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We're completely winging this.. 25 May 2019


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I'm sat in the office waiting for our save the dates to be delivered (bloody DPD!) so thought I would stop lurking and start my own thread! 

Our date has been set for 25 May 2019 so still plenty of time. I am not sure how many people will read this but I think it will be quite therapeutic for me in the 18 months to come! 

So here goes... 



Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

F and I met at University. 

I had seen him in our halls canteen a few times in first year, and instantly thought he was a bit of okay, especially as he is 6 foot 7 (I am 6 foot-ish!). I had a part time job and one day was driving my little car to the pub for work, and drove past him outside another halls with a petite blonde girl. I saw him bend down to kiss her goodbye and thought.. damn. That's the end of that one then!! 

So I went on my merry way in first year (and made lots of poor decisions in men in the meantime). 

Cue second year. F played football and cricket with some of the guys in my friendship group, so our paths crossed occasionally. One day we were in a local nightclub and he staggered over to me, so drunk he could barely see, and kept asking to buy me a drink. I resolutely said no, not least because he didn't even know his own name, and he had a girlfriend. Off he trotted for some cheesy chips and to sober up.

A week or so later, he came up to me (less drunk this time!) and asked again to buy me a drink. My response was the same and off he went with his tail between his legs. This circle continued for a while. Eventually one night I was out with some friends, after having organised a charity event in the Union which raised a huge amount of money. I was tired, excited and most of all, very drunk. 

F came wandering over and said "can I buy you a drink", to which again I replied no, you have a girlfriend. He replied "no, I don't anymore". I checked with his friends and they confirmed no girlfriend anymore, he was interested in me. He brought me a VK orange and the rest was, as they say, history.

We spent the night together (I know ) and he sent me a facebook message the next day asking for my number. I was still fairly wary of him so said I was happy to date, but didn't want to make anything official until I had finished my exams that year (I was a law student). He said fine, and spent the next 4 months wooing me in ways only a student could.. dominos pizza and a beer in the SU, anyone??

On the night of my last exam, he took me out for a fairly fancy dinner. It was lovely. He asked me to go away with him (which we did, very soon after) and we had a great time. In the taxi on the way back, I turned to him and said "so, are we official now then?" and his response was "hmmm let's see how it goes". A*se. I promptly told the taxi to stop and jumped out in a strop. He followed me, mortified, and said "I don't know why I said that, I was just trying to play it cool"... excellent. 

So from then on we were an official couple (aged 19 and 20- babies!) 



A little bit of us

We stayed together throughout University, and by the end of 3rd year I knew I wanted to train as a solicitor. I am from South Leicestershire originally, and F is from the South East. We wanted to *give it a go* still, so I moved home to do my post-grad, whilst F moved back down South to start work. 

It was bloody hard. We saw each other every 2-3 weekends. I had virtually no money (no loans available for post-grad, and my part time work barely covered the tank of fuel down South). He was having to do most of the travelling on a fairly crappy wage. I was stressed, not adjusting well to living back with my parents, and a long-distance relationship was not fun. It became apparent fairly quickly one of us would have to move.

So he started looking for jobs here, and I went and did some work experience in the South East. After a week in a solicitors firm I was offered a training contract in Greater London. So come July 2014 we moved into our first rented flat together. 

Fast forward three years and we now own our house, and two lovely kitties! 


Awww lovely story! (A very similar to my own - Uni, guy pestering, someone becoming single suddenly, that first night oops! haha)

Look forward to following! :D


Sadieee wrote (see post):

Awww lovely story! (A very similar to my own - Uni, guy pestering, someone becoming single suddenly, that first night oops! haha)

Look forward to following! :D


Just read your thread Sadiee! Very similar, so exciting! Following yours too :) 


DandelionBlue wrote (see post):

Cannot wait to read your thread? Do do you still live in London? Curious were you are going to end up having your wedding.

