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Tis' The Season To Be Married - Dec 2018


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Hello! I stumbled across these planning threads and after stalking through them for (probably) faaaar too long, I decided to start my own :) Despite being engaged over 2 years we have only just begun planning and at the moment we just have a lot of emails and meetings planned with nothing yet booked, but we know what we want so figured I would vent my ideas here!!


Our Story & The Proposal

We met for the first time back in 2009. I was 19 years old and only 1 month into my 3 year university course. He was the annoying older (he's 7 years older than me) idiot at the bar who asked my roommate about me and who I rejected as I wasn't interested in someone when I had only just started university. Despite this for the next 2 years he pestered me whenever he saw me out and about, even me being with someone else didn't stop him trying to get my number!! Finally, in 2011, after 2 years of him badgering me and one break up on my side, I gave in (specifically I downed my drink, found him at the bar, told him I was single and he kissed me right there that second). 

We had a great first year together, lots of fun, surprises and laughter and our biggest surprise came a year later in 2012 when I discovered I was pregnant just before our 1 year anniversary. It was at this point we moved 250 miles back to my home area to be near my family and in 2013 our daughter was born :) She is now 4, a complete daddy's girl who couldn't care less about mummy half the time and has the attitude of a teenager!!

In 2015 he took me to London for a week as a late christmas present. As I am a huge Harry Potter fan he booked us in specially designed 'wizarding rooms' at a beautiful hotel, booked us shows, various days out and a trip to the Harry Potter studio. It was on the day we went to the studio that he propsed. I ahd loved the day, was so excited through all of it and buzzing from so much Harry Potter. That night we went to see a performance of Wicked, a show I had been dying to see for years and while having a drink afterwards I said I wasn't sure how he could ever top that day, and so there in the bar he paniced and practically shoved the box across the table at me haha

Since then we moved back to the city we met in with our daughter and I changed jobs and now finally, after 2 years of being engaged, nealry 6 years together and one child and a dog later we are FINALLY planning this bloody wedding! :D


The Ring

Luckily my friend who knew beforehand what was going to happen insisted I go get my nails done before the trip, she knew I would take a picture like this haha


The Budget

The dreaded budget. Unforunately we have never won the lottery, do not own any stocks/shares/patents and we dont come from some wealthy land owning families, so there was going to be limits, and despite us both working full time our limit was not going to be massive! I knew straight away I was not going to borrow money for this wedding and so with a knowledge of what help we would recieve from family (thanks to my sister getting married back in 2015) which wasn't massive compared with some but every little helps, and a rough idea of what we can save up ourselves I am pretty sure we are aiming somewhere between £8000 and £12000 (depending on if we include the honeymoon in our budget or class that a seperate thing as we wont be taking it until a couple months after the wedding anyway)


Ah loving the title of this thread and what a lovely backstory! Congrats Sadie. Look forward to seeing how it all unfolds. Also I'm dying to see Wicked!


Thank you both :) and yes, he uses that wait I put him through whenever trying to win an argument or score brownie points haha


Thank you all :) Will update tonight with an idea of our overall 'vision' (I say that with a wrinkled face as it sounds weird to me haha) because until some suppliers/venues/people in general start replying to emails I cant book anything haha you'd almost think they didn't want my money!! ;D

New bride

Look forward to reading your plans, I'm also a Christmas 2018 bride and new to the site! 


The Vision


So as you can tell we are looking at deep navy and gold tones (H2B is a chelsea fan, as are my family, so blue being involved was a big thing for him!) It is important to us that the theme be based on winter and celebration and not Christmas, or at least keeping the Christmas to the minimum. Neither of us a big cake fans so love the idea of actual cheese instead, something I think we could then use as part of the evening buffet with lots of yummy chutneys & crackers.

The Church

The church is still a bit of an issue for me, I have 0% interest in getting married in one, but it was important to my H2B and due to it's connection to my reception venue of choice, I have agreed, It really is beautiful, our daughters godmother married there and a work friend who married there informed me that for a small bit extra they light all the candles in the church and dim the lights during winter ceremonies if you wish to achieve a candlelit ceremony, something I will be asking for!!

The Venue

Still waiting to hear back so that we can get this booked but we pretty much knew straight away where we wanted our reception venue, the 700 year old Tithe Barn is technically our chosen church's church hall, but with it's rich history (something the history lover and enthusiast in me couldn't resist) and the fact it was a 5 second walk from the church doors in its own little private courtyard area made it perfect. The lighting is already beautiful, every beam is covered in lights and one wall is almost entirely made out of glass, meaning we are planning on doing very little in the way of decorating it.

Food & Drink

I love comfort food, my H2B is a very fussy eater (im talking nothing red and didnt try gravy until he was 27!!) and my family are pretty down to earth with a distate of overly fancy food. So my wish is for sausage and mash main (with a veggie option), a melt in the middle chocolate pudding (my favourite) and no idea or starter. Of course this is if we do a sit down, we are also considering a buffet :) as for drinks, we are planning our welcome drinks to be mulled wine and hot chocolate, to help everyone warm up during our December wedding :)

Of course all of this is still to be booked, but you get an idea of what we are hoping for!



Oooo navy and gold, what gorgeous classic combination especially for a winter wedding. Navy and gold was my original dream, then I found my wedding dress and it all changed!


Thank you!! Depending on the time of year we chose I had various different colour ideas but in the end the winter won, I am hoping nothing is going to change my colour ideas as the blue and gold keeps us both happy haha (plus I don't suit light or icy colours so the icy/winter blues were a no go and I usually prefer gold to silver :))


Ah the colour choice! Its gourgeous and great for Dec! I started off with sage, then brought my dress and changed it to silver and dove blue and grey. Its now just a mixture of everything- even got some rose gold chucked in too! Venue looks beaut!! Have you been dress shopping yet?


Im also a december bride, but this year. I love the idea of the candlelit ceremony, I hope my church does this!