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My 2K wedding, July 2017


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Wedding party

So this is one area (like the church!) where we could have saved money but haven't. I must remember these choices when I'm wondering why there is no budget left.

Our wedding party is pretty big, and that's a lot of outfits to buy. I'm determined to buy everyone's outfits so will need to do some real bargain hunting.

Mr P has asked his school friend to be best man, and a friend he grew up with to be usher.

I've gone crazy on my side. I have 5 adult bridesmaids! My 2 sisters, my BFF, Mrs Best man, and Miss Usher.

And then I have my daughter, niece, two nephews, and the best man's two daughters.

Mr P's sister lives abroad. I'm very much hoping she can make the wedding, and if she does then her 3 children (Two girls and a boy) will also be in the wedding party.

I've got some bridesmaid dresses on order. Fingers crossed they work and I can post about them.


MrsP sounds to me like you may well blow your wedding budget just on your wedding party! Goodness me that is a lot. I'm very tight when it comes to ours, we have told my dad, best man and the 2 ushers that they can just wear a suit they already own and I have bought them their ties, Ordered them on eBay 1.99 each, good old China it's a country full of bargains! Also getting their buttonholes for them which are 3 times the price of the ties! Lol 

cant wait to hear how you're  going to dress all yours on the budget!


Bridesmaid attire

With my many bridesmaids I'm having to be really careful here. I'd already decided I'll be happy for the girls to wear their own shoes with whatever dress we decide on, and I won't be paying for them to have hair and make-up. Equally I don't expect them to pay for it either, they are all capable of sorting themselves out as they manage every other day.

But dresses. I've been trawling the internet for weeks. Our colour is mint green (chosen by my daughter a.k.a. Bridesmaidzilla). I've fallen in love with these TFNC dresses on ASOS, Mr P loves them too. I think with my 5 girls in these (plus probably Bridesmaidzilla) and with them all styling the multiway differently it will look great.

They are in the sale on ASOS for £30-33 (depending on sizes), and I grabbed another 20% off for Black Friday. I couldn't get all the sizes I want but I'm confident I'll get the rest off eBay (cheaper still) or from TFNC direct where they are £36.


Not a final cost yet but looking like £160ish for 6 bridesmaids.


Bargain bridesmaid dresses! Don't be afraid to tell the grooms party to wear their own suits. We are buying the grooms and 2 best mens suits, and telling my step-dad and the usher to wear their own, with ties and pocket squares we will provide. Not including any other men in the wedding party! Also going to ask everyone to wear their own white shirts and shoes if they have some suitable.

My budget is a lot more and I can't justify buying all those suits! Even hiring could blow your budget.


Been ages since I've done an update (mostly because I'm holding off on the planning until the new year). But we have done some more shopping:

The boys

As mentioned we have decided not to hire suits to save costs. With Mr P, best man, usher, our dads, and 2 (possibly 3) page boys it would be crazy money.

Instead I've purchased mint green ties with matching pocket squares for the men (ASOS again), and got 3 bow ties in the same fabric for the boys. Everyone will wear there own suits and the little boys can wear white shirts (which they'll have for school) and whatever trousers they own. Total cost £51.

Mr P will wear the mint tie but we'll have to buy him a new suit. That will be expensive but at least he'll have something to wear again.


The vicar

As I've already mentioned Mr P and I go to church regularly anyway. But that hasn't stopped us worrying about getting the vicar's agreement to marry us.

We're both been married before and I know that can cause issues for some vicars. We'd done loads of research about what questions we might be asked and made sure we had all our divorce paparwork ready.

But it was completely fine! She only asked a couple of questions and then we confirmed our date and time.

Ive been so worried about this and held off on a lot of the planning in case everything fell through, now I can let myself get excited!


That is nerve wracking isn't it waiting for the vicar to agree to marry you? My OH was briefly married when he was 20 for about 6 months, so we also researched the type of questions he might be asked. Our vicar said that until 10 years ago he used to refuse to marry divorced people but his opinion has changed and he was more open to it, found out later it was mainly due to him getting married himself and his wife being a divorcee!

