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Let's get married in a field! August 2017


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I've been quietly reading on here for months and months and I've decided to finally make my own planning thread. I need somewhere to get all my excitement out so I don't just gush at work and ruin all the surprises!


How we met

We met nearly 6 years ago now, on holiday. A drunk group of stags invited me and my friend to play pool and then join them for a Lady Gaga tribute night. I met Mr Tartan, we sang karaoke together, and exchanged numbers at the end of the holiday. We lived 500 miles apart, and I wasn't sure if that would be too much. But no! We kept flying across the country to see each other, and a year later moved in together half way. We were in it for keeps!

How he asked

We were up in Scotland for a family wedding, and a few days later he says we're going for a walk up Arthur's Seat. I'm not allowed to put anything in his backpack for the day (suspicious!) and we run for the train to Edinburgh. So we're walking up, have a picnic halfway, and chatting, and I get out of puff, but we make it to the top. It's kind of cool, but really busy with families trying not to lose any kids off the side of this volcano, and teenagers balancing on top of rocks and making me nervous, so we head back down. There's much less people around and he asks to go in my backpack for some tissues, and then says his back hurts, and I thought he fell to the ground! So I'm there trying to pick him up, and he's laughing at me and getting something out of his breast pocket...

I don't remember all the lovely words he said, but when I said yes he produced a lovely bottle of champagne (slightly warm and shaken) from his backpack, along with two plastic flutes!


I was surprised that almost immediately, people were asking when the wedding was. I didn't even know where it would be, let alone when! I'd always loved barn weddings, and lots of DIY, and I've always hated the idea of getting married in a hotel; they're a little impersonal and stark, with grotty carpets and chair covers. I'm sorry if anyone LOVES chair covers, but I despise them, stretchy chair ghosts!

My mum made the destination easy; she wanted to go to a Scottish wedding, all of her work friends said they were much more fun than an English wedding, and lots more dancing! So that was an easy win. 

I knew if it was an outdoorsy, barn wedding, it would have to be in the summer, and everywhere I looked was extortionate, so I sadly gave up, and started looking at alternative venues in and around Glasgow. We'd attended a wedding at Cottiers previously, and I loved the fairy light canopy, so we got in contact and started planning. I sent Mr Tartan up to have a face-to-face meeting with the wedding coordinator before we confirmed the booking. Anddd.... FMIL sent a text the weekend before. She'd heard of a few potential venues we might be interested in, and she'd already sneaked to see three over the weekend. One was a lovely farm which "smelled a bit of manure but I think you'll think it's interesting". I made Mr Tartan an appointment with FMIL and off on the train he went!


Thanks Mrs P! It's got a really lovely design to it, it crosses over where it holds the diamond but I can't find a good photo of it! Boy done well 


Mr Tartan and FMIL went to see both the farm, and Cottiers. My whatsapp was going mental, I couldn't take the time off work, so had instructed the pair of them to take all the pictures they could, and video things like the walk from the car park to the buildings etc etc. Controlling? Me? Never!

Mr Tartan knew I would love the farm. It was a completely blank slate, and with choosing our own caterers and paying corkage, it would come in at much less than the other venues we'd looked at, as we weren't tied in to specific suppliers.Plus its bloody stunning! When he came home, we went through the pictures and he told me how beautiful it was. There's even a little apartment that I can stay in with my BMs the night before, and we can stay in on our wedding night. I sent the wedding coordinator a couple of emails FULL of questions Mr Tartan forgot to ask, and we booked it for August bank holiday 2017! As its an English bank holiday and not a Scottish one, the price is the same but my family and our friends from England will have an extra day to travel home after the wedding. Winner winner, wedding dinner!


the orchard where we will say our vows

wet weather alternative - the Piggery!


some of the inside of the Tin Shed, where we'll have the bar, meal and ceilidh


Thanks! I love the fact that it is beautiful in the sunshine, and it is still gorgeous in the rain, and with clouds, the sky becomes so dramatic. Even though we're hoping August is a safe bet for minimal rain, you can never predict these things! The day will go much smoother with no rain though....

