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Mrs P to-be! A personal, countryside wedding July 2018


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New bride

So excited to start a thread here, I've been a reader for a long time. Because suppliers in the area get booked up very quickly, a number of our key bookings are already made. But there is still a long way to go! I hope that some people brides here are interested in our ideas and plans, as so far I've found the planning boards to be very inspiring. Some people might also be interested as so far I've been planning everything from over 100 miles away. It's been difficult, but not impossible!

To give you some background, my fiancé and I met at school just under 9 years ago, and we've been living together in various parts of the country for almost 5 years. We are both really excited to finally get married, as although it sounds clich, we are best friends, and we have already been through quite a lot as a couple. We're hoping to have a classic wedding with personal touches to add some character. Lots of beautiful fresh flowers, good food, and plenty of family and friends to share our happiness. We are fortunate to have some contribution from family, so including this, our budget should hopefully be under £15k. We will be planning it entirely ourselves, and we will be adding lots of nice DIY touches on the day to save some cash and add some personality!

Thanks for reading!

New bride

The Ring

I love my ring. I wanted to choose it myself, and found the perfect one for me quite quickly. I wanted something that was a little bit different, and I found this beautiful white gold, black sapphire and diamond ring. It has beautiful hearts cut out of the gold along the sides. Because of its unusual shape and the fact I'm not a huge ring person, I might keep it somewhere safe after the wedding and just wear my wedding ring.


The Venue

Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to get married in my parish church. It was where I was christened, and where my parents were married. My fiancé (M) isn't religious, but he knows it means a lot to me, so he is agreeable. And he also appreciates that getting married in one of Norfolk's biggest and oldest churches isn't something you do everyday. Fingers crossed it's a sunny day, as the light comes through the stained glass and lights the floor up in beautiful colours.

After a bit of a panic about who would conduct the wedding (as the priest who christened me has just retired, and there is no replacement), we were assured that we could be married there, and that someone will conduct the ceremony, even if it is just a priest from a nearby parish! Phew! So we are pencilled in, and we started our reception venue search. The number of venues locally is limited, and we didn't want to spend the whole day travelling, so we went through an online shortlist of about 20 properties, and made a list of 3 to visit. I will write about these later!


New bride


I've been so busy trying to find a new job that I haven't had time to write anymore! But finally, I have some time. So without further ado...

The Reception Venue

We had 3 venues to visit. After one (our favourite) had to change the appointment time, this meant we cancelled the viewing of one of the venues. Below is the one we cancelled. Very nice, but as we were working full time, a long way away, picking all the individual components of the package and putting it all together would have cost a little more, and would have been a bit too much to undertake. Although it is a beautiful venue, it also seemed to lack a little bit of individuality and charm. 

Next was a lovely Manor House. We celebrated our high school prom here, and my parents spent their wedding night here. It's a genuinely old manor (The date has slipped my mind), not too far from our ceremony venue. The service is very good for the cost, and it included a number of things in the package that we wanted, so we don't have to handle that on top (like toastmaster, a recommended DJ, a flower allowance, accomodation etc). The food really stood out here too. They offered a variety of packages, with the top package being a 4 course choice menu. They also would allow us to use our own flower/cake suppliers if we wished, at no charge, and allow us to supply our own sweet buffet. We were really impressed, and we knew it would take some beating. The only negative, is that our top choice of date was taken, but the weekend prior was available. 

The following day we went to another manor. The real perk of this one was the opportunity to have photos on the cathedral grounds across the road (for £100). It's a nice venue, but they would only let us a sweet buffet if they provided it, at a cost. The was also limited access, only stairs to the banquet room, which could be a problem. Although I liked the fact there were a number of rooms to spread between, this does mean that some people could get lost (it was a bit of a maze!). We left with a hard decision to make.


We had a think for a few days. The coordinator from the latter venue said she would send us the quote and menus straight away. And we never heard anything. We had decided anyway that our 2nd option was the best for us, and it had some personal meaning. So we went ahead and booked! So far they have been excellent. Interestingly, the coordinator from the 3rd venue, STILL has not sent us anything, and she had both of our contact details. Not impressed! But we are so happy with our choice, and we are both very excited for the day.

New bride

As we had a table flower allowance included in our package with a local florist, I decided to sort those next. I also got a number of quotes for bouquets and buttonholes, but for ease (and the fact it was about the same price), I decided to order everything from the same florist. I did some research and we opted for decorate jam jars filled with memory lane roses, White lisianthus, dried lavender, purple sweet peas, gypsophila and silver eucalyptus. These incorporate our chosen colours, and will add a little rustic feel to our venue. The style will be loose, a bit like the example below. 

On the top table we are having a long arrangement of the aforementioned with a few seasonal flowers. My bouquet is also going to be made with these flowers, and the bridesmaids a smaller version. Buttonholes are going to be White lisianthus and eucalyptus. So they are sorted, and next week I am going to try on some dresses for the first time! I'm so excited!

Wedding addict

Yay another Mrs P to be! Looking forward to reading more!

New bride

VegasLou wrote (see post):

Wow your ring is beautiful, very unusual. How lovely to be getting married where you were christened and your reception venue looks lovely. Dress shopping is such fun, when us your first appointment? 

Thank you :). My first appointment is on Monday afternoon. I've been so excited to get a dress on, but thought I'd wait, just in case I find the one straight away.

New bride

As I've got the time at the moment, I thought I'd have a head start on our name cards. I've been practicing a new calligraphy font, and I'm going to write the persons name on a luggage tag, which I will attach to the favours. We had a stamp made with our names and wedding date, which we got from, when there was a sale on for £10, and I will stamp the back of the tags, and neatly write everyone's meal choice (to help the waiters!). 

i recently received a delivery including some of our favour bag items, so I will post about these soon!

New bride

I've been mentally preparing for my new job (starting Tuesday!), so I haven't been thinking of weddings as much.

I went for my first dress shopping trip at David's Bridal, and tried on 8 dresses. I had a lovely time, and felt like a princess trying them all on, but I didn't find the one for me. As it was my first time I tried all the differ silhouettes, and we narrowed down what I wanted, and what looked best on me. This turns out to be a strapless ballgown with a sweetheart neckline. I'm trying to find something incorporating a little bit of sparkle and lace, with the embellishment petering out past the hip. Ivory ideally, but I did try on a champagne dress, which was lovely! But I am a bit concerned about whether a champagne dress would fit with the purples, plums and greys of our colour scheme? Any thoughts?

I am going to a boutique in Norfolk in 2 weeks, so I will continue my search there. The day before, we are going to meet the reverend of our chosen church too, so we should be able to fix the timings. Before time starts running away, I am hoping to take a trip to Hobbycraft tomorrow.

M's sister is going to make the bridesmaid dresses, which we are very excited about too! But things are progressing very quickly, all of the save-the-dates (designed by M) have been sent out, so next we need to work on the other stationary! I will upload a picture of the save the date when I get around to it!

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