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Hi Ladies, I I've posted on here for some time, so thought I'd jump on the wagon and finally create a planning thread! *gulp!* So here we go...


How We Met

We both attended the same secondary school, but never really know that the other person existed! There are 4 years between myself and h2b, so when we noticed each other I was in year 7, and he was in year 11! It sounds so wrong when we look back at it, but it was down to my best friend that we ended up noticing each other in the first place! It's really embarrassing, but my best friend had a MASSIVE crush on my h2b's friend, and used to go round school looking for the guy! Practically staking him! - haha!

A few years passed - myself and best friend are now in year 9 and my h2b has finished school completely, a friend of mine, Craig, was in the same year as me and mentioned one day that him and a few of our other friends were meeting up and going out to play football at the park after school, he asked if I was coming along - at first I was unsure but I ended up saying yes, then he mentioned he had someone he wanted me to meet.

I met up with my friend Philippa, who also knew Craig and my h2b - little did I know she was in on me meeting my h2b! So, after waiting a while Craig showed up and introduced me to the guy standing next to him - Sy.

As cheesy as it sounds I was a bit taken back by the person who I was introduced to, he was gorgeous! Amazing blue eyes, brown hair, and yet slightly chavvy looking in his tracksuit bottoms and trainers - but he pulled it off well :P Haha!

We ended up sitting on a curb side chatting. We spoke about hobbies, music, all sorts of things, then he asked what school I went to... I told him, for him to say he used to attend the same one! At the time I was a little surprised (as Craig had not mentioned anything) I asked if he knew anyone from my year - apart from the friends we had. Suddenly he mentioned my best friend's name... My heart started to pound as I asked if he remembered a girl who used to hang around with her.. He said he did! He mentioned that he remembered a curly haired girl who used to follow him and his friend around the school!! I couldn't believe it - I almost died of embarrassment!! I went as red as tomato and he asked why! So I had to come clean and tell him that the curly haired girl he remembered was me!! Luckily he laughed and told me I didn't have to be so embarrassed, and that he thought I was cute - I nearly died for a second time!

Our friends came to find us and said we'd be talking for hours - it only seemed like minutes to us! But when it was time for everyone to go, he hugged me and said that it was nice to finally meet me, and that we should talk some more. The next day Craig gave me Sy's number!


Can't wait to here you're bonfire ideas we're 4th November this year :)

Wedding thread:


Thank you ladies! - I'll write more soon (we're still in the planning stages! haha.)

New bride

Exciting stuff, to be starting a thread! A lovely story, can't wait to read more 


A Whirlwind Romance

After getting his number we were non stop texting!

We met in the summer holidays, so for two weeks of it we were inseparable! Spending every day together, just having a laugh. We loved it.

As far as we were concerned our parents knew we were just friends at the time - and were okay with this. Sadly, Sy's mum wasn't. she used to come to wherever us and some friends where playing football and just stand there and watch (yes it was VERY strange, and I've still never understood why she did it!) Usually she'd get bored eventually and leave... But one day she didn't.

My parents came to pick me up as we were going on holiday the next day, next thing I saw was Sy's mum going up to mine and saying something - My heart sank. I said goodbye to Sy and got in the car. The next thing I knew I got told I couldn't see him again - it was over - and for a 15 year old who was head over heels for someone it didn't go down well!

Needless to say I wasn't happy while on holiday, I missed Sy and was angry at what has happened before we left.

As it was a relatives place we were staying while on holiday they let me borrow the computer to use MSN (gotta love the 90's!) and I got talking to Craig. He kept me inform at how Sy was and said he missed me just as much as I missed him, and wanted to see me when I got back. I couldn't believe it.

The holiday ended and we were finally back in the UK! All I remember is getting through the front door, dumping my bags in my bedroom and saying to my mum that my friends wanted to see me as I was going to town. I text Craig to tell him I was on the way and that i'd meet him and Sy at the bus station. Next thing I knew the bus pulled in and my heart was going a million miles a second! I threw my arms round Sy and told him i'd missed him, and he said he'd missed me - it was brilliant to see him again.

