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July 2018 Festival wedding small budget


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Your wedding sounds amazing! I love the save the dates, can't believe you made them yourselves! It'll be so nice to see everything come together with everyone's handiwork :) maybe you could also do the whole "disposable cameras on every table" thing so that you can get even more perspectives in your photos :) 

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Got bored made the lettering on one of the signs i bought other weekend haha decided i want at least 2 more of these. think they will look really effective outside when we are losing daylight!

Also picked up some blankets in ikea - will be putting these in a basket with a sign - for of ppl get chilly on the evening

And picked this up for £3!! the material is Velcroed  so will come off really easy! Im going to repaint the frame then hang Navy and grey ribbon to make a backdrop for a Photo Booth!

Will get some selfie sticks to go with it along with props so people can take their own pictures and will put a sign next to it so people can all use the same tag for social media etc so we have access to them :)


Wow your screen is an absolute steal! and I bet it will look fab as part of a photo booth, Keep up the good work.

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Apologies for the picture quality - parents and technology! I picked this drinks trolley up for free from a local for sale site - it was an interesting brown colour - dropped it off with my dad who has stripped it down and painted it for me with some garden paint i already had! So it has cost me the grand total of £0! This we like! 

Will probably hand some bunting along it, and willl put my big glass drinks dispensers or a selection of drinks ware on it :) 


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I might rename this bargain basement wedding!

The drinks dispensers we are gonna fill with our signature cocktails :) All picked up reduced in TKMAXX didn't pay more than a tenner for each.

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Our invite designs so far - opinions welcome!

These will be printed on Ivory card and am currently waiting for a cutter to come so i can make the corners rounded




Cant get this pic bigger - The P.S at the bottom simply reads :


PS If you do not reply by 30th April please bring a chair and a sandwich


on the other side of the RSVP


Also printed on Ivory card

Will also be including an A5 sheet on one side will have info for guests and on the reverse of that a map for the reception venue

And am currently looking at the 'poem cards' a polite way of saying give us dosh please as a gift!

they will all be held together with a band of Navy paper and placed in a French dove grey envelope - i don't think they will look too bad for a home made job. Will take some pics of them all together once they are completed. 


I think your Invites look fab - Well done - And I love the note about the sandwich and the chair!


Your invitations look amazing!

Loving all the bargains. Can't wait to see it all come together. 

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Thankyou Ladies! I spent some of last night rounding of the corners on my RSVP's time consuming but worth it i think so may more to do though! lol

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HAHA 3! i added another before id even posted it lol i can count!

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I am currently mocking up my invite bundle!

 French Grey envelopes with ivory paper and navy details


 theres 3 items in there so far - debating doing a 'wishing well type poem card? thoughts?


My map needs digitalising but our Mac has decided to die! This also has additional info on the reverse hopefully I've covered everything. 


As always thoughts and comments welcome ladies!

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So not sure if anyone is still looking in on here but booked most of the big things i think!

Hair and make up booked along with trial

Boys are all arranged to go suit shopping next weekend

Bouncy castle booked

catering booked

cars sorted

invites sent!

so time to start some of the little DIY projects i have planned as I'm sure they will be time consuming and theres a fair few of them!


Making this little basket up with useful and essential items to put next to my ladies toilets, i will be changing some the packaging to make it look nicer and adding a label to the basket

few more items to buy and add to it!

Also went for measuring for my dress to be made last week now to wait until May!



Love absolutely everything you have decided on! It’s going to be one hell of a do! Can’t wait to see all your DIY bits. Not long to go now!! :)

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MrsT2Be wrote (see post):

Love absolutely everything you have decided on! It’s going to be one hell of a do! Can’t wait to see all your DIY bits. Not long to go now!! :)


Feel like i have nothing to do some days then other days I'm panicking about what needs done lol A lot of stuff my hands are tied until right before the time!

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Bargain Basement continues!

Managed to secure this for my bridesmaids and Brideman for the grand sum of 2 bottles of Gin :)

Log slices for table (or pallet) centres and possibly one for my cake - this have cost me nothing i will sell them on afterwards and give whatever i get for them to the people who cut me them :)

I've started making my card box it just needs sanding and painting the bottom is one piece screwed on so can be unscrewed to get cards out making  it secure :)

Also made this tea caddy to go on a hot water station as we are outside something for the olds!


Picked up this vintage Levis denim jacket for £30 I'm hoping it looks cool with my tea length dress i doubt ill wear it but wanted something incase it cools off later on as like i said we are outside 



And lastly 1 stone gone want at least one more before my dress arrives in 2 months time!

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So today we went from the above to this.....



Also made a couple of little signs one for my blankets

and one for my compliments basket


Your wedding sounds amazing! Love all you diy and bargains!