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I've tried talking him into grey but he's insisting on navy suits. I don't mind though to be honest because he wants a grey waistcoat, and the fellas to wear grey ties (so he'll stand out a bit) 

Same suits, same waistcoats just different ties. Something loosely like this:

In fact, the more I see it the more I like the navy... (alhough that may just be the guy on the right)


Firstly, absolutely loving your sunny wedding! Looks beautiful! 

Thailand is amazing! We got engaged there a year ago and he proposed in Phuket at a place called Kamala Beach. Was stunning! Rooftop restaurant with a unfettered  sea view.. we went to lots of places but PhiPhi islands were stunning and really relaxing! Bangkok is amazing too, I'll find out the hotel we stayed in and come back to you. You must see Thailand :) x


Wow. It all looks great. I love the patterned dresses. Those are dresses that your girls could genuinely wear again. 


Wanna plan mine too?! Looks like you've got it licked. Pleasing five BM's with two dresses in one fabric is good going m'dear! X



So i know this thread has been a bit slow lately, and that's not likely to change any time soon! I have, however, bowed to peer pressure and booked a videographer. We had originally decided to save money here and not have one, but whenever i told anyone this they would insist i would regret it! I researched a few on the bottom of the price scale and they were so over the top cheesy. There was one company that for every single film they did, they would have the bride look wistfully out of the window of her getting ready room, and then in the direction of the brides gaze they would superimpose the groom getting ready. It honestly made my toes curl. 

Eventually, i asked around for recommendations and decided on Lovebug Films (sounds a bit top shelf that now i come to think of it!)

They filmed one of my friends weddings and the final footage is really well edited and not at all cheesy. They also agreed to do the full package for £1200 instead of their quoted £1500, so i can still tell myself i've saved money. That's how I work anyway! 



Lolling at your realisation of the slightly "top shelf" name of your videographer. Not that I'd picked up on it either, but I bet you won't be able to get that out of your head now! 

Bridesmaid 'D's birthday sounds/looks wonderful! Any excuse for a visit to the venue eh 

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ShitGotReal wrote (see post):

Thankyou Organised Bride! That is very helpful! if you could've only stayed in 2 places, what ones would you choose? And is it possible to do day trips to any of the others without actually staying there? 

Hey! Sorry, I'm just seeing this!! I'd stay in Phuket and Samui. You can definitely do day trips (depending on your timing) between Phuket and Krabi/ the Phi Phi islands and from Samui, you could get around to places like Ko Pha Ngan. Unfortunately, we didn't get to explore the north, so can't comment on that. 


So, this planning thread has fell a bit silent of late, and that's because... well i've got f*ck all to tell really. This time next month will mark 1 year until i get married (wow, that's a grown up sentence... i think i've just tasted bile) so maybe its about time to pick things up again.

The next things i plan to look for are: a band, makeup & hair and (DUN DUN DUUUNNN) the dress 

I've been engaged just over a year and i've managed to make excuses after excuses since then.

Until now.

My mum's been a slimming world goer for years and i joined to go with her about 6 weeks ago. I was sitting at a 12-14 but want to get down to a 10 for the wedding. I promised we could start dress shopping when i got my 'Club10' (i think that's when you lost 10% of your body weight) and i'm 3lbs off that now. 

Does anyone have any tips? I plan to try a big princess dress on first because i know i'll hate it. I don't want to buy the first dress i try on cause i'll question whether i'm just buying it cause it's the first time i've seen myself in a wedding dress. Other than that, i have no idea what i want, or even what to expect? Do i invite my bridesmaids? How many dresses do you usually try on in a single appointment?

Urgh, cant i just order a load online and send back the ones i dont want!? 

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Hahaha, that's exactly what I wanted to do! Ended up going to three stores. I went to the last two on a whim because they had a sale on. I tried on about six dresses at David's Bridal. Expect to fall in love with a dress you're fundamentally and morally against. The big princess dresses are like cats, when they know you don't like them they just pester you more lol

I took my maid of honour and mum to the last two shops for the sales. If you get 'the feeling' when you try on a dress, I say get it. I don't think it being the first dress should stop you getting it. 


I didnt initially relish dress shopping either, but i focused on the constituent parts and then ordered it online. First thing for me was deciding on silhouette and material, then waist line, then neckline, then train. I tried on different options of each until I'd clear in my head what suited me and what i wanted. I tried on about 5 dresses in some boutiques, but more if i asked. I told each one that it was my first appointment so they wouldnt make assumptions and would go through the options with me-highly recommend this fib btw. I found it helped my internal doubting voice when I'd had it confirmed by 2 diff bridal staff that x did or didn't suit me, like empire line or dropped waist or whatever. I took my mum to first 2 for the tradition of it i guess but i went to the rest on my own. Helped me focus on my own feelings, and most let me take pics for comparison anyway. 

Good luck! 


Definitely take someone who is going to be honest with you. I think one shop a day is ideal, definitely no more than 2 cause it's overwhelming and exhausting. Don't rush any decisions, even when you think you have found it, take pics of yourself and sleep on it. 

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Haha my fiancé only realised because it's so close to our actual anniversary. I guess I should be glad he remembered that at all!

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