So for the rest of the holiday (and months after) we met up in secret. We fall for each other more and more but because I was still under 16 Sy never did anything (not even kiss me!) Sadly we lost contact a year later, as Sy's mum grew suspicious, so we both decided to stop contact and started to date other people - but never forgetting the other person.

Years and Years

Years past and we never forgot each other. We ended up texting (luckily we'd both kept the same numbers) and talking again, which then escalated into us both saying how much we missed what we had - but we stayed in the relationships we were in because we thought that the other was happy and didn't want to ruin it for them!

Now we were 19 and 23 - and after a fair few failed relationships between us, we got talking properly again! We both found out how the other felt, and the reasons why we never told the other person until now. After talking for a few months about things that had happened in the past and how parents weren't happy with us being together because of our ages.

Then we suddenly thought "They can't stop us now" so we decided me meet up and see how we got on.

It was like we'd never been a part, we picked up exactly where we left off and I thought he was just as gorgeous as when I first met him!




Us Against The World

This is something that we have always said to each other that it was always "Us against the world" So now, we had been on a few dates. The first one had to be the funniest - we were both as nervous as each other and stupidly both ordered Spaghetti Carbonara! Which is probably the messiest meal to ever eat - never mind on a date!! But luckily we both saw the funny side of it and it broke the ice!

We got together properly in July 2010 (as expected Sy's mum wasn't happy with this, I got quite a few threats and shouting from her, but just brushed it off)

The Proposal

The proposal wasn't a big expensive thing like most people imagine - but it was certainly a surprise and romantic! Money wasn't a thing we had much of so he had to make do with we had. We still lived at our parent's houses so I was visiting him, he told me to wait outside and that he'd come let me in when I got there... He lead me upstairs and all I saw was candles on the windowsill & some dotted around on the floor, a heart of rose petals on the bed and a bunch of flowers. He just turned to me and say about how much we'd been though and told me he couldn't imagine being without me again, and got down on one knee and presented the most beautiful ring! I was absolutely gobsmacked! (and obviously said yes!)

And this is the ring (sadly I don't have a photo of me wearing it!)



We got engaged pretty quickly (2 months after getting together!) And the next thing we knew we were talking about having a family! So after having a long late night conversation about it all we decided that what we wanted to do.

It made us laugh because while we were trying for a baby Sy's dad asked us "Do you think your trying a little TOO hard?" We just laughed and said no! 

The Christmas / New Year of 2010/2011 I felt quite unwell, but I just put it down to the amount of alcohol we drank for Christmas, Sy's birthday and New Year! 

After recovering for quite a bad hangover I decided to try another pregnancy test - and to our surprise I was pregnant! After the joy of running up the stairs at Sy's parents house and telling him I couldn't help but panic, because of the amount of alcohol I'd drank over the Christmas & New Year period! 

The pregnancy wasn't a smooth one, I suffered from awful dizziness (luckily no morning sickness!) and I had a bad bleed near the end of my pregnancy, so I had to be back and forwards from the hospital having checks on me and baby. 9 long months had passed and we had a beautiful baby boy in September 2011! (he arrived a week early (15 days before my birthday!)  We had moved in to our own place together during my pregnancy - no more living at his parents! 


So, A LOT has pushed wedding planning back - So by this point we've been together for nearly 7 years and engaged for about the same amount as Sy proposed 2 months after we got together! 

Fast forward to 2017 - we've lived together for nearly 6 years, have a beautiful son (who is nearly 6!) and are on our 3rd house together! 

Venue Idea(s) - Number 1

Getting married in a castle is something we've both always wanted to do - We couldn't believe it when we read in the paper that Lincoln Castle was finally allowing couples to get married there! So that was the first place we looked at! 

Sadly we had to rule it out instantly, as the price for the ceremony alone was £1500 for a room that would only seat 30 people (and that's before you add the registrar fees! But it is a beautiful place!




Venue Idea Number 2 & 3

The next idea was looking for somewhere a little closer to home. We knew there was a few manor houses on the outskirts of town that host weddings, so we had a look at their websites. 