Everyone who knows me has been asking about the DIY aspects. I have a slight reputation for being super crafty, to the point where I'm still considering whether to make my junior BM dresses myself. I have bunting in my living room, and one of my first lists of questions I sent to the venue was the dimensions of the buildings, so I can figure out how many metres of bunting I need! Despite all this being back in July, I only started the bunting this week, although I have been doing other wedding prep in the meantime....



After that, I think the first thing we bought was a personalised stamp! It's amazing, perfect for what we wanted, and Mr Tartan has had to stop me from stamping everything in sight!

Its the same as this one:

We've chosed Nikki Leadbetter as our tog, I love her photos, she gets such a great atmosphere to them and they're just informal and beautiful!

Neither of us are posers, and tend to pull awkward faces, so we're planning on a pre-wedding shoot. Nikki is in New Zealand til May (!) so we'll have to book it for the summer sometime. Mr Tartan isn't so keen, he thinks the whole thing is too American and cheesy, but her photos are swaying him a little... I think!

We booked our caterer on the advice of the venue, and on the back of a couple of emails we exchanged. We're going up in March to have a proper meeting and our actual menu tasting! So exciting!

We're also using the week in March to meet the florist we've booked (again, recommended by the venue, and a couple of emails) for the first time, and we can actually have a look at what they recommend. I know absolutely nothing about flowers except that I want some Lavender (this has actually become a theme colour), Heather, Gyp, and a few roses or peonies or both. I'm pretty easy, as long as there's a little of those mixed in; I'm happy for the florist to choose - that's why they're the florist!

Some Pinspiration:

bridesmaids bouquet inspiration

hair inspiration 


 A wedding in the orchard at the farm 

Image by Jo Donaldson

inside the Piggery (wet weather alternative for ceremony) 

Image by Jen Owens

The Tin Shed set up for a wedding




Dress shopping

As I live pretty far away from my mum, I wanted her to feel more involved in the wedding. Even though she was keen for it to be held in Scotland, I think she still feels a little left out, as she hasn't even seen the venue in real life! So I knew I wanted to go dress shopping with her, to give her that experience.

I also invited my chief bridesmaid (R) who lives near my mum, and my nan also came along, which was a little bit of a surprise as she'd not been well, but it was lovely to have her there too!

We went to a proper swanky boutique, which a number of people had recommended. It was nice enough, I had a girl assisting us with dress picking, what order to put them on, and the actual dress logistics. R burst out laughing every time I came out from behind that damn curtain - I don't ever wear heels, and as wedding dresses are made for busty Amazonians, I had to wear some to avoid tripping over. I still nearly tripped over, but I don't think anyone noticed.... So I was shuffling, and trying to kick a hundred layers off tulle out of the way for every step, and I must have had my concentration face on.... not my most attractive!

I think I tried on one of everything; I had no real idea other than I love lace, and I don't want a corset, I want buttons! With my figure, a corset works really well, but I have seen some done badly and buttons are so pretty and classy looking. I thought, with an outdoor wedding, that I would want a tea length, keep the feet free, no dragging the dress on the ground...but my god, tea length dresses are bloody heavy! I have a new respect for brides who wear them, but I vetoed it almost as soon as it was done up.

There were two I really liked, both Maggie Sottero (of COURSE they would be). Both were stunning, but one shone above the other. This was Shalise:

The only thing was, it was fairly plain in terms of embellishment. We were talking to the girl about adding glitzy bits, and changing the belt to a sparkly one etc etc etc. I tried it on twice and everyone loved it (even with my mum grabbing sparkly boleros and glittery veils and tiaras and throwing them on me, left, right, and centre). R told me later that my nan told my mum she wanted to buy it, and my mum's response was "don't be too loud, you've not seen the price!"