Ah that student life:P

We're still in Greater London, but the wedding will be back in Leicestershire, where my parents still live! I will update some more today.. sadly work is getting in the way of all this wedding fun! 


The Proposal 

Two years after we moved in together, I qualified as a solicitor. We had always said we wanted to go to Cuba and had planned to go once I qualified. Unfortunately life (as it tends to) got in the way, so that got delayed for a few years! 

After a fairly naff 2017, we were on our way for 12 days in Cuba. 

 We spent three nights in Havana, and then went to a beach resort for the rest of the time. On the second night, we went off exploring and sightseeing before heading back to the hotel to change for dinner. We went to a little local restaurant and had the most amazing pork tacos and mojitos, and then on to La Floridita for a daiquiri. After a brief stop at a back alley air rifle shooting range (don’t ask), F went to track down a taxi, and turned up with a classic convertible Chevrolet Bel Air.  

We drove up to El Morro fort, which sits on the otherside of the bay to Havana. They have a cannon firing ceremony at 9pm which we wanted to check out. We sat on the wall chatting, and F told me to stand up. He said he had two things to say.., first he loved me very much, and second got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him!

I burst into tears and cried for about 10 minutes! Of course I said yes! We sat and had mojitos and waited for the canon ceremony, then celebrated with a shot of 25 year Santiago rum back at the hotel.


Awww!!! I love this story so far and can’t wait to read the rest of your thread! 

I’ve been through student life (gotta love it 😂) but welcome and happy planning! 


The ring

Just because I am so in love with it... 

My ring is a platinum .7 carat trilogy ring from Steven Stone in Marylebone. It is so bloomin sparkly   apparently my *not so* subtle hints paid off. 

It is gorgeous and perfect for me. It is a tiny bit too big so we will go in to get it resized in the new year. 



Such a pretty ring!  Love the nail polish colour too - maybe a good colour to wear on the big day??

Your story has a few similarities to mine and we are also having our blessing in May of 2019!  We are the week before you.  Have you anything planned yet?  I have absolutely nothing.


Thanks all!

Kitty- ohh good idea.. I'm thinking navy and blush so it would fit in nicely. We have booked the church and venue, and also booked the photographer (only because we knew him from a friend's wedding and he was perfect). The fun stuff can wait until next year! 


Oh wow, you are already so organised.  We have the venue I suppose - it's our home/ land.  But I need to confirm with the rental company on the marquee and such.  The costs of doing a marquee are just so ridiculous.  I'm thinking of maybe doing a hybrid day - church ceremony, restaurant breakfast, and then an afterparty of sorts back at home under the marquee.  We'll see.

Can't wait to hear more about your plans!  Especially the church and your chosen venue!


I'm about to start on the next part of this, but as an aside can someone please tell me how to put my planning thread in the bottom of my signature on posts? I am not particularly computer literate, it seems.. 


You can add it as a link by going into your profile.  I believe the option to do so is pretty far down the screen.  There's a blank box and you can just paste the link there.  Of course, my PC isn't letting me into my profile whatsoever right now, so I can't give you better instructions.


KittyFiennes wrote (see post):

You can add it as a link by going into your profile.  I believe the option to do so is pretty far down the screen.  There's a blank box and you can just paste the link there.  Of course, my PC isn't letting me into my profile whatsoever right now, so I can't give you better instructions.

 Thanks- you star!


Location, location, location... 

The Ceremony

It is very important to me to get married in the church I was christened at. The church is in the village where my parents still live, and where I spent 22 years living! 

Luckily F is very laid back (there's a theme here, ha) and was happy with this. It is in South Leicestershire, and seeing as we met at University in Leicestershire seemed to be quite fitting. 

We went to see the vicar and after quite an easy chat were able to book for our date of 25 May 2019 at 12.30! 

The church is a 5 minute car journey (if driving slowly) from my parents house so I will be able to stay there the night before and get ready there. 

My only sligggggggggghtttttt disappointment is that we cannot have any photography at all during the ceremony, but more on that later!

Here are some photos: