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Our small Cornwall wedding. May 2017


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The new Mrs P wrote (see post):

Dora I've been reading your thread since I joined the forum about 6 months ago... I've just clocked today that you get married next month! It's come around so quickly and you must be so excited!

Really sorry to hear about your friends not being able to make it. Relationship break ups are hard on everyone.

Aww bless you. Thankyou. My thread is awful. I'm like an emotional, anxious idiot. I come on here and post when I'm not always in the right frame of mind and then feel like an idiot when I read it back Lol. 

But yes it's so close. I feel sick when I think of how much we have spent but then I talk to H2B and we agree we wouldn't be without anything we've booked. 

Im terrified of my anxiety kicking in on the wedding day. I seriously will vibrate down the aisle where I'm shaking so much 😂 I was supposed to do a reading at my sisters wedding but just couldn't do it. Luckily I did pull out as I cried the whole way through her wedding 😂 So I'm screwed for my own wedding 😂


Busy busy wedding planning! 

So my mum is in full blown Mother of the Bridezilla! 

This morning I woke up to 5 messages from her all wedding related 😂 And she's currently phoned me about 6 times today. When my phone rings H2B is saying "oh that's your mum again, she's thought of something else" lol. So it's been a crazy day today. 

We've gone through all our lists to see what is outstanding in payments and what we are going to pay off with what. We've been saving in saving accounts and also had a jar we've spent the past year filling up. When ever we go out we withdraw the cash we intend to spend, if we come home with any it's gone in the jar. We counted it today and there's just shy of £800 in there. That will mostly be our spending money for the holiday but pretty pleased with that.

My credit card will take a bit of a hit but it's 0% and when harvest kicks in we will be able to clear that in the next few months.  

We've found our confetti after a post I made on here so that's being ordered. Biodegradable is so expensive and it's so hard to know how much you need lol. But adam apple was recommended and they seem great and so affordable which is even better. 

We've pretty much sorted the food out. We also brought two colouring books and crayons for the two babies today so they have that for the wedding breakfast. H2B was so excited when he brought them and kept going on about the fact they have stickers in there too. He keeps saying he's excited about seeing our niece cover my sister in stickers... she'll be 12 and a half months old 😂 

The only annoying thing we've had is the hen do. We are having that down in Cornwall on the Sunday but most of the restaurants seem to be shut on Sunday nights. The only one that's open is a fish place and I can't stand fish. My mum keeps harping on about the fact the will do steak, but I don't even like the sight of fish... and the smell... Eug! So that's a no go from me 


Wow! You have been so busy!


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I know. It's been a busy day, so just poured myself a glass of wine 🙈😂 lol. 

This is the confetti we've gone with


Very good price and as I said, recommended by this site so fingers crossed x 


Busy day at work but eagerly watching my emails 

so today I've emailed back and forth to my wedding co-ordinator after the huge amount of emails I sent her over the last few days. Ended up getting nowhere so just got off the phone to her after 45mins of chatting lol. 

Our table plan is confusing us. We wanted one long table but she sent me this plan instead 

was confused by the bit at the top left corner. After speaking to her that's apparently a top table. So basically us and the parents would be there. The rests of the guests would be on a long table facing each other. Now this isn't what we wanted. We wanted everyone on one table so everyone was involved and able to chat. Layed out this way I feel we would feel out of it all. But if we put other people there it will be as if they are on the boring kids table. I've begged her to try and get us all on one table so she's going to speak to her operations person and see if we can fit one long table. She said as our drinks reception will be in there it might be tight on space, but I quickly said the sun will be shining and we'll be outside lol. Fingers crossed it can work as I hate that bloody table separate from our guests. We are small and intimate and want everyone to feel involved. I don't want to be shoved on a table with the parents 😩


Table plan continued. 

It seems there was a mix up communication. My wedding coordinator emailed today to say they didn't have enough room for everyone on one long table but then sent me three options of plans. 

This was included 

So 14 along each side. Exactly what I wanted 😂 I think she thought I wanted 28 on just one side lol. So we have our table plan just how we want it. Now we need to figure out who sits where lol. We will have two high chairs so they will go at the end.

now I need your opinions. I was speaking to my parents and said about having them to my side and H2Bs parents next to him. Apparently she's ment to be to his side and his parents to mine? What's your thoughts? 

also my BMs bracelets have turned up today. They are perfect! But too big! Going to see if H2B can take any links out? 

When I find out if he can do it I'll post a pic for you all. They are lovely 


I think the 'proper' 'traditional' way is to seperate your parents. So your mum sits with his dad, and vice versa. But I say shove tradition and do it however you want.


Ahhh that's interesting. 

My mother keeps harping on about tradition but our table plan isn't traditional any way. She said about tradition being having H2Bs parents next to me and her next to H2B. My sister had her top table laid out this way and I had a great time sat between my dad and the best man. But I think I'd prefer my parents next to me.

Will speak to H2B when he gets home. He's gone to see his best man about something I'm not allowed to know about... hmmm... suspicious. I'm thinking maybe my wedding present... or he's brought another tractor 😂 If its the latter it better be a tractor for me! I REALLY want a vintage Fordson Standard. They were used by the women in the land army, so it's a girly tractor right! I just love them and told H2B I really want one! But they are bloody expensive so I Know it's not that lol xxx


It's dress fitting day! 

Praying it fits otherwise there will be tears 😂


Oh wow you have done so much, I seem to have missed loads of posts! I think I am going to get out confetti from adam apple too so excited to see what you think. The updated table plan looks great, I am going to be having my Dad and Mum next to me and his Mum and Dad next to him. 


Good luck with your dress fitting!!


Good luck with the dress fitting xxxx

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Good luck with dress fittin sure it will be fine though 

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IT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so it was a squidge tight when I first put it on but it did up. Once id been in it for a few mins it felt fine. Think I was so tense about it fitting that I kind of stiffened up a bit. 

It is perfect though so no more fittings required. So relieved. It also sat lower at the front so my previous worries about my shoes showing and maybe needing to go for ballet pumps isn't a problem now. So my converse can stay yay!!

iI've got some updated pics which I will share later. just waiting for my mum to send them over to me 



Eek! So happy the dress was perfect for you. XxxX 

Look forward to seeing the pictures x 

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Here it is ladies! It's crazy having it on and it actually fitting. Every time I've been in the dress it's been huge on me, except last time when it was too small 😂 

Here it is all fitted 

Wedding addict

It's a beautiful dress, you look fab!


Thanks ladies. Glad you like it. I love it so much 🤗

Will look better when my hair is all done too lol.