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As we have not yet booked a venue or set a date yet; due to a fussy bride and an arguably pickier groom, I've debated whether I was ready to start a 'planning thread'. But even without those things, set in stone...I am still definitely planning, so here goes!


The 'getting together' bit

I'd just moved to a new city, was all ready to be independent post University and do my thing...then I met a boy. I'll be honest, I didn't think he liked me 'like that' after a few dates and in order to save my overly proud face I told him I wasn't really interested in him 'like that' (LIES).

We carried on hanging out a bit, I made excuses sometimes in an effort not to sound too keen (apparently 'Eating ice cream with my housemate' was one of my finest) and a few more weeks went by. Then, one drunken Saturday night conversation revealed that he did like me, so much so that he'd been too shy to tell me.  After that he basically moved into my house share with me, ate me out of house and home, continuously took over the bed and stopped me eating garlic baguettes for dinner (I can't be the only person who hates cooking just for themselves?). 

A few more years and separate house shares later, we rented for a house together for a year, before buying our own in June 2015. Then he proposed in May 2017...



Yay a new thread! And yes totally hate cooking for just one person! in fact whenever my fiance goes away for work I sometimes just do a takeaway to save on the hassle! Can't wait to read more x

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

The Proposal [PIC HEAVY SORRY]

So my other half/partner in crime loves to put on a good surprise, from here on I'll call him 'R'. I am not the best at surprises, good or bad because I am definitely a planner.

Lots of people told me we'd get engaged 'soon' after we bought the house.  A year and a bit later with no proposal in sight, we booked a holiday of a lifetime to Canada, Alaska and the Grand Canyon. Again, I was told how many people 'knew' we were going to get engaged while we were on holiday. Initially I dismissed this, as it was never going to be the 'big surprise' I'd always envisioned R would make (seriously I thought I'd have to be thrown out of a plane to earn a ring haha). But closer to the time, I thought maybe he might, after all when we were only together for a few weeks he said he imagined getting engaged to someone after being together for about 4 or 5 years. At the time we went on holiday it was 4 years, 5 months and 23 days...then we were off...

So day 1 we were proposal (it's okay, it wouldn't be surprise if he proposed immediately right)

Day 2...exploring the beautiful BC 

Day 3...driving and hiking through Jasper National Park (posing with my sandwich because no ring)

By day 4....I'd accepted it wasn't happening, but we were having the most amazing holiday 

Then on day 8 (seriously how did he wait so long) we spent 10 hours trekking through the snow to Black Tusk- this is me all smiles about 6 hours in...

And then down by Garibaldi Lake

Finally got my bling, exactly 4 and a half years since we officially got together (apparently this is pure coincidence than excellent planning)

The walk down didn't hurt anywhere near as the walk up!


Oh wow what a gorgeous setting for a proposal! Congratulations. Look forward to hearing more about your planning!

Wedding addict

FutureMrsT123 wrote (see post):

Yay a new thread! And yes totally hate cooking for just one person! in fact whenever my fiance goes away for work I sometimes just do a takeaway to save on the hassle! Can't wait to read more x

I'm glad I'm not the only person who can't bare cooking for themselves- I'm trying my best to stay away from takeaway, I don't know when I'm aiming to feel confident in a dress by yet haha

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Venue number 1...

We (*cough* I) spent hours and hours browsing online directories for a venue- we don't go to church, so didn't want a church wedding and weren't keen on a stately home or barn wedding. 

I am a little obsessed with light and R is a professional photographer (unfortunately not weddings...after seeing how pricey wedding photographers are, I am trying to convince him he should consider a change of subject haha) so we wanted somewhere light and bright where we could host everything in one place. 

We found the Three Daggers Brewery in Somerset...

It was lovely and light, they're fully licensed for weddings (only brewery in England that is, I believe) and it was such excellent value for money. 

We had a meal while we were there (if you're having a wedding here, try and incorporate their wood fired pizzas into the reception, I really really recommend them) and it was ace, their own beer was also ace...

So why didn't we book...? We could not make the numbers work...their max capacity in the brewery is 32 (or was when we viewed) and we didn't want a marquee. We tried and tried but could not make it work. 

If you want a smallish wedding in Somerset, at a reasonable price with excellent food, I really recommend you check them out- not an add...but drinks and food, dj and wedding for less than £100 per head!?


Wedding addict

We viewed a few more venues, but none of them were quite right for us or didn't really look like the photos/how we imagined. 

We've carried on in earnest and broadened our search area with 2 venues booked for this weekend, in Cornwall (5 hours from our Midlands home) and Hereford. 

Lack of venue hasn't stopped me playing with wedding ideas though...

We're probably not having origami dinosaurs...I do love succulents though and made this up for the guest bedroom at the weekend- could definitely work if I could find terrariums cheap enough!


Wedding addict

The Cornwall venue was absolutely perfect! So so different to anything we've seen, even though it was throwing it down with rain. They don't run many weddings (5 a year) and have quite a few dates to choose from for next year. So so excited! 

We are going to another venue late this afternoon (waited 6 weeks for a weekend viewing) but we've pretty much made our minds up...

It suddenly all feels real!

Wedding addict

We went to the Hereford venue Sunday and it was lovely but so so pricey- and there were some things I was surprised she couldn't tell me like drinks pricing, how the sound limiter worked etc aside from all the 'optional extras' that were left out our rough quote when I enquired....or was I naive to assume the fairy lights in all the photos in a £4.5k reception space would have been included? means we've got our heart set even more firmly on the Cornwall venue, with just a few last queries to clear up. 

I've emailed a few catering companies and our favourite photographer has one of our preferred dates available...just trying to make the stars align now haha- fingers crossed we can start booking things next week!


New bride

Really enjoying your planning thread, where abouts in Hereford did you look? I'm getting married near there and found it difficult to find places!

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Rachel-41 wrote (see post):

Really enjoying your planning thread, where abouts in Hereford did you look? I'm getting married near there and found it difficult to find places!

Thank you- sometimes it feels like i'm just talking to myself- eek. we looked at Dewsall Court, don't get me wrong it was beautiful- but not beautiful enough for me to want to sacrifice moving house in a few years...

Wedding addict


We've booked the venue and the photographer, have confirmation the band we prefer is available (just waiting to see if they're happy to learn our first dance) and our preferred catering drawing up some menus for us to browse. it's time to start drawing out some very extensive to do lists... 

22nd September 2018- I'm going to be a Mrs! 

(probably legally before as the venue isn't licensed)

edit: the band messaged me as I was writing this post- so will be sorting a deposit for them this week. Everything is suddenly coming together- although i feel like all I've done this week is ping money haha. BUT- it's very nice to start setting things in stone, we mulled over venues for months and felt like we weren't getting anywhere.