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My planning thread - Cyprus 2017


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I'm loving your wedding planning so far. The venue is beautiful and such a great package. I'm getting married abroad too and I love that it will be a holiday and wedding all rolled into one with our nearest and dearest. The packages also seem really reasonable compared to at home so can have things like the free bar for guests. No way we would have afforded that otherwise.  

I think the dress you gave chosen is stunning and id imagine quite comfortable for a beach wedding too. Especially with the pretty barefoot sandals.  I want something soft and floaty too. I've decided to wait until summer to go dress shopping but I've been scouring pinterest for inspiration. 

You sound really organised so far! Its making me think i need to get myself in gear lol. What's next on your plans? 






Thanks Mrs C! Where are you getting married? Unfortunately, I have had a wobble on the dress because I had a so-so response from my mum and nan. So I am going to Jersey in 2 weeks (I am from Guernsey) to try on some more dresses. I am sat between two styles at the moment, fitted lace (like the one above) which is more suitable for the heat and a more princess-y type which isn't quite as practical.


Aw im sorry you didn't get the reaction you hoped for. I hope your next dress shopping experience is better. I thought you looked beautiful. Though its got to be what you feel best in and what you can imagine walking down that aisle wearing. I've seen a few ladies say it's good to imagine your hubby's face when he sees you for first time.

I'm getting married in Santorini June 2017 all being well. I say all being well we have just changed our choice of venue and waiting on confirmation of date x

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