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H2B is home safe from his Stag and fast asleep recovering from a fairly epic hangover. All in all seems like it was a pretty tame night although I do have a great photo of him in one of the bars dressed as a New York Firefighter!

The car is loaded up with all the drink and chocolates to run to the caterers in a little while. MOH and did a big sort though last night and tagged everything by table so the caterers should know where everything goes:

There's still more in the back of the car because it won't all fit in the boot!


Shit is officially getting real!

Last Monday before the wedding tomorrow. We're both working until Thursday lunchtime. Tomorrow I'm picking up our honeymoon currency then the lady who's been sand blasting the glass is coming round to bring us the various gifts we ordered.

Tuesday is the final photographer meeting then Wednesday H2B surrenders his company car so I have to drive from work 4O mins to get him, to then drive an hour and 15 to pick up our new car which is sitting on his mum's drive. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to give my soon to be mother in law the little brooch that was made to match my hair comb. Still have to drive an hour home after that...

Thursday we finish at lunch time and have various bits of sorting to do at the house, (Best Man's bed is currently covered in wedding stuff) before we both go for our spray tans.

Friday we have nail appointments then we're going to the venue to deliver all the various bits of decor and position all the furniture. I'm going from there to my mum and dad's for the evening while H2B goes to pick up the best man at the train station for them to come back to our house for the night.

We've got quite a lot of stuff done today, I skyped my Aunt in NZ about the honeymoon first thing, we delivered all the booze, fleshed out the itinerary from the big day a bit and sent emails round various suppliers. My mum took on the job of emailing everyone to remind them about booking taxis and about the time for Sunday lunch which saved us a job or too.


4 days to go!!

We've had a bit of a supplier breakthrough.

Today I've have the final numbers/invoices from the bar, the caterer and the florist.  We sit down with the photographer tonight to finalize plans and get the final invoice and payment from her.

Last night I picked up the foreign currency for our honeymoon and got the alcoholic gifts for groomsmen and best man.

Our sandblasted gifts got delivered for the parents and Matron of Honour and H2B did a bit of work on the Wedding Breakfast play list.

I genuinely wish I'd finished work earlier as despite plenty of warning of my impending leave people are coming up with urgent last minute bits for me to do...

That said I feel hugely relieved that all the suppliers are now in place and confirmed. Massive weight off my mind!


The photo doesn't really do it justice but this is the bottle we had customised for my MOH as a thank you gift:


We had a great productive day yesterday, our final suppliers all clicked into place, we had our final meeting with tog and made all our final supplier payments except the cash payments to be made of the day.

Had an email around lunchtime today from the bar asking to just confirm the number of guests on the day. I told her.

She emailed back asking if that was a typo. Said no, 33.

10pm she emails me seeing that they don't cater to weddings as small as ours as they can't turn a profit and will we consider guaranteeing a minimum spend?! She also returned the balance paid for the bar.....

I've had them lined up since last November with the deposit paid by December and nowhere in any info they've sent does it say minimum guest number!  It's 2 working days before the wedding, H2B wants to play hardball and tell them we have a contract and we're not paying a penny more...

I've asked them what the minimum spend would be to get an idea of what we're looking at. I can honestly see us needing a new bar!


Oh my god, how awful and unprofessional of them! Id be agreeing with your hubby on this one, find out the minimum spend and if its unacceptable tell you have a contract blah de blah and you expect them to fulfill it, if they argue tell them you will be reviewing them everywhere to warn people they let you down 2 days before the wedding because they wanted money that wasnt in the contract etc. 

Disgusting! And then Id probably review them badly even if they do fulfill it, for the stress theyve caused you.

Hope it all gets sorted out.


Oh my gosh you poor thing! How very stupid and unprofessional of them. That "rule" winds me up anyway but to think it is OK to spring this on you 2 days before the wedding is absolutely unacceptable. Firmly remind them that this has never been brought up before, how it is unacceptable to pull out now based on this as you have a contract the presumably doesn't mention minimum number/spend. See what they come back with the minimum spend and it might just be worth throwing some money at the situation as if it is just a little extra then it might be worth it for the stress it might cause you trying to find another one. Hope you sort it soon - then deal with the unprofessionalism afterwards. 


What shocking service, if its not mentioned anywhere I would definitely play hardball. Hope you get it sorted. Even with a minimum spend its not all going to be profit, as mentioned above it might be worth paying a set figure extra then pursue it after the wedding.


Hi guys!!

Thanks for your lovely comments and support.

Right, the bar lady didn't answer my email asking what the minimum spend would be. When I finished work at lunchtime (last time for 3.5 weeks!) I called her.

