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I've tried talking him into grey but he's insisting on navy suits. I don't mind though to be honest because he wants a grey waistcoat, and the fellas to wear grey ties (so he'll stand out a bit) 

Same suits, same waistcoats just different ties. Something loosely like this:

In fact, the more I see it the more I like the navy... (alhough that may just be the guy on the right)


Firstly, absolutely loving your sunny wedding! Looks beautiful! 

Thailand is amazing! We got engaged there a year ago and he proposed in Phuket at a place called Kamala Beach. Was stunning! Rooftop restaurant with a unfettered  sea view.. we went to lots of places but PhiPhi islands were stunning and really relaxing! Bangkok is amazing too, I'll find out the hotel we stayed in and come back to you. You must see Thailand :) x

Wedding addict

Wow. It all looks great. I love the patterned dresses. Those are dresses that your girls could genuinely wear again. 


Wanna plan mine too?! Looks like you've got it licked. Pleasing five BM's with two dresses in one fabric is good going m'dear! X

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