It was out of budget, which wasn't too bad, I'd always intended on having the boutique experience, and then going to a local bridal warehouse, or even going second hand. So we walked away. I was a little put out that for a two hour long appointment, my guests hadn't even been offered a cup of water, let alone tea or fizz. 


Finding the Dress!

I kept looking for that dress, and found a couple on Preloved, but they'd all been altered, so I just left it. A couple of weeks later I had a spare weekend, so drove with a friend to the local bridal warehouse. My friend had gone a couple of weekends before and come home with her wedding dress!

They were really lovely, we were given a coloured tag and told to tag any dresses we liked and they would help me try on. My friend was well briefed, and we scoured the rails and tagged a few. Because they have a strict "no opening the dress cover" rule, it was really hard to see what the sizes were, and it turned out we grabbed a few size 8 (I am a 12-14 in normal life haha) so even though the girl tried her hardest (I definitely thought one of them would rip, the amount she was tugging at it!) I couldn't try them on. I tried on two, which were kind of similar to what I was looking for, but the one I liked the most had really scratchy embellishments right under the armpit, which put me off.

The sales girl could tell I was after something in particular, and asked to see a photo. As soon as she saw it, she grabbed another girl and asked her to get "1957" out from the back of the warehouse. It was quite exciting waiting for the girl to come back! Unfortunately, they'd sold the size 14 earlier (booooo) and only had a size 10 in, but we tried it on anyway. It didn't do up, and it didn't fit over my hips, but I could use my imagination, and it was perfect. Just what i was looking for, very similar to the Shalise, but sparkier on the top!

The sales girl said that as this was a dress they had on standing order, they could order it in in my size and it would be brand new, but at the warehouse price! AMAZING! I called my mum right away and had her google it (this took a while as she is not the most technical, the first one she found was satin strapless haha). She LOVED the sparkles and agreed the dress was very similar to the Shalise. And that was that! The girl measured me, and we agreed on which size to order (will definitely have to take in around the boobs and waist though, damn hips!) and that was that! My wedding dress is a Mori Lee 1957 and I am so excited!

Now I'm playing the waiting game. I ordered it in November, and was told it could take up to 6 months to come in!  Am doing the (seemingly totally normal) dress panic at the moment....


I forgot to say that as this was a discounted bridal warehouse, there was another couple of brides to be sharing the same large space, but there were little tables and chairs set up for your guests, with mints and bottles of sparkling peach flavoured water, along with a whole bunch of wedding mags and brochures to flick through. Already a step up from the expensive bridal shop!

On top of that, they give you a silver sixpence when you order your dress, which I thought was really sweet! (And they let me steal some magazines ) They had prosecco in some large fridges near the till, but wasn't asked if I would like any, maybe it's for when you buy a new season (full price) dress, or maybe I get some when I pick mine up?


Loving your thread so far! Very similar feel/theme to what we're going for in September, so I've pressed the follow button. Really glad you got your dress, and your venue is something else! 


Hi ladies!

Mrs P I can't figure out how to upload the pics from my phone (the little camera thingy isn't taking me to my gallery lol and I'm confused) but here's a link to it

With alterations, embellishments and the belt, the maggie would have come in at twice the price of this one. Alterations were more complicated as the bottom hem is scalloped lace so would have needed taking off and resewing. 

This one will still need taking in, but already has all the embellishments and the belt included, plus no awkward lace hem on the bottom! I will get the belt sewn on so will not have a big bow at the back, I wanna see all the buttons!

It's been two months since I ordered my dress and was getting a bit angst about it, I need to see it in a size that fits me, and to figure out bra issues and sorting out alterations because they'll be with an independent seamstress), and was on the verge of calling this week to see if they'd had any news.


I get to pick it up on Saturday! Wooohooo!

Plus Mr Tartan bought his kilt outfit today up in Scotland too, so it's all coming together!