Minimum spend is apparently £600. This is in addition to the £200 bar hire. I just told her I'd need to discuss with H2B and left it at that.

Got home and told him and we agreed that we weren't going to find any middle ground with them. We talked around it a bit but my point was that even if we go back to them and try and force them to honour their contract they were unlikely to do so and with how slowly they're responding to communication it would just extend the stress and mean we might not have it resolved until the morning of the wedding...

So I called my caterer and she's going to provide me with bar staff and glassware. We're going to use the remaining money we had budgeted for the bar and soft drinks tokens and we're putting on a free bar instead.

I'm actually pretty happy with this as a solution, it won't look as pretty as there's would have but I think the guests will have a better night and I won't be worried about having anyone unpleasant there.

I do fully intend to name and shame them, and put a pretty brutal review on their Facebook page, but after the wedding, for now I'm letting it go and focusing on enjoying our wedding day.

My mum's actually really happy because she thinks a free bar will be nicer!


In other news we've finished filling all our table boxes and written all our thank you cards and wrapped our gifts. We've also been spray tanned!

My mum has picked up my wedding dress up and it's at her house waiting and I've started packing my overnight bag.

It's so close!!


Jenni8 wrote (see post):

Aww Mrsseebe I think that is a good alternative. Well done for sorting it and staying so calm! 

Thanks Jenni!

I actually feel much better now. I had a feeling that something wasn't sitting right with the bar supplier for weeks so I actually feel quite relieved now we're not dealing with them.

H2B and I made a shopping list of booze and soft drinks to pick up tomorrow so we now feel like it's completely in hand. It's costing us a bit more than the bar hire alone but loads less than they wanted and will cost our guests nothing.

I figured stressing about it wasn't going to solve anything, better to just crack on and find a solution.


In the time-honoured tradition of all brides and grooms on the day before their wedding day: this morning we got up at 6.45am to take delivery of a new tumble dryer because ours started making a screeching noise like an angry pteradactyl while I was part way through the pre honeymoon clothes wash...

So, post spray tan showers and we're off in convoy to drop off H2B's old company car at work to be surrendered.  It is possible we could have timed some of these things a bit better...

Once that's done we're back into full wedding mode, pamper appointments, buying bar booze and getting the venue in order!

Nice chill out at my parents tonight - they took final single woman meal requests mid week so I could have whatever I wanted for dinner tonight. Also means I get to see my dress in the flesh after my mum picked it up and took it home to hang up.


Almost there!!

Toenails done - closed toes tomorrow so I've gone with a pretty rose gold that I think will be nice for the honeymoon.

Fingernails done as french with a slight shimmer to the pink. The lovely lady who runs our salon did me a nail fix on one that had partially cracked across my nail bed so you now you can't tell which is fake and which are my own. She also gave me her personal mobile number in case of nail emergency which I thought was super sweet!

Unfortunately due to a UV lamp issue they were using a low powered one on my mum's nails which pushed her appointment 25 mins into H2B's... Made us later than hoped for the next stage of our day but he'd already packed the car full of wedding stuff so off to buy the bar stock we went!

Arrived at the venue 15-20 minutes later than hoped which meant my parents beat us to it, they had already told the venue manager about what happened with our bar. The manager was saying how awful it was and what were we going to do, so we explained about buying the drink ourselves. She said - you should bring it here, we've for a chiller you could put it in and cool it down overnight! Needless to say we jumped at this and now all our bar stock is safely chilling and our caterer is paid to cover the bar duties. They even loaned us their caretaker for half an hour to help bring it all in.

Venue tables all set up, they let us use their conveniently purple flower vases to dress the other rooms which was lovely. Signs all set up and suppliers all updated. We even tested the volume on the music set up and they've put tags on the correct settings for us.

H2B and have had our goodbye hug and kiss which was oddly emotional. He went to collect his best man and they've done a run back via the venue and Church. The Church flowers and pew ends are gorgeous! They've done more than we asked them to! We asked for 3 arrangements and she's done 5.

Back at my mum and dad's, they've made me dinner and taken special requests for breakfast. Expecting my brother round shortly to run through a few things then I'm hoping for an early night. Shattered!



Oh wow, how exciting! How are you feeling, other than knackered from your busy day?!

Hope tomorrow is everything you hoped it would be!


Sounds like your all ready to get married!! Hope your day tomorrow is perfect x

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Aaah hope tomorrow is incredible! Have the best day ever xx


In other news the bar hire firm came back to my email asking to cancel (at 11am today) saying that they really didn't want to cancel and could me compromise at £500 all in...

I pointed out that given the timescales involved I'd had to make alternative arrangements and that no compromise would be possible.

They've accepted and will be returning my deposit.