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Deposits have been paid for the fairy lights and the new videographer. We can’t increase numbers as the room isn’t big enough for 8 round tables. I think 10 people per table is going to be a bit of a squeeze? 

I am collecting my dress tomorrow and meeting the seamstress to get an idea of alteration costs. My weight loss has stalled at 4.5lbs but I have lost inches. I am going to take pictures tomorrow to compare from when I first tried it back in december. Fingers crossed I see an improvement! Thankfully my mum can alter my daughters dress and one of the bridesmaids as it just needs the length doing. My MOH and other bridesmaid will need a seamstress because they will need taking in as well as the length. My bridesmaid is putting me to shame with her weight loss. She’s lost over 8lb already! 

We've had to cancel the Moss Bros suit hire after paying the deposits because H2Bs family are now using excuses not to pay for their suit so we’ve lost the deposit and are still liable to pay for the suits even though we won’t be using them. That’s another £697 to find 😡😡😡

Invites were sent a few days ago so hopefully the RSVPs should start coming in. We will do a second round of all day invites in May with a July RSVP date. Evening invites will go out next week.

I cant take much more stress right now. I am crying at the drop of a hat at everything. My MOH is in a clinic to get some help and I am worried about her too. She has kept me sane during the whole wedding planning process.

Tomorrow is 9 months to go which is something to celebrate!



With my hair and makeup trial happening in a few weeks I’ve started to think about the look I would like to achieve. I am currently growing out my relaxed damaged hair but plan to have it re-relaxed and cut at the hairdressers next month and then focus on conditioning it right up until the big day.

Sally’s hair & beauty currently have 20% off everything so I’ve just ordered the 18 inch full head clip in hair extensions set which should be delivered Monday. The plan is to wear these and get my hair coloured to get rid of the greys that are sprouting. 

I would like to have a half up/half down style but I will most likely go with an updo especially as I am wearing a hair halo and comb.

Below are some inspiration pics that I love.

For nails I am going to keep it simple and not go overboard



Well I have my dress. Had an appointment with the seamstress today to discuss worst case scenario. H2B came with me for support as my MOH let me down. He didn’t see the dress and doesn’t want to until the day.

It went well. The 4 inches needed to close the corset back has now been reduced to 1. The length is perfect. She anticipates NO alterations will be needed on my dress at all only the jacket. I need to keep up the diet as I still need to lose at least 3 inches from my hips/tummy so I can sit down easily.

I feel so relieved.

Now it’s time to focus and crack on shifting the weight. Only 31lbs to go!

She also said I might not need to come in August, instead possibly just September or even October. I’ve promised her I won’t keep trying it on which will be easy to keep as the dress is now going to stay with my Mum.


Kelly224 wrote (see post):

Well done! That’s fab reducing it from 4 to 1! Great incentive for keeping going with the healthy eating etc! 

Thank you! I forgot to mention that it still has to go over my head but I’m pretty confident once I’ve lost the weight I won’t need to anymore and it will go over my hips. 


We took a visit to the Wedding Gallery near to where we live to see what was there and it actually gave Andrew some inspiration as to what to get me gift wise on the wedding. I’ve never seen him so excited!

We also went to try on some suits, well Andrew did lol. He’s decided on a simple navy suit from Debenhams which I think looks lovely. I left the decision with him in terms of colour and style. We’re still fighting with Moss Bros and their refusal to give us our money back after being unable to fulfil the order. I do not recommend them at all! 

We've paid the deposit for the flower wall and paid off the chocolate fountain as well and I also ordered the ribbon for our napkin settings. Thanks to MrsWoolgrove the measurements were spot on at 65cm per napkin! 

Instead of the wedding being paid off fully by September we’ve managed to get it down to June. Luckily the flower wall and window draping company don’t require payment until 2 weeks before so that makes life easier. 


The wedding nightmares have started again. Last nights was the florist went AWOL and there was no flowers and the venue wasn’t decorated and the wedding coordinator was in tears as she didn’t know how to tell me. 

Gained 2lb in weight this week. I’m not surprised as all I’ve had is crap. I am not in a good way at the moment and performing daily torturing of myself and how I look is becoming the normal now. I have even started looking for a second dress which I can buy off the rack because deep down I know I am not going to get into my dream dress and disappoint everyone 😞


And to make my day even worse there is a rip in my dress where the corset laces up. It’s only small around 1.5cm just below the last lace up hole, and to be fair you actually can’t see it as it’s inside but now I know it’s there it’s making me not want to wear it on the day. The seamstress told me it didn’t rip but she obviously knew it did. Time to stop eating full stop now. I am so mad at myself right now 😡😡😡


My dress fitted where it touched when I got it... Now I am on serious 'food watch'.

