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Glam, vintage and pearl: the build-up to our barn wedding


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Ah no Hails - have a look at the Bloom boutique ones. I really didn't want stretchy either. I got 18cm +2.5cm extender for my size 18 bridesmaid, and a 16cm +2.5cm extender for my petitie size 6-8 bridesmaid. I tried them on, I am a size 12 and the 18cm one fit pretty perfectly on the tightest setting, and the smaller one fit when I fastened it in the middle ish of the extender. I hope that helps. Their packaging was lovely too.

Wedding addict

Loving the thread Hails!  Adore the Jimmy Choos.  I just wish I was able to walk in heels.  I have really weak ankles, and so will probably have to be in flats if I don't want to be in major pain throughout the day!

John Lewis is great for dresses.  My sister got hers there, and they worked perfectly.  

Interested to hear what you choose for the menu- me and my OH are total foodies too, and it is going to be a major part of our day.  I haven't even booked the venue, but I know roughly what I want on the menu 


Hails, I had a brainwave for you in the car on the way home.. I know you wanted a nod to Turkish, I was thinking maybe Turkish delight? You could have it served with coffee after the meal? The colours they come in tend to be neutral and you can have a delicate flavour like rose. Just a thought! 

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