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Helen225 wrote (see post):

Thanks everyone! 

Tanya - ooo thanks for the tip. I was thinking of possibly doing the bungee jump...  (OH thinks im mad). 

Jenni - I've not heard of it so we're not doing it lol, we had waaaaay too much choice of things to do! 

Nikki - yours sounds great! Seeing yours has made me think we're going for the right length of time in Cape Town and Kruger. That's one of the hardest things for me, working out how long to spend in each place. We very nearly did it DIY but ended up basically taking our itinery to trailfinders and then at least we get what we want plus transfers and no worrying about me working it out wrong (for example, they pointed out that I couldn't make our flight out of Kruger and we couldn't physically get out of the park early enough to get the flight, doh!). I cant wait to see the penguins near Cape! When do you go? 

I fully intended to do the bungee jump when I was there then I watched a couple of my friends doing it and still to this day the phrase, 5,4,3,2,1 Bungee! Gives me the chills, I have never regretted changing my mind! 111 metres no thank you!!


My Dad

My dad died seven years ago when I was 24. I'm an only child with no extended family - my Mum and Dad were also firm believers in 'keeping to yourselves' and, I'm not sure whether they advocate this or not or it's just what I took from my childhood, but they brought me up to rarely show emotion too. My OH on the other hand only knows his Mum's side of the family but it's huge and Christmas is always a massive family affair which I love, albeit it find it slightly overwhelming at times. They all love each other so much, so openly, worts and all. It's made me realise that you can shout and cry and your family will understand and, hell, even join in! It's not about showing weakness, it's about showing passion and love. This I guess subconsciously and consciously has driven me away from my Mum, as, although I was never a Mummy's girl, I do now have the kind of relationship with her where I find myself seeing her because it's the day to do so, etc. I find it very sad but she's also a very difficult woman.

For a while, I've been trying to figure out how best to honour him at the wedding, without feeling uncomfortable about the amount of emotion on display and without wanting to upset my Mum. A few of the usual ways of honouring those that cannot be there make my toes curl thinking about.

On Thursday I bought a locket to put a photo of my Dad in which I'm going to put in my bra close to my heart. My secret that he is with me walking me down the aisle.


One of the first things I pinned on my pinterest board was the below. We've found a frame that has space for twelve photos - four bridesmaids, four ushers, two Mums, my Dad, and the OHs Grandad (he was his male figure in his life). Rather than have headings above the photos, each of them in the photo will be holding a chalkboard with 'Charlotte - MOH' for example. For my Dad and OHs Grandad, we're going to find photos of us as kids sat on their knees or something and then photoshop the chalkboard in. 

The other thing I want to do - I'm really hoping I will be brave enough to - is to give my Dad's speech. I want to introduce the two people who should be on the top table to everyone in the room (in a light hearted way!). This will include the final idea where I'll tell everyone we're actually having three first dances. The traditional one, then a song that reminds us of my Dad (probably Bruce), then a song that reminds us of Grandad (probably Kenny Rodgers) and tell everyone to make sure they dance!

Half of me really hopes my Mum understands and she doesn't find it distasteful talking about feelings; the other half of me really doesn't give a s*** and can just picture my Dad rolling his eyes at me lol. I know she will be in the minority in that room. 


Helen225 wrote (see post):

Arghhh I had a dream last night that I went to try my dress on and hated it. The long train I fell in love with was apparently an added extra that I couldn't afford so i ended up with nothing at the back 

Lol! Wedding dreams are funny, I had one where I was walking the 15 miles to my wedding being passed by loads of classic wedding cars and to protect my dress I was wearing plastic bin-bags!



So after discovering our caterers wanted almost £1000 for canapés at the drinks reception, we decided to have Krispy Kremes. They worked out between £100 - £150 depending on whether we did one each (as they are pretty big!) or a few more. 

The Krispy Kreme website no longer seems to have the party packs they did with the two dozen towers and doughnuts. I've email them but now I'm thinking possibly macarons. Has anyone got a macaron tower from a national company? How much am I looking at for about 200 ish? How many would you do per person for a drinks reception rather than a cake replacement (we're having a cake of cheese!)?

Slightly confused, it was a decision I thought we'd made and now wondering what the hell to do!! 



The OH has had his eye on a Ted Baker suit from Moss Bros for a while after he discovered just how expensive it was to have one completely tailored. We managed to get it in the sale last Sunday and then noticed their website had another 15% off sale stock and so managed to get over £100 off it. Unfortunately, from that point, the whole thing has been a bit of a nightmare to be honest and added to my supplier rant post last week if anyone saw it. I will never ever ever buy anything from Moss Bros again and so they've just lost themselves four suit hires for the ushers. Theres loads more to it but essentially all in one day they emailed me to say it was out for delivery, then said it would be delivered the next day due to unforeseen circumstances, then refunded me the cost of the suit (cue bridezilla!), and then when I finally got home from work (via the nearest Moss Bros who were couldn't tell me anything) the OH casually dropped into conversation that his suit was upstairs. Argh! Needless to say it seems I only received an email advising me of a refund and not the actual refund. 

Annnnnyways, here it is:

He's then bought some Italian leather brown shoes from Next:


And then some Paul Smith cufflinks:

He's always had this idea of them all wearing really funky socks and there's a company called Roys Boys socks where he was going to get some spotty socks from. They do alternate colours so a pair of socks might be one purple background with yellow spots and the other is yellow background with purple socks. The website doesn't seem to be working in this last week though so not sure if they've gone bust or what. I hope not! 




Wow! Beautiful! X 

Planning Thread:


That is beautiful, where did you get it from?


Instead of dragging my bridesmaids around the shops, I've been on a mass internet spending spree recently (so much so the card issuer blocked it cos they thought it was fraud... oops). Some of them are from high street anyway, some are from asos, little mistress etc. The big try on is tomorrow night and I am SO EXCITED!!!! I don't remember being this excited the night before wedding dress shopping! I think its cos its probably the last big thing that will alter the look of the wedding - well, apart from usher's suits and... meh, a suits a suit (don't tell the OH that!). 

So im currently surrounded by around 40 dresses - it equates to 11 different dresses. Three of my bridesmaids are 16 or 18 and one is 12 or 14 so I've had to order 12, 14, 16 and 18 where possible in each dress. So annoying!! I'm a size 8/10 so I can't even try any of them on and it's killing me! Although I did giggle at the weekend. Completely out of the blue, the OH offered to try them on so I could see them. Now that is true love bless him!! 

Wish us luck tomorow. If we don't agree I don't know what I'll do as I literally have every maxi navy dress with straps available in the UK! 


Please help! We had the trying on tonight and can't decide between two. There's £4 difference in price and so the price isn't really a decider. What do you think against my dress? I just cannot decide between the two. The first one is available loads of places so a guest is more likely to have seen it before. But I think I prefer it as a dress. The second one looks a bit cheaper to me and not sure the bling goes with my dress but then three of the four BMs preferred it (But said they would be equally happy in the other). It also looks better in the photos I took. Argh! 


Hi helen I prefer the second. I've seen the back of those little mistress ones and really don't like the stretchy material!


I like them both, but I would say that literally everyone has the Little Mistress ones. I keep seeing them everywhere in literally every colour! But on the other hand, that means they must be nice because everyone is choosing them?