Get small cherry tomatoes to snack on... Cup of soups and multi seed ryvitas...  You don't necessarily have to watch what you eat - I think the main problem is portion control ... I'm terrible at that.



This evening I have been thinking about some of the pictures I would like taken by our photographer. I’ve downloaded a list from which I am going to modify. The link is below if anyone wants to download it:

Also been talking to our florist (who is amazeballs) about a long and low style that I really like for the fireplaces and she can do them bang on budget for the same price she quoted for the originals 😁 below is a picture:

Also considering upgrading my bouquet to a shower bouquet rather than the traditional hand tied one which I also had first time around. Below is my inspo and some of the bouquets our florist actually made last year for weddings:


Number one is my absolute favourite.

I’m planning on getting my bouquet and H2B buttonhole preserved after the wedding. We’ve found a good company called Infinity Flowers and H2Bs parents are going to drop them off on their way home to Leeds after the wedding which is where she is based. I can’t wait to have a permanent reminder of our day!


Badgersbetty wrote (see post):

My dress fitted where it touched when I got it... Now I am on serious 'food watch'.

Get small cherry tomatoes to snack on... Cup of soups and multi seed ryvitas...  You don't necessarily have to watch what you eat - I think the main problem is portion control ... I'm terrible at that.

My issues is portion control as well and also when I try and be strict and put myself under pressure I crave even more. I know I can do it because I have done it before and I WILL do it!  


Lexi90 wrote (see post):

Love your wedding flower ideas, they are stunning. I can’t wait to see the flowers on my wedding day!! 

Thank you Lexi. Same here. We have gone massively over budget but I really don’t care. I want the place to smell lovely. We’ve made cuts elsewhere to have what we want. I’m just worried about being judged for having so many flowers 😞😞 



So after much deliberation I have come to realise that my current veil doesn’t match my dress so I am in the process of selling it.

I am currently talking with Sian from Blossom & Bluebit’s about having one made especiallly for me which matches the lace on my dress perfectly and is less narrower than my current one as it makes me feel huge from the shoulders up! She has been amazing so far with her suggestions and I can’t wait to see what she suggests.

H2B isn’t best pleased about spending more money but he understands that I want to look beautiful and feel 100% happy So he is happy for me to go for it if it’s what I is! 

I will let you all know what I decide to go with once everything is confirmed. 


Well I have taken the plunge and rejoined slimming world. I need to lose exactly 36lbs to get me to my wedding weight goal. Tomorrow it starts. I have food in the fridge and cupboards. I am determined to do it this time.


Sian from Blossom & Bluebird has sent me the link to my Pintrest board with veil inspirations! I have chosen 2 different types of lace but I am struggling to choose between a single or 2 tier veil so have asked for all price options! This is a really big decision for me so I need to know I’ve made the right choice. I do love my original veil BUT I don’t think it goes with my dress and makes me look very wide in the shoulders and face! Going to sit and think on it for a few days and then make my decision. H2B is telling me to go for it if it makes me happy. God I love him so much 😍😍


In other wedding news: we have now changed the colour of flowerwall to match our theme. The company we’re using Silks in Bloom were lovely and let us change with no issues. 

We’re slowly getting our RSVPs back and getting ready to send second round of day invites plus evening invites, we forgot to send them when we sent the day invites. I’m glad we didn’t initially as we need to add some extra guests to bring the evening numbers up.

The hair/makeup artist has confirmed a start time of 8am in the wedding day but will reconfirm at my hair/makeup trial next month!

We also have an appointment next week with our cake maker to go over the final cake design and flavours. There has been a lot of changing minds the last few months so it will be good to finally decide on our cake.

I’ve decided for the memorial table that we’re going to have 2x hurricane vases with small posies inside them and also tealight and votive holders. I’m getting emotional just thinking about how it will look. We got the hurricane vases from hobbycraft and the votive holders I am getting from another fellow bride on here. They look different colours in the pictures but they arent in reality.


We are also meeting the florist and venue stylist at our venue next month to confirm final flowers/design/placements etc and also to dress a table to make sure it’s exactly how we envisage it looking with the table decor and flowers. We also need to make a decision about what we’re going to have on the registrars table. Hopefully we can have something that we can recycle and use in the reception room after the ceremony. I’ll let you all know how it goes at the end of next month.

Diet is going well. I weigh in on Wednesday. I’m feeling positive but anxious. Had a sneaky look at my scales and it shows a loss, I won’t say how much because I know it will most likely change by Wednesday. I need to drink more water. At work I drink litres of the stuff but at home I find it difficult. Any tips greatly appreciated!