even when we saw them. I've narrowed it down to two bands that I think it must be. 

These guys:

OR these:


I like the look of the second. Steve is away working so I will see what he thinks when he is back!

I made another wedding purchase today. After reading another bride's wedding report, I bought these gloves from amazon :) £1.99!

Our total wedding spend so far is now £1086.99

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Loving reading your thread so far - we're also a Catherine and Steve, who have been together 11 years!

I hope the rest of your planning goes well and look forward to you posting more here!

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FutureMrsMilner wrote (see post):

Loving reading your thread so far - we're also a Catherine and Steve, who have been together 11 years!

I hope the rest of your planning goes well and look forward to you posting more here!


Aw that's so cool! will be following your planning also!


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does it work yet?

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I give up on the sig!

Now, because I want to go tea-length, shoes are very important as they will be on display all day!

I am thinking of wedges for two reasons, because they look a bit funkier and because I can actually walk in them!

Opinions on these appreciated! I won't actually buy them until I have my dress!

Speaking of the dress, I have the ultimate in budget-saving lined up. I found a lady on a facebook selling site who has the perfect tea-length dress with lace, just like I've been picturing. Her wedding is in August, and she will sell me her dress after her wedding for £50!

So I will wait until August, and if that doesn't work out for whatever reason, go dress shopping! Not sharing any pics of my dress though 

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Another wedding decision and purchase made!

These are the bridesmaids dresses   I'm so happy I found them, they are exactly what I was looking for! They were also just under £25 each, so just under £100 for them all.

we'e also paid for our flowers. I'm having a mix of these two shades with some daisies and wild flowers:

the bridesmaids have these two with some baby breath and lavender:

things starting to come together!

total spend so far: 1290.75


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Wow, you get married only 2 weeks before us but you are far ahead with planning. Looking foward to reading the rest of your thread.

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We asked SIL2be to be one of our witnesses this evening. I'm really pleased she said yes. I'm glad we have a way to include her and really it's the most important job there is!

Ive felt bad from day one about not having her as a bridesmaid but with only 38 day guests I would feel silly having more than 4 and my three sisters and niece just came first. She has been a bridesmaid before anyway wear as my girls never have.

The other witness will be my cousin. I haven't asked her yet but I know she'll say yes. I'll put a note in her invite

we also figured out which band it was. After listening to them on YouTube, Steve changed his mind, he doesn't like them! So we get to have fun watching more bands and choosing a new one :)

im really enjoying the planning right now

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OK so I need to back up, back up....

I've tried to do too much too soon.

The bridesmaids dresses are not available in the right sizes. They have all confessed they don't really like them too. I think maybe I should slow down and think about bridesmaids dresses in a few months. I will also need to get my daughter a new dress as we are now also having Steves niece, who will be five, as a flowergirl. I would prefer them to have matching dresses and the one I bought only comes in baby sizes.

Im feeling a bit higgildy-piggildy right now. What should I be doing at this stage? I have just over a year to go. Someone tell me lol

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I'm going dress shopping tomorrow with my sister. I feel so nervous. I'm so fat, I probably won't fit in any of the samples and just embarrass myself :(

I'm on slimming world and lost 7lb last week but I have so much to go...


It's easy to get carried away. To be honest yellow is a hard colour to wear, it looks bloody awful on me!

Start by writing a list of every single thing you need to buy for the wedding and concentrate on non clothing items. The danger with buying dresses so early is that people's sizes change for myriad reasons.  

I am concentrating on buying decorations, wedding rings etc and will leave outfits until nearer the time.

I'm a bigger lady and I worry about trying dresses too but I'm sure you will look beautiful.

My planning thread:

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I've been doing Slimming World too and had exactly the same fears as you.

In the shop where I bought my dress, I tried on a myriad of sizes - some too big, some too small, but the lady just told me to focus on the dress and not the fit. When you go for your first fitting, things will feel like they are coming together much more.

You'll be fine, don't worry. If it's a decent shop, their main priority will be making you feel confident and beautiful.

Also, well done on your weight loss! 7lb in your first week is fab!

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Thank you ladies for your help :)

im feeling more on track now. Things have progressed a fair bit since the last time I updated.

First of all, I think I have found my dress! :) I've had a particular style in mind from the start but went in open-minded, tried on five in the first shop and loved an Essence of Australia dress I tried which was the style I wanted. Unfortunately, it was much too small for me, it was pinned at the back to give me an idea but it wasn't the same as trying it on properly .Went to the next shop and tried on several there too, one which fitted great and which I loved but just didn't have the detail I wanted. I kept thinking back to the first EofA dress!

I have now been to the first shop again and paid £30 to have a bigger sample ordered in so I can try it properly and if I still love it I will order that one! Appointment is on 8th May.

if anyone is interested in seeing it please PM because I don't want to share openly atm x

Sisters and I have been casually looking at BM dresses but not buying anything until much nearer now.

DJ and a company to decorate the venue have been booked. We're having fairy lights and bunting on the ceiling for the reception and simple organza sashes for the chairs. The lakehouse outside where we get married will also be decorated with bunting.

A theme of vintage tea party is starting to emerge and I'm feeling like things are moving at a good pace :)

My son is 5 on 7th May and hes having a party at  a local soft play so I will try and push all thoughts of wedding planning out of my head until after that! 

Hope everyone enjoyed our brief heatwave! Xxx

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Oh and PS... I lost another 4.5lb in my second week! And the staff at both shops were so kind and accommodating :)


Stop it! I'm getting married 3 months after you and you are so much further ahead than me with planning ;)

I'd love to see your dress, I absolutely love the Essence/Stella York dresses and have my eye on a couple.

My planning thread:

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well I haven't updated for ages and a fair bit has happened!

I have bought my dress!! :) deposit is paid and I'm paying in monthly installments. Because I want to loose weight I will go back in September to be re-measured and dress will be ordered in according to those measurements.  I can still loose weight after that because the dress can be taken in 2-3 sizes. I'm on a weight loss mission now and so excited to be trying it on again :D

Secondly the flowers are complete (real touch artificial) and are being sent out by courier as I type! I love that I will have the actual flowers with me when we all try on dresses. This is them, mine are the yellow and bridesmaids have purple :) we have matching buttonholes too. I'll probably have real flowers for the centrepieces.


We ordered a bridesmaids dress from amazon for my sister to try on but it was awful, it was so bright yellow she could have gone raving in it!! but we have since found these which I am totally in love with. I've ordered one to see how it comes up

Lastly, the guest list has grown. Steve, who initially wanted just us and two witnesses present, has added several more who "have to" be invited. There are now a total of 45, including us, several of them kids. We were told 40 by the lady at the venue but the brochure does say the room can take 50 so I think that especially with allowing for one or two no-shows we will probably be OK. I have had to put my foot down though. We cannot squeeze in any more!! there's over 100 for the evening :D

He also has said categorically no to my cheese wedding cake  the bugger. After I had the courtesy to ask him too 

Hope you're al well! xx