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Town Centre Barn Wedding - August 2019


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Just as a heads up, there is a big sale on the Jon Richard website with some real bargains to be had plus 10% off for new customers - just got this little beaut for an absolute steal! 

I did fall in love with an Ivory & Co headband at my dress shop but just can't justify £105 for a headband! I previously bought a cheap hairslide from eBay but it isn't great quality, so hoping this is as nice as it looks online.

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Feeling frustrated :(

Aargh -  why are suppliers so bloody slow at sending info through? Told my photographer we wanted to book over 2 weeks ago, he said he would send paperwork through so we could pay the deposit and despite chasing, we still haven't received it. He has been busy working abroad but if he just said that in the first place I wouldn't have been stressing.

Equally, the make up lady I'm interested in booking takes about 5 days to reply to an email! 

I've reached a point where I'm bored of the whole bloody wedding and just want to nip to the local registry office and be done with it (in fairness that's what I wanted in the first place!), or go abroad just the 3 of us and get married on a beach.

It's so much money and I can't help but think we'd be better off just paying a chunk off our mortgage with it instead. A very well paying contract we thought OH was going to get has fallen through, and while we can still afford the wedding as we booked it a year ago, before this contract was even on the table, it would have helped us so much :(

In other news, H2B spoke to FMIL about showing my dress pics to people and she told him she was sorry.....but then she saw me the next day for several hours and didn't mention it or apologise to me. I didn't bring it up as it was Father's Day and I didn't want to cause an atmosphere but I was pretty disappointed in her. I'll just leave it now though.

Work is bloody stressful which isn't helping my mood, and I'm a bridesmaid for my friend and going on her hen weekend tomorrow. I'm dreading it, as some of the people going have just been so unreasonable & awful to me and the other bridesmaid throughout the planning, and are still being quite snide. I just can't be bothered with it.

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My headband arrived and I love it so that has cheered me up a little 😀

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Oh MrsC sorry to hear that! Although I do love your headband! 

Suppliers are a pain in the arse, I don’t think they realise how annoying it is when they delay things. Although I do try and remind myself that most of them don’t tend to be in front of a laptop. 

It is a lot of money, but you only get married once. You’ll have an amazing day and memories to last forever. 

Your FMIL is probably a bit embarrassed! 

Hope the hen do isn’t too stressful, have a few glasses of wine, sounds like you deserve it  💐  🍷 xx


Thanks GinAndBling.

I really do veer all the time between wanting the wedding and just thinking we shouldn't bother....I guess because it wasn't my first choice of wedding.

Off on hen do at lunchtime....I'm looking forward to the lay ins most, my toddler is up by 6 most mornings!

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