Normanby Hall is a beautiful country park on the outskirts of town. It was within budget but we thought it would be a bit 'too much' for our small numbers, and there would be loads of wasted space. 

Elsham Hall was another option, which is similar to Normanby, but on the opposite side of town. Sadly this was a little out of budget, but it really was beautiful. 

Venue Idea 4

After having a quick look at the manor houses Sy said that he felt that type of venue was 'too posh' and just wasn't him. So we started to think outside the box. We knew about our local theatre so I researched it and found that they do weddings!

It's lovely, but sadly we thought it just wasn't us. Ideally we were looking for somewhere that might give us the possibility of fireworks as we are getting married on bonfire night!


Venue Idea number 5 - Golf Club

We started looking at Golf Clubs - as we thought these may be a little more in our budget. The one which isn't too far away from us is lovely, and is used for accommodation for premier league football teams (so that's Sy happy!) We've yet to look round here, but it is a possibility as we're in talks with their wedding co-coordinator! I've found out that they allow fireworks too (if done by a professional company!  So this is possibility number 1! 



Venue 6 - Barn Conversion (and possibility number 1)

We looked on the outskirts of town as this seemed to be where the nicer venues are! I came across this place - I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! Showed Sy and he likes the look of it too. So we're arranging a viewing of this one as well. I spoke to their wedding coodenator and they've said that because we're looking to get married on bonfire night they'd allow exclusive fireworks for us! 


Venue Idea 7 - (Possibility number 2)

I found this with thanks to a member on here recommending it! It's only about 30 mins drive away from the centre of town, and looks lovely. 

It's a small venue (but that's all we will need for a small guest list like ours!) Plus it has it's own circus tent  for events like weddings!

This is The Mount Tea Rooms. We're in talks for having a viewing soon - So I'll keep you all posted! 



Laura this is such a lovely thread - what a wonderful and romantic story about how you never forgot each other.

Only just spotted the thread though from the link at the bottom of your post on my thread!

Can't wait to read more!


Epiphany wrote (see post):

Laura this is such a lovely thread - what a wonderful and romantic story about how you never forgot each other.

Only just spotted the thread though from the link at the bottom of your post on my thread!

Can't wait to read more!

Aww thank you Epiphany! I think I've rambled on a little in the tread though! Haha! I'm loving your thread so far too! 


Lovely getting together story x I remember your thread on venues. Fingers crossed you find one soon! 

Planning Thread:


Aww what a lovely story I an glad You found each other again. All your venues look fab. How exciting I love fireworks. 

My planning thread


Lucykins - We've not managed to get to a viewing yet! The coordinator asked if we could make it to a viewing today (she only asked last night) so sadly it was a little too short notice! 

I haven't heard from the tearoom in a few weeks, so I'll have to chase them up lol. 

Wibs77 - Thank you! I've put the deposit down for fireworks and found out we will be getting a proper bonfire night display instead of a mini one! 

FutureMrsThomas - Thank you! I'll keep you all posted on the venue viewings! 


We are having a bonfire to but no fireworks on the farm!!  




Katherine66 wrote (see post):

We are having a bonfire to but no fireworks on the farm!!  



Aww that would be brilliant and would keep everyone warm! 



I thought I'd keep everyone updated on things. 

I received a email from Forest Pines (this is the golf club) They've quoted for a civil ceremony, canapés, food for 40 evening guests for the reception & chair covers at £1479! I'm happy because this is in budget but I'm expecting the price to go up as we have added more people to the guest list since I asked for the quote to be done. 

They've also mentioned that they have a wedding open evening on the 15th June which I might rope Sy in to going to! Also (for people who have seen my other threads of in-laws being difficult about transport) the venue is REALLY close and has a bus stop right outside the venue as well - so they can't moan! Haha. 

And to top it all off they allow fireworks as well!! - YAY! 

This was originally one of the possible venues, but I've since had my heart set on the barn conversion (Ealand Gate) but there is no harm in going for a look round Forest Pines!