Wedding addict

Wow I also have a lot of respect for you managing it all on your budget, I just got engaged in November & am just horrified at the cost of it all. 

Its also nice to see someone getting married at a similar point as we have been together 2 years & in that time have bought a house & got engaged & part of me thinks should I really get married this year would it be too much to achieve in 3 years?! (Not that I am yet but I am considering it). 


Good luck to you & can't wait to hear more about your plans xx


Hi KT,

If it feels right to get married now then go for it. You honestly don't know what the future holds.

The budget is a strange one. We could afford more but I'd rather spend money on our house. This is what I'm comfortable spending for a single day in my life. There are sacrifices to be made but so far I don't feel like I'm 'missing out'. My worry is that our guests will think we're being tight when we don't need to be - and there's a lot of arguments to have over the guestlist yet! But I guess we all have our wedding dramas :)


Bridal body

So come January I decided it was time to start on the bridal body. I don't really need to loose any weight but I fancied toning up and 6 months was ample time.

2 Jan - one kettle bell work out

3 Jan - another kettle bell work out

6 Jan - notice small lump near tummy button

9 Jan - doctor diagnoses an umbilical hernia

I'm beyond upset. I now need an operation, having never had open surgery. And the chances are extremely high that I've done this to myself with the kettle bell.

The only lucky thing is that I have private medical. Otherwise the 18 week NHS waiting list would put me just weeks before the wedding. I'm hoping to see a consultant in the next few days.

The doctor has promised me that it won't scar badly... but it's enough to stop me having a maxi skirt and crop-top instead of a dress.


Oh no! You poor thing. Make sure you rest it well afterwards, my friend had one that kept coming back, as a teenager, but she never rested properly and was always back at work lifting things. When's the op?



As much as I love my e.ring I'm not a jewellery person. I often remove my ring soon after getting home and won't put it on for days I'm staying in.

Mr P feels the same. He's broken his finger too making finding a ring more difficult.

So we decided to have our rings tattooed on. Thus we always have that outward sign of our commitment without the annoyance of a ring. I delegated the task to Mr P...

Today he got on the case. And it doesn't look like a good idea. He spoke to an artist today who said he'd do it if we really wanted but they fade badly and need constant re-touching.

Not really sure what to do now. Still don't want a ring but I do want something does anyone have any ideas?


The dress

Today I said yes to the dress! Unfortunately I've waaayyyy overspent but Mr P said as long as I was happy it didn't matter.

I never wanted to go to a bridal store. I did it for my first wedding and ended up designing my own as I didn't like a single one. Plus the whole experience is a very odd way to buy the most expensive thing I'll ever wear. "Try this dress on, it's not your size. If you like it then hand over £1000 and wait literally months for it to arrive. And then when it doesn't fit right (because we didn't have your size) spend a few hundred on alterations". Can you imagine if all shops were like this?!

So I've been ordering dresses online for a few months. In December I got two dresses from ASOS. I photos to my bridesmaids and they all liked the same one. And it was £33! Literally the best bargain ever, I was very pleased.

But for some reason I kept looking at other dresses. I told myself it was because I had a month to send the dress back so I should look to make sure...

Today mr delivery man came with two dresses that I'd kept looking at. One from Missguided which I liked but didn't love. And this beauty from ASOS Bridal:

It was £180! I know that's cheap for a wedding dress but I'm not happy about spending that much. But so pretty! My sister is going to re-order it with her 10% student discount, however I want the weird crop top bit removed so that saving will be spent on alterations.

So much nicer than the photo. The back is also high so I can wear a normal bra (this was a key requirement as I can't wear my backless bra all day and night). It has pretty buttons down to the hips. My favourite bit is that you can see my shoes. I'm such a shoe person and now I can justify a statement shoe!

Wedding addict

Your dress is beautiful. x


Your dress is stunning! Does anyone else think it's a very Carrie Bradshaw dress, especially with some fab shoes?