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Decided on my dress!!!! 

So after trying on two different dresses and loving them both I eventually decided that the first one I loved was much better than the second as I just thought it was so special and I might regret going more simple. However, after falling in love with two I wanted to be sure that this was the dress for me, as mum and dad are paying I would feel way worse if I regretted my dress than if I had paid for it myself. So mum and I decided to go to another shop and make sure there was nothing else out there that I loved more. 

So this morning we went to a lovely shop that really could not have been more helpful and tried a few on, low and behold I fell in love with a third dress! However after going home and discussing it, me and mum both decided that dress number 1 was still the winner, I even asked my dad for his opinion and even he (who never ever has an opinion on female clothes - he likes to stand in changing rooms and say "it looks lovely, just buy it" to everything you try on ) preferred the first dress. I also realised that the second and third dresses I've loved were very similar to ones I tried on in the first shop that, although lovely, were very quickly discounted because they weren't as good as the one I loved. 

So it is official, I have decided that this is the dress for me: 


The skirt comes in ivory or champagne and I have chosen ivory. The bodice is only supposed to come in nude but they have agreed that they can make it with an ivory bodice instead for a small fee, I will also be having the shoulders adjusted to sit slightly more off the shoulder.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! Loving your thread so far :) we're getting married in August 2019 so similar time frame to you. Can't wait to see how yours progresses!

Aww thank you, I really love it! Oooh I love having someone with similar timings to compare, do you have a thread? 

Yes I do :) it's called Relaxed Summer Weddings in the Chilterns, for some reason the link doesn't work on my signature.

That's minem Yes I'm looking forward to seeing everything you're doing, it's nice to have the timings to compare and to know other people are going through the crazy at the same time !

Cecilia x

My planning thread :

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