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Wedding addict

I just binge read your whole thread. In fact it helped me get through a massive pile of marking that I had (thankfully now complete). 

Just wanted to say that your wedding sounds lovely, and I had to comment on how beautiful you looked in your wedding makeup photo. 



Glad it helped you get through the marking and thank you so much :D I was very happy with it! I found her through these boards, very useful site haha


Glad you got your RSVPs in that must be a relief. 79 out of 96 isn't bad at all. Hope the Rev gets your hubs name right on the day!




So it's just over a month to go! EEEK! Time to do an update!

I am back for my second fitting on the 16th, then on the 30th to check it all over and bring it home. She is also doing my daughter dress no problem as she's just too skinny for it haha (wish I had that problem ;D)

We have bought H2B's shoes, £22 down from £140 at a local closing down sale. I was giddy with the bargain :D

I am meeting the caterer at the venue on Thursday just so they can see the space properly (they are an outside caterer who haven't been to our venue before) and sort out where everything will be as the catertering companies owner will be our on the day show runner.

Seating plan done and sent to those who need it.

Most of the final payments now made, just gotta wait for caterers to send me their final invoice, get the final price on dress alterations and pay the music entertainment and we are done :D


Meeting went well today. We finalised a few minor little bits, they are happy with the space, looking forward to it all now but still worried things will go wrong/not be how I imagined but trying to remind myself that as long as everyone is fed and watered and has fun, the rest is not important (hard to keep this in my head though when I keep having dreams of the whole thing being a disaster).



How exciting!

Well done on your bargain, that is great. And on conquering the seating plan! 

The whole thing will definitely not be a disaster :) although I know what you mean about nightmares.. 


I keep remembering little things I still need to sort out as well which does not help haha


Becky111 wrote (see post):

Getting so close now 😁

Seems like everything is coming together perfectly x

Fingers crossed! I keep thinking I should have got married in one of them places where it's all sorted for you in-house instead of organising various different companies lol


So one if my future sister in laws (h2b has 3 sister's) has deleted me off fb and says she might not come to the wedding. Fabulous, not like she is a family of 6 (husband and 4 kids) and we've already paid and sent off seating plan or anything 😡 h2b says of she doesn't come after all the things he's done for her and supported her in then he's cutting her out. Im already at the point of really not caring either way. She comes then great, he's happy and doesn't mess up plans. She doesn't come, I don't have to deal with her anymore.

The reason for all this? Last Wednesday I did an fb post saying "2013 & 2018, my two best years" (these are the years out daughter was born and obviously we marry). This was liked and commented on by the other sister's and various other members of the family. Then on Saturday me and my daughter had a mummy daughter day out, I put up a pic of the 2 of us with the caption "Day out with my favourite girl". Again, liked and commented on by other sister's and various friends and family members.

Well she called last night to yell at h2b as apparently this is me rubbing it in her face that her daughter, who had been terminally disabled since birth, died around 6 months ago while mine is alive and well (I posted here about her passing at the time as it was obviously devastating) and the fact everyone in the family just keeps talking about our wedding is proof none of us care about what shea going through.

Obviously h2b spent ages on the phone trying to show that's not correct, and we are all here for her but she wasn't having any of it which led to him saying that if she doesnt come he cuts her out after how many times he did the 8hr journey to her (When she got married, when her daughter deteriorated, when he left at 4am the day she passed to be there as soon as she called, helping with funeral arrangements, calling her most nights after just to chat etc). I know she's on the list for grief counselling but I think she needs to see a Dr to try and get bumped up the list as obviously she is not coping and needs futher support. 

After 7 years of problems from her - we are opposites as people, we disagree on most things to do with life, work, children, her saying I took her brother away, her saying I'm the reason he's not marrying in their home town (which is actually because he hates it there, hasn't lived there for 14 years, it's 8hrs away and his family thrives on drama) I am just done with it all. I am fed up if trying to find common ground :( 


Long moan post over now lol oh well, time to think about the good stuff, like the fact I have my second dress fitting on Friday, yay!


I think really this has nothing to do with you and as you say, is an expression of her struggling with grief. Her world stopped the day her daughter died, and it must be hard seeing other people moving on with their lives while she can't, but that doesn't give her the right to be abusive. Everyone else's lives cannot come to a grinding halt, and they shouldn't.

Enjoy your dress fitting x


My planning thread:


Yeah, h2b hoped this would give her a chance to relax a bit, let herself be with family etc but obviously what happened is still stopping this from happening :( shame she is pushing people away rather than letting her family help her or letting us be happy. She hasn't deleted anyone else with kids but as she has never liked me I am not surprised she has chosen me as the target. Hopefully she gets her counselling soon 

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