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The headpieces look amazing, and the shape is perfect! 

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This was quite an easy one for me, I thought I'd wait for the professional photos to come back from my sisters wedding and if everyone looked good, I would book the same hair and make up ladies she had.

I was more than happy on the day with the make up, but I know it can somethings look different on photos - I didn't want to look like I had big white patches around my eyes, that seems to be a thing at the moment, anyone else noticed?  Anyway, the professional photos come back and I was happy, so that's my hair and make up trial done!

Thankfully, both ladies are available for my date, so they'll be coming to the cottage I'm staying at with my BM's.  I'm a bit of a crier though, so I've paid extra for the MUA to stay until after the ceremony to do any required touch ups :-)  Is anyone else doing this?  I feel like I'm over thinking every little thing.

Excuse the face, but this photo probably shows the make up the best (this was taken during the evening do and I hadn't had any touch ups) - I'm going to go quite neutral eyes with dramatic eye liner, I can't decide on the lip colour yet, I'd love red, but I think a pinky / purple colour will look better with the colourings for the day.  What do you think?


That picture of you looks lovely, especially if it was later on in the day. it will take a lot of stress out of the getting ready when you know you have worked with the hair and makeup ladies before and been happy with their work.

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Thank you MrsS85, I know some people would think "oh she's stealing someone else's suppliers", but my sisters wouldn't think that at all, to us it's like "yeah that's makes sense".

It's also a bonus that the hair dresses is my MofH's regular hairdresser, I feel like it just makes things easier and more comfortable when there's a prior relationship with people.  I also think people are more likely to do their best in these situations, as they'll see you again haha.


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I've just phoned the bridal store, as I couldn't remember when my dress was due in, I thought it was January, but they said it's the beginning of December, but could be late November.  I'm so excited, I can't wait to try it on again.  Hopefully, I'll have my floral hair piece and veil made by then to try it on with.  Eeeeeek! 

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So, the drinks package at our venue is pretty pricey - £27 per person for 2 glasses of wine and 2 glasses of prosecco.  We worked out that if we paid for the corkage and spent the same amount overall on booze, we would get a lot more for our money and would be able to provide all drinks up to the end of the meal.

Last week I found out that Majestic Wine offer a great service where you can taste the wine locally, order from France and pick up with a free ticket on the eurotunnel. Last Saturday we went for a wine tasting at their Clitheroe store, it was such a lovely experience. We easily selected the prosecco, the blush and one of the red wines. We’ve also selected a white and a second red, but we may still change these.  

We bought a bottle of each one and have invited our wedding party round in a couple of week for a tasting - it’s basically an excuse to get together! 

The cost of the minimum number of bottles we need from the U.K. store is £560, for the exact same bottles from the French store it’s £300! Massive saving even when you factor in the cost of fuel, plus we get to make a weekend of it. We have a hotel gift stay to use, so even better!

Has anyone else done the booze trip to France? How did you find it? 

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Just having a big read of your thread! I love your style and the plans for the wedding. Your evening dress is beautiful! It is making me think just how much I I have to do for my 2019 wedding though.

We had also been considering a trip to France to get our wine and beer, but don't think we will have the time because we live at the opposite end of the country. I'd definitely use I as an excuse for a weekend away though.


I did a booze trip to Germany instead! My dad worked with a Winzer for a while and so gets a discount and he makes amazing wine, so we drove out there, did a tasting and chose 100 bottles (some sparkling for toasts) and it's it's currently in my grandparents' wine cellar (the reception is in their garden). If I'd bought wine that nice in the UK, it would have been way more expensive even without the discount, plus you can turn it into a nice trip :)

Cecilia x

My planning thread :

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Last Sunday we had our pre-wedding photoshoot at the wedding venue.  This is something that I used to think was cheesy and unnecessary, but I actually think it's very worthwhile.  It gives you a chance to work with the photography before the main event, pick out favourite spots at the venue, discuss angles that you don't like etc.  Plus it was included in his package!

We've taken a bit of a chance with our photographer, he's fairly new to it, but he previously worked as a Wedding Coordinator at a Wedding Venue and came highly recommend by a work colleague.  The package we have with him is as follows:

Pre wedding photoshoot

10 hours photography on the day

Minimum of 300 edited photos

Video clip show to music (this has been added in free of charge at our request, because he's never done it before)

And all of this is just £750!  We really liked the work he had already done, so we thought we'd pay the £150 deposit, have the pre shoot and if we weren't happy, try to find someone else at that point.  After-all, everyone has to start somewhere, don't they?!

We received the photos last night, we're really happy the actual photos themselves, but we're not sure about the filter / vibrancy on some of them - S looks like he's got a dodgy spray tan on some and my boots look like a bright red, but they're more of a dull red in real life.  There's probably going to be quite a few people with spray tans at the wedding, which I wouldn't want t look daft on the official photos, plus I wouldn't want the bridesmaid dresses looking like bright pink and green, when they're more subtle colours.  So, that's something I'm going to have to go back to the photographer on - any suggestions on how to do this?  Has anyone else been in similar situations?

Here's a picture that I think is too vibrant, followed by a few of my favourites from the shoot, I especially love the pond photo.  

We always send cheesy Christmas cards to family with pictures of ourselves on, so these will definitely come in handy for that!




I would just email your photographer and just explain what you’ve said above - you love the photos but are a bit concerned about the colouring on some, use the boots as an example and just ask if he has a different filter that can be used. your still paying him for a service although its a good price and I’m sure he’d rather know so can make changes for the actual wedding day. They look lovely though! 


I love your pics, but if you feel the colouring is a bit too bold, he should have no problem choosing a different editing option. I'd ask him now, rather than later, to take a few of pics that you're questioning and re-do the filter on them so you can see if you like the re-edits better. I had the same opinion as you, that pre-wedding shoots were silly (and solely meant for social media fanatics), but after having a really, really bad 'tog for a wedding, I've completely changed my mind!  What an incredible price you're getting him for too.

I love love love your outfits in your pics. You both looked amazing.

I binge-read your entire thread and the dress mystery is